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be led on to their final reward. Oh, brethren, methinks our subject consecrates every scene of trouble. Methinks it consecrates the Christian's deathbed, and the Christian mourner's weeds, and every heaving of the bosom which grief occasions in this vale of sorrow. For, Christian sufferer, those tears of thine are a seed which are destined to yield a harvest of glory. Thou art travelling upward, to a world where songs shall take the place of groans; and a crown of life shall mark thee as an eternal conqueror. Be still, then, though thou art bending in anguish, to catch the last whisper of thy dearest friend. Be still, though thou art just going down into the dark valley; for this momentary tempest is the harbinger of a serene eternity. Surely thou mayest afford to be still, when Jesus, thy Savior, calmly endured the crown of thorns !

And, finally, our subject supplies us with a most appropriate theme to take with us to the sacramental table. Christian, meditate upon the crown of thorns. Meditate upon


many crowns. Meditate upon the one as the glorious consequence of the other. And if you do this, in a proper manner, you will feel in your heart throbs of penitential sorrow; your faith will kindle into brighter exercise ; your hope in God's gracious covenant will grow stronger ; and perhaps the joy that is unspeakable and full of glory may fill and satisfy your soul. Join, then, ye ransomed saints, while you are assembled to commemorate your Redeemer's death, while you have the crown of thorns and the many crowns before the eye of join, in the exercise of devout gratitude, join, in anticipation of the joys of his presence—one and all, join, to crown him Lord of the Creation !

your faith

Stereotyped by F. F. Ripley,

New York



The 13th volume of the NATIONAL PREACHER commencea with the January number.

While several periodicals, similar in design but denominational in character, have been commenced during the existence of the National Preacher, not a single one, it is believed, is published at the present time. This being national and catholic, still continues its hold upon the public estimation, and is receiving, as it has done, the patronage of individuals belonging to several of the most respectable denominations of christians in the Union. Ministers of all evangelical denominations have contributed to its pages, and their co-operation is still invited.

The work in future, in character, spirit, and execution, will be as in previous years; with such improvements

, however, as the present Editor may, by an increase of patronage, find himself able to introduce.

The price of the work is so moderate, as to render it accessible to almost every family. The piety and talent of contributors enlisted ensure to patrons, in scriptural truth, and in the style and force of its exhibition, the sull value of their yearly subscriptions. The work has been found, and will continue to be found eminently useful to the younger portion of the ministry, as presenting models of pulpit eloquence on a great variety of subjects and occasions; while few works, it is believed, can be introduced into families with greater propriety, as furnishing lessons and directions adapted to almost every class, in respect " to the life that now is, and that which is to come." It will be found especially useful to individuals and families on the Sab bath, when deprived of the privilege of listening to a discourse in the house of God.

No esforts will be omilted to obtain sermons from distinguished divinessuch as are of a practical character—such as speak to the conscience, and whose object and tendency are to convert men to God, and prepare them for his kingdom above.

The terms of the work are $1 a year, in adrunce. It is expected that those who, from peculiar circumstances, do not pay in advance, will remit their subscriptions the first convenient opportunity. Subscribers already in arrears will confer an obvious favor, by forwarding, at an early day, the il mount due at the commencement of the present year.


The frequent calls for the back volumes of the National Preacher have induced the Proprietor to reprint such numbers as were ont of print, so that the entire set can now be furnished (twelve vols. neatly bound) to those who may desire to purchase the work. Price $12 the set.

The usual discount will be made to booksellers and others who take several sets.

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