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Էջ 165 - A straight and flat back, with never a hump ; She's wide in her hips, and calm in her eyes, She's fine in her shoulders, and thin in her thighs. She's light in her neck, and small in her tail. She's wide in her breast, and good at the pail, She's fine in her bone, and silky of skin, She's a grazier's without, and a butcher's within.
Էջ 216 - Hospitals, causes internal, External, and incurable Wounds ; is a Witch to the Senses, A Devil to the Soul, a Thief to the Purse, the Beggar's Companion, a Wife's woe and Children's Sorrow ; makes Man become a Beast and A self-murderer, who drinks to others...
Էջ 11 - ... facility, and less strength than clay; — bear better the vicissitudes of the seasons ; — and seldom require any change in the rotation adopted. Above all, they are peculiarly well adapted for the convertible husbandry ; for they can be changed, not only without injury, but generally with benefit, from grass to tillage, and from tillage to grass. They should not, however, be kept in tillage too long, nor, while they are in cultivation, should two white crops be taken in succession. Loams are...
Էջ 145 - ... the same ground which in poor pasture would scarcely feed one cow in summer would, under the crops mentioned, feed three or perhaps four the whole year round, by keeping the cattle in the house, and bringing the food there to them ; and the manure produced by one of these cows so fed and well bedded, with the straw saved by the supply of better food, would be more than equal to that produced by three cows pastured in summer and fed in winter upon dry straw or hay, and badly littered. Here then...
Էջ 112 - Yorks, and get them to be fine stout plants, as you did those in the falL Dig up the ground and manure it, and, as fast as you cut cabbages, plant cabbages, and in the same manner and with the same cultivation as before. Your last planting will be about the middle of August, with stout plants, and these will serve you into the month of November.
Էջ 30 - ... one of the most important as well as one of the most legitimate sources of his power.
Էջ 143 - On the least appearance of a loss of appetite, the quantity of food must be lessened. When the diet of cows is suddenly changed from dry food to green, they are apt to injure themselves by eating too freely of the green food ; and on this account, care should be taken that they have not too much at once, but that it be .given often, and in small quantities. Clover should be given sparingly, at first; for if too abundant, or if it be given wet, it is apt to bring on .a disease called having, or swelling....
Էջ 48 - ... principle of agriculture, that those substances which have been removed from a soil must be completely restored to it ; and whether this restoration be effected by means of dung, ashes, or bones is in a great measure a matter of indifference.
Էջ 50 - Sand and lime, with peat or turf, if it can be obtained, should be mixed for a clay soil ; and subsoil clay and lime, for sands, gravels, loams, and peaty lands. No farmer need complain of want of materials to make fertilizing compounds, since every sort of soil may be...
Էջ 51 - ... of the soils they occupy, and to proportion the quantity of lime according as the land is light or heavy, cold or warm. Many instances could be brought forward where light soils have been hurt by too great and too frequent applications of lime. In making up compounds, it should be kept in mind that while one part of lime to from six to ten parts of earth may do for light soils, one part of lime to two, three, or more parts of earth, will be required for heavy soils*.

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