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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ xlix - ... been given to the debtor, trustee, or other person from whom the assignor would have been entitled to receive or claim such...
Էջ 335 - And it is agreed by us the insurers that this writing or policy of assurance shall be of as much force and effect as the surest writing or policy of assurance heretofore made in Lombard Street or in the Royal Exchange or elsewhere in London.
Էջ 159 - If a building or any part thereof fall, except as the result of fire, all insurance by this policy on such building or its contents shall immediately cease.
Էջ xlix - Any absolute assignment by writing under the hand of the assignor (not purporting to be by way of charge only...
Էջ 12 - It also exempted entirely insurance placed by a husband on his own life for the benefit of his wife and children, and payable to them "in case of the death of the husband.
Էջ 250 - Scotia's noblest speech yon orchestra sublime Whaurto - uplifted like the Just - the tail-rods mark the time. The crank-throws give the double-bass, the feed-pump sobs an' heaves, An' now the main eccentrics start their quarrel on the sheaves: Her time, her own appointed time, the rocking link-head bides, Till - hear that note ? - the rod's return whings glimmerin
Էջ 20 - But if the notice given by the assignee discloses, on the face of it, that which induces the belief that he has been deceived in accepting the assignment, the creator of the security is bound to inform the assignee of the real circumstances, and if he should not do so, he will be bound to perform the stipulations of the security, and cannot be allowed to take advantage of the equities existing as between the assignor and himself.
Էջ 268 - ... the sum for which this company is liable pursuant to this policy shall be payable sixty days after due notice, ascertainment, estimate and satisfactory proof of the loss have been received by this company in accordance with the terms of this policy.
Էջ 12 - A policy of assurance effected by any man on his own life, and expressed to be for the benefit of his wife, or of his children, or of his wife and children...
Էջ xlix - Viet. c. 144), it is enacted that " any person or corporation now being or hereafter becoming entitled, by assignment or other derivative title, to a policy of life assurance, and possessing at the time of action brought the right in equity to receive and the right to give an effectual discharge to the assurance company liable under such policy for monies thereby assured or secured, shall be at liberty to sue at law in the name of such persons or corporation to recover such monies

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