National Energy Security Act of 1991: Hearing Before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate, One Hundred First Congress, First Session, on S. 341 ...

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Էջ 630 - Amendment, broad and comprehensive as it is, nor any other amendment was designed to interfere with the power of the State, sometimes termed its ' police power,' to prescribe regulations to promote the health, peace, morals, education and good order of the people, and to legislate so as to increase the industries of the State, develop its resources and add to its wealth and prosperity.
Էջ 256 - ... to extend or improve its transportation facilities, to establish physical connection of its transportation facilities with the facilities of, and sell natural gas to, any person or municipality engaged or legally authorized to engage in the local distribution of natural or artificial gas to the public...
Էջ 603 - No one owner of the surface of the earth, within the area beneath which the gas and oil move, can exercise his right to extract from the common reservoir, in which the supply is held, without, to an extent, diminishing the source of supply as to which all other owners of the surface must exercise their rights.
Էջ 614 - We deal, in other words, with what traditionally has been known as the police power. An attempt to define its reach or trace its outer limits is fruitless, for each case must turn on its own facts. The definition is essentially the product of legislative determinations addressed to the purposes of government, purposes neither abstractly nor historically capable of complete definition.
Էջ 219 - AGA is a national trade association comprised of some 250 natural gas distribution and transmission companies serving over 166 million natural gas consumers throughout the United States.
Էջ 615 - ... clauses are gone. One fact for consideration in determining such limits is the extent of the diminution. When it reaches a certain magnitude, in most if not in all cases there must be an exercise of eminent domain and compensation to sustain the act. So the question depends upon the particular facts. The greatest weight is given to the judgment of the legislature, but it always is open to interested parties to contend that the legislature has gone beyond its constitutional power.
Էջ 340 - It has also been observed that an act of congress ought never to be construed to violate the law of nations if any other possible construction remains...
Էջ 501 - It seems plain that Congress, in so drafting the statute, was not only expressing its conviction that the public interest requires the protection of consumers from excessive prices for natural gas, but was also manifesting its concern for the legitimate interests of natural gas companies in whose financial stability the gas-consuming public has a vital stake.
Էջ 238 - ... and tars for utilization. Scientific and engineering feasibility studies of advanced generation gasification processes must also be conducted to develop a technological database for such processes. (3) Geopressured Methane ($9.6 million) Geopressured methane is found in either a free state or dissolved in water and trapped in sedimentary rock at higher-than-normal pressures. One of the largest geopressured areas underlies a portion of the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. Estimates of the total...
Էջ 258 - Provided, That the Commission shall have no authority to compel the enlargement of transportation facilities for such purposes, or to compel such natural-gas company to establish physical connection or sell natural gas when to do so would impair its ability to render adequate service to its customers.

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