Leadership and Administration of Successful Archival Programs

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Bruce William Dearstyne
Libraries Unlimited, 2001 - 159 էջ

Strong archival programs are rare, in part because the archival field has not given sustained attention to program leadership and management issues over the years. As a consequence, many programs are underfunded and undersupported and lack sufficient space, staff, and other resources to carry out their immensely important work. This collection of essays from eight of the archival field's notably successful leaders provides first-hand accounts of how to carry out planning, build coalitions and alliances, garner resources, empower and inspire program personnel, change program direction, and take programs in new, dynamic directions.

There is an abundance of literature on archival theory, techniques, and practice, but leadership, program building, and related topics are seldom covered in archival literature. This collection of essays provides varying perspectives, insights, advice, caveats, and other helpful information based on the experiences of highly regarded professionals in the field who have actually developed and administered successful programs. They address such issues as how to define program success, the traits of a successful program, leadership traits, and similarities and differences between archival program and similar programs, such as libraries.


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Leadership and administration of successful archival programs

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The Art of the Possible The Archivist as Administrator
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Strategic Planning and Implementation at the National Archives and Records Administration 19922000
Corporate Culture and the Archives
Archival Programs in the Academic Library
Leadership of Archival Programs
Building Strong Archival Programs Insights and Approaches
About the Contributors
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BRUCE W. DEARSTYNE is Professor, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland.

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