The Dramatic Works of Massinger and Ford

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Էջ xxxiv - But there is, sir, an aviary of children, little eyases, that cry out on the top of question, and are most tyrannically clapp'd for't. These are now the fashion, and so berattle the common stages (so they call them) that many wearing rapiers are afraid of goose quills, and
Էջ xxi - wrote the famous epitaph— -• Underneath this sable hearse Lies the subject of all verse, Sidney's sister, Pembroke's mother : Death, ere thou hast slain another Learned, and fair, and good
Էջ 43 - Of our fast-knit affections, though perhaps The laws of conscience and of civil use May justly blame us, yet when they but know Our loves, that love will wipe away that rigour, Which would in other incests be abhorr'd. Give me your hand : how sweetly life doth run In these well-colour'd veins ! how constantly These
Էջ 328 - ever ! In by-comers of This sacred room, silver in bags, heap'd up Like billets saw'd and ready for the fire. Unworthy to hold fellowship with bright gold That flow'd about the room, conceal'd itself. There needs no artificial light ; the splendour Makes a perpetual day there, night and darkness By that still-burning lamp for ever
Էջ 305 - Over. To my wish ; we are private. I come not to make offer with my daughter A certain portion, that were poor and trivial : In one word, I pronounce all that is mine, In lands or leases, ready coin or goods, With her, my lord, comes to you ; nor shall you One motive, to induce you to believe
Էջ 7 - Any. I am not : I did never Know who my mother was ; but, by yon palace, Fill'd with bright heavenly courtiers, I dare And pawn these eyes upon it, and this hand, My father is in heaven : and, pretty mistress, If your illustrious hourglass spend his sand, No worse than yet it does ; upon my
Էջ 43 - [look ; Ann. Methinks you weep. Gio. I do indeed ; these are the funeral tears Shed on your grave ; these furrow'd up my cheeks When first I lov'd and knew not how to woo. Fair Annabella, should I here repeat The story of my life, we might lose time. Be record all the spirits of the air,
Էջ 306 - mankind here, Nor fear of what can fall on me hereafter, Shall make me study aught but your advancement One story higher : an earl ! if gold can do it. Dispute not my religion, nor my faith ; Though I am borne thus headlong by my will. You may make choice of what belief you
Էջ 306 - My lord, and for my daughter, I am marble : Nay more, if you will have my character In little, I enjoy more true delight, In my arrival to my wealth these dark And crooked ways, than you shall e'er take pleasure In spending what my industry hath compass'd. My haste commands me hence ; in one word,

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