Reports of Cases Argued and Ruled at Nisi Prius: In the Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, & Exchequer; Together with Cases Tried on the Circuits, and in the Central Criminal Court ...

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Էջ 130 - labourer;] on the day and year first aforesaid, at the parish aforesaid, in the county aforesaid, with force and arms, feloniously, wilfully, and of their malice aforethought, were present, aiding, abetting, and assisting the said John O'Brian the felony last aforesaid to do and commit. And so the jurors aforesaid, upon their oath aforesaid, do say, that
Էջ 769 - on a mandamus, when any variance shall appear between the proof and the recital or setting forth, on the record, writ, or document on which the trial is proceeding, of any contract, custom, prescription, name, or other matter, in any particular or particulars, in the judgment of such court or judge not material to the
Էջ 767 - (a), which was an action by the indorsee against the drawer of a bill of exchange, the defendant pleaded, that he had received no notice of the dishonour. It was proved that the bill was taken to the defendant when it became due; that he then said that the acceptor was dead, and
Էջ 270 - or from any land or water of our said Lord the King, his heirs or successors, or being parcel of the duchy of Lancaster or of the duchy of Cornwall, or being the property of any ecclesiastical or lay person, or body corporate, when such way or other matter as herein last before mentioned shall hare been
Էջ 254 - at large to be the wrongful or fraudulent taking and carrying away by any person of the mere personal goods of another from any place, with a felonious intent to convert them to his (the taker's) own use, and make them his own property, without the consent of the owner. Thus,
Էջ 621 - Castle, in the said county of Worcester, gamekeeper, in his proper person came before John Henry Allen, Esq., one of the justices of our Lady the Queen, assigned to keep the peace of our said Lady the Queen in and for the said county, and also to hear and determine divers felonies, trespasses, and other misdemeanors
Էջ 861 - for the marriage of the said Joseph Baker with the said Sarah Fry, falsely, corruptly, knowingly, wilfully, fraudulently, and unlawfully, then and there swear, amongst other things, in substance and to the effect following, that is to say, that the name of him the said John Mattocks Chapman was Joseph Baker, and that
Էջ 444 - carried, in the custody of the said constable, before William Bond, Esq., one of the justices of our lady the Queen assigned to keep the peace of our said lady within and for the said county, then sitting at the police-office in the declaration mentioned, in the execution of his duty, to be
Էջ 525 - present that before and at the time of the committing of the offence in this count mentioned, a certain district church called Trinity Church, situate and being in the parish of St. Marylebone, in the county of Middlesex, and within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court, was a church in England wherein marriages might be lawfully
Էջ 747 - That every such action shall be for the benefit of the wife, husband, parent, and child of the person whose death shall have been so caused, and shall be brought by and in the name of the executor or administrator of the person deceased; and in every such action the jury may give such damages, as they may think proportioned to the injury resulting

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