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47 | Township 18 N., range 17 E.
48 Township 19 N., range 16 E.
49 Township 19 N., range 17 E.
50 | Township 20 N., range 16 E.
51 Township 20 N., range 17 E.
52 Township 22 N., range 1 E.
53 Township 23 N., range 1 E.

San Bernardino meridian.
54 Township 1 N., range 8 W
55 Township 1 N., range 9 W
56 Township 1 S., range 7 W
57 Township I S., range 8 W
58 Township 5 S., range 2 W
59 Township 5 S., range 3 W
60 Township 6 S., range 9 W
61 Township 1 S., range 1 W
62 Township 1 S., range 2 W

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K.-List of lands surveyed in California from June 30, 1865, up to June 30, 1866--Continued.

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year 1565-'06. K.-Statement showing the number and present condition of surveys and private land claims in California, under instructions from this office, during the fiscal




427 La Cienega O'Paso de la Tigera .. Los Angeles. 338 Providencia

465 Cahuenga...

San Bernardino.
434 Santa Ana del Chino, (addition).
257 Pastoria de las Borregas

Santa Clara
127 Las Juntas

Contra Costa
747 Lands near Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz.
370 Cucamonga

San Bernardino.
314 San Miguelito

San Luis Obispo..
Las Positas

331 San Francisquito

Los Angeles 597 Aguajito

Los Angeles. 679 El Tucho

San Joaquin. 767 Laguna de las Calabazas

Santa Cruz. 305 Las Milpritas...

Santa Cruz. 228 Cosumnes.


No. of sur


No. of land commission,

Name of rancho.



433 Santa Ana del Chino.

628 Real de las Aquilas
547 Island Santa Catalina

570 Salinas..
545 Panoche de San Juan.

209 Agua Puerca Las Trancas.

T. Sanchez et al.

Suspended in office.
D. W. Alexander and F. Mellus..
D. W. Alexander.
Isaac Williams

> Resurvey ordered by the district court.

Survey made and approved by court.
M. Castro

Resurvey by order U.S. district court,

confirmed by Supreme Court U. S.
Estate W. Welch

Resurvey by order U.S. district court.
Thomas Russell.

Suspended in office.
L. V. Prudhomme.
M. Abila.
J. Noriega and R. Livermore
Henry Dalton
G. Tapia.
M. A. C. de Auzar et al.
J. M. Covarrubias
D. Jacks, substituted for J. J. Gomez.
G. Espinoza
J. Ursua.
F. Hernandez et al.,

Survey rejected.
Ygnacio Pastor
R. Rodriguez and F. Alviso.
Heirs, W. E. P. Hartnell


M.- Estimate for the surreying service in the district of California and Nerada for the fiscal

year ending June 30, 1868. For surveying extension of standard parallels, township exteriors, and subdi

vision work in the State of California. For surveying extension of standard parallels, township exteriors, and subdivision work in the State of Nevada

40, (*) For rent of office, stationery, instruments, and other incidental expenses, includ

ing wages of messenger For compensation of surveyor general

3,64) For compensation of clerks in the office of the surveyor general

13,411) Total....

124, 100)

No. 11 H.


July 20, 1866. Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith the usual annual report and accompanying statements, to wit:

A.-Statement showing the condition of surveying contracts not closed June 30, 1865.

B.—Statement of surveying contracts made since June 30, 1865, under special deposit.

C.-Statement of original plats of public surveys, copies transmitted to the general and local land offices, since June 30, 1865.

D.-Estimated surveying and office expenses for fiscal year ending June 30. 1968.

E.—Diagram, showing the extent of public surveys, the lines now under contract and proposed surveys.

The opportunity occasioned by the almost total suspension of the work in the field, the result of the failure of appropriation for surveys, has been improved by this office in the bringing up and perfecting as much as possible of its affairs. An alphabetical index of donation claimants of all surveyed claims in Oregon, with numbers of notifications, claims, &c., has been made. A large number of claim maps have been carefully copied from the originals, which have become worn and dimmed by constant use, bearing copies of special plats, &c , for current reference of the office and general inspection, while the originals are carefully filed in a book kept for that purpose, to receive and preserve the official signatures.

In the mean time, the population of the State has been rapidly on the increaseat the rate of from twenty to twenty-five thousand per year—and settlements have, therefore, advanced at many points far beyond the surveys, and constant and urgent calls are being made for the prosecution of the work in the field.

In an extended region of winding hills and valleys, as in the vast, unsurveyed field now before us, it is impossible to designate exactly the townships which should be surveyed first, except as the surveys are actually advanced on the ground ; and by this means it would reasonably follow that many townsliips might be exteriorized, which would not require immediate subdividing, and many be indicated upon the diagram which do not embrace the settlements and localities desired. To be perfectly correct in all these matters would require constant preliminary explorations by the surveyor general; indeed, such explorations in the future surveys of Oregon could be made a means of economizing the funds of he government in effecting the most judicious laying out of the work.

Many settlements are in advance of the surveys on the margins of the Willamette, Umpqua, and Rogue River valleys, and a number of fractional townships in these localities containing lands which the deputies considered unfit for settlement should now be surveyed. There is a large number of settlers upon unsur

urveyed lands on Smith's, Coos' Coquille, and Rogue rivers, and it would require the survey, perhaps, of every township marked upon the diagram embraced in the south coast country to inelude all the settlements. The people are here extremely anxious for an extension of the surveys, and have been petitioning this office for that purpose for years ; but as that is generally a broken and heavily timbered country, competent deputies would not undertake its survey for existing prices. There is one plan, however, by which I hope to succeed in effecting an extension of surveys over townships where most demanded by settlers; that is, to give the deputy a number of open and even townships in the country east of the Cascade mountains against a few in this coast forest. By means of this plan, under liberal appropriations, gold not ruling too high, and the price per mile being raised a little rather than depressed, I believe the surveys can be extended there so as to include the settlements.

I have marked, as you will perceive from the accompanying diagram, a large number of townships on John Day's river, in northern Oregon. There are settlements scattered along that river from its mouth to Cañon city, a distance of one hundred and fifty miles. Some of the valleys along the main stream and upon its tributaries are of considerable magnitude, and farming is carried on to a large extent. Many of the farmers, as I am informed, connect their fields and pastures together for miles, and monopolize the lands to the exclusion of emigrant settlers.

On the waters of Grand Ronde and Powder rivers there is constant demand for an extension of the surveys, and I have marked upon the diagram such townships as will include, as near as may be, the most important settlements.

In my estimate for the year ending June 30, 1868, ninety miles of guide meridian are included, for the purpose of carrying the eastern guide down toward the State boundary. The object of this is to be prepared to meet the demand for an extension of the surveys in the southeastern portion of the State, to cover the settlements of Jordan Creek and Alvord valleys, and to keep pace with the wants of the Oregon Central Military Road Company in the ascertaining and location of the lands donated for the road, and also to accommodate the settlements as they extend along the road and westward from Idaho.

Since my last annual report, the said military road company have located their road, as indicated in the accompanying diagram, and I have estimated surveys along the same to and including the Goose Lake valley, to meet the desires of the company and anticipated settlements, which have been so far delayed on account of danger from the savages. But General Halleck contemplates the immediate establishment of a military post in some part of southeastern Oregon, and it is believed he will locate it in Goose Lake valley, as it is undoubtedly a very eligible point; and in this event the country will need to have the surveys extended over it the coming summer.

In conclusion, I will assure you that an appropriation to the full extent of my estimate, if exclusively applied upon townships which include settlements, would not be more than sufficient to extend the surveys over those already made, saying nothing of their constant advancement, and, therefore, is the least amount consistent with the public interest that can be appropriated for surveying service in this district. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Surreyor General of Oregon. Ilon. J. M. EDMUNDS,

Commissioner General Land Office.

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