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Take up,

Success, result, issue, 205, 212.
Sufficiency, ability, 45, 84, 107, 108, 209, 231. Sufficient, able,

competent, capable, 123, 221. Suit, suite,' sequence, 244.. Surcharge, excess of population (greater than the land will support),

147. Suspect, suspicious, 218; a suspect, an object for suspicion, 103,

223 Sustentation, sustenance, 247. Take (the sense), charm (the feelings or judgement), 163. Take in

with = take up with, join, 218. Take with, take, admit, employ, 209. 'Take a fall, suffer a defeat, 22.

purchase, 86. Tarrasses, terraces, 194. Taxing, censuring, finding fault with, 43. Temperature, temperament, 23. Tendering, treating with care, nursing, 137. Terms, upon, i.e. on terms of formality, 119. That that which, what; e.g. 'that he is not that he is' (20); of

that you are thought to know, . . that you know not' (142); 'to see that it cannot perfectly discern’ (164); seem to know that he doth not '"(i.e. what he doth not know, 215);

upon that it falls' ( = that which it falls upon, 239). Theatre, spectacle, assemblage of things presented to the view,

42. Theologues, theologians, 225. Thorough, through, 18, 192, 198. Throughly, thoroughly, 67, 239. Touch, speech of, speech that has a direct personal reference (and

comes home to a man'), 143. (See also 8.v. Opinion.)
Tourneys, tournaments, 165.
Towardness, docility (the opposite of forwardness), 81.
Toy, a trifle, a thing of no serious importance, 77, 163, 165, 244.
Tract (of years), length, 183. Tracts of his countenance, features,

play of features, 21.
Transcendences, imaginative flights, 17.
Trash, a contemptuous term for money, worldly goods, 52.
Travail, labour, 34 (here the original has • Travels '), 162.

Treaties, treatises, 10.
Trench to, trench on, touch, 237.
Tribunitious, like tribunes or demagogues, turbulent, 90.
Triumphs, shows or displays of some magnificence, 2, 190, and

Essay xxxvii.
Troth, truth, 23.
Try it, enter on a contest (with), 82.
Tulippa, tulip, 196.
Turquets, ? Turkish dwarfs, 164.

upon dis

Under foot : below the real value, 177.
Undertake, to take up (an affair), take in hand (said of a patron or

person of influence), 211; cf. undertakers, 147.
Unproper, improper, unsuitable, 116.
Unsecreting, divulging, 86.
Uphold, make up for, balance (losses), 152.
Upon (denoting the motive) = from, out of; e.g. upon negligence

(120), upon conscience, etc. (162), upon affection

contentment (208), upon regard . . upon facility (221). Upon (the foreigner), at the expense of, 61. Upon speed, with speed, 150. Upon recovery, on the point of recovering, 252. Ure, out of, out of practice, 22. Use, usury, interest, 177. Used, practised, 44. Value, put a high value on, recommend as men of substance, 152. Vecture, carriage, carrying, 61. Vein, inclination, disposition, 32, 142. Vena porta : see Index of Phrases. Ventureth, runs a risk, 186. Version, turning, direction, 244. Victual, victuals (the plural is used on same page), 145. Vindicative, vindictive, 16. Virtue, excellence of any sort in a man (not limited to moral virtue),

172, 184; so virtuous, of great parts, 54. Vizars, masks, 164. Voice, give voice to, proclaim, 43. Voicing, giving out, proclaiming (that they are making good progress), 212.

Votary (resolution), depending upon a vow, 169.
Vouched, adduced, 9.
Vulgar, common, applicable to many alike, 224.

Wait upon, watch, observe, 93, 151, 244 ; waits upon his memory,

tries to recollect what he had to say, 105. Wantons, spoilt children, 25. Wardens, a kind of pear chiefly used for baking, 197. Warm set, planted in a warm situation or aspect, 195. Way, giveth best, best opens a way (to attaining one's object), 217;

keep way with, keep pace with, 172. (See also Put.) Weather, in, in rough weather, in a storm, 236. Welts, borders, 200. Wind of him, take the, play up to him, 90. Wit, a great, a great intellect, a man of great intellectual powers,

187; cf. discoursing wits, 1. With, a withy, an osier twig, 170. Without himself, outside himself, 173. Witty, ingenious, 10, 232 ; quick of fancy, 215. Wood, in a, in a maze, 161. Work, work upon, influence, 206. Works, several, various designs, 192. Would be, often should be: e.g. would be bridled, ought to be

bridled, 142; this would be done, 94 ; care would be had, 72.

Zelants, zealots, 10.


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