General Laws, Resolutions, and Memorials of the Territory of Wyoming

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N. A. Baker, Public Printer, 1872
Includes Organic act.

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Էջ 89 - ... death had not ensued) have entitled the party injured to maintain an action and recover damages in respect thereof, then, and in every such case, the person who would have been liable if death had not ensued, shall be liable to an action for damages, notwithstanding the death of the person injured, and although the death shall have been caused under such circumstances as amount in law to felony.
Էջ 77 - In the following cases every agreement shall be void, unless such agreement, or some note or memorandum thereof, be in writing, and subscribed by the party to be charged therewith : 'First. Every agreement that, by its terms is not to be performed within one year from the making thereof.
Էջ 10 - That the judicial power of said Territory shall be vested in a supreme court, district courts, probate courts, and in justices of the peace.
Էջ 7 - Provided, That nothing in this act contained shall be construed to inhibit the government of the United States from dividing said territory into two or more territories, in such manner and at such times as congress shall deem convenient and proper, or from attaching any portion of said territory to any other state or territory of the United States...
Էջ 9 - That the legislative power of the territory shall extend to all rightful subjects of legislation consistent with the constitution of the United States and the provisions of this act; but no law shall be passed interfering with the primary disposal of the soil; no tax shall be imposed upon the property of the United States...
Էջ 12 - States, to support the constitution of the United States, and faithfully to discharge the duties of their respective offices...
Էջ 76 - That all Acts and parts of Acts, so far as they conflict with the provisions of this Act, are hereby repealed...
Էջ 12 - There shall also be appropriated, annually, a sufficient sum, to be expended by the secretary of the territory, and upon an estimate to be made by the secretary of the treasury of the United States, to defray the expenses of the legislative assembly, the printing of the laws, and. other incidental expenses...
Էջ 9 - ... the time, place, and manner of holding and conducting all elections by the people, and the apportioning the representation in the several counties or districts to the council...
Էջ 13 - ... several districts, and also appoint the times and places for holding courts in the several counties or sub-divisions in each of said judicial districts by proclamation to be issued by him; but the legislative assembly, at their first or any subsequent session, may organize, alter, or modify such judicial districts, and assign the judges, and alter the times and places of holding the courts, as to them shall seem proper and convenient.

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