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La Hontan's travels to the “ Long river."--[Doub:ful.] 1693.

Before this time Gravier, the founder of Kaskuskia, was among

the Illinois.
Kaskaskia founded, da unknown.
Cahokia founded, date unknown.

Peoria a trading post.
1698. Oct. 17, D'Iberville leaves France for Mississippi.

Dr. Coxe sends two vessels to the Mississippi. 1699. Jan. 31, D'Iberville in Bay of Mobile. March 2, D'Iberville enters Mississippi.

D'Iberville returns to France.
September, Bienville sounds Missisippi and meets English.
1700. January, D'Iberville returns from France.

D'Iberville goes up the Mississippi.
D'Iberville sends Le Sueur for copper to Upper Mississippi.

M. St. Dennis explored Red river. 1701.

De la Motte Cadillac founds Detroit.
D'Iberville founds colony on Mbile river.

Iroquois again place themselves under England. 1703.

Settlement on Washita.

St. Dennis in Texas and the Presidie. 1705.

Missouri river explored to Kanzas. 1707.

First grant of land at Detroit. 1708

D'Artaguette in Louisiana. 1710.

Governor Spots wood of Virginia explores the Allegbanies. 1712.

Louisiana granted to Crozat. 1714.

Fort Rosalie commenced. 1716.

St. Dennis in possession of Texas. 1717.

Crozat resigos Louisiana. September, Louisiana trade granted to Company of West. 1718.

Colonists sent to Loaisiana, and New Orleans laid out.

Fort Chartres commenced. 1719.

Company of the West made Company of the Indies.
La Harpe builds a Fort in Texas.
Renault leaves France for Illinois.

Fort Chartres finished.
1720. January, Law made minister of finance.

April, Stock of Company of the Indies worth 2050 per cent.
May, Company of Indies bankrupt.

Renault arrives in Illinois, and sends out mining parties.
Mine La Motte discovered.
Spanish invasion of the Missouries from Santa Fe, defeated

and destroyed.

La Harpe explores Washita and Arkansas rivers. 1722.

Charlevoix visits Illinois. 1726.

Iroquois a third time place themselves under England. 1729. Nov. 28, French among the Natchez murdered. 1730. Jan. & Feb., The Natchez conquered and destroyed.


Previous to this, Gov. Keith wishes West secured to England. 1732.

Company of Indies resign Louisiana to King. 1735.

Vincennes settled according to some, (see pp. 66-68.)

Daniel Boone born. 1736. May,

Expedition of French against Chickasa ws.
May 20, D'Artaguette conquered.

May 27, Bienville fails in assault on Chickasaws and retreats. 1739.

French collect to attack Chickasaws. 1740. March, Peace between French and Chickasaws. 1742.

John Howard goes down Ohio. 1744.

Treaty of English and Iroquois at Lancaster.
Vaudreuil fears English influence in West.

Renault returns to France.
Chickasaws attack French post on Arkansas.

j Conrad Weiser sent to Ohio.

Ohio Company formed. 1749.

Grant of land to Loyal Company.
Celeron sent to bury medals along Ohio.
English Fort built on Great Miami.

English traders seized on Maumee. 1750.

Forty vessels at New Orleans.

Dr. Walker explores Kentucky. 1751.

Christopher Gist explores Ohio and Great Miami. 1752.

French build Forts on French creek.

French attack English post on Great Miami.
June, Treaty of Logstown.

Famili's settle west of Alleghanies. 1753. May,

Pennsylvania Assembly informed of French movements.
June, Commissioner sent to warn French.

Trent sent with arms for friendly Indians.
August, Colonies authorized to resist French by force.
September; Treaty of Winchester.

Treaty with Iroquois ordered by England.
October, Treaty of Carlisle.

Ohio Company open line of “Braddock's road."
Nov. 15, Washington leaves Will's creek for Ohio.
Nov. 22, Washington reaches Monongahela.
Dec. 4, Washington reaches Venango.
Dec. 11,

Washington reaches French Commander. 1754. Jan. 6, Washington returns to Will's creek.

Troops called out by Virginia.
April, French Fort at Venango finished.
April, Virginia troops moving westward.
April 17, Fort at the Forks of Ohio taken by Frencb.

Washington crosses Alleghanies and attacks and kills Jumon

ville and his party. June, New York sends £5000 to Virginia. July, 1. Washington at Fort Necessity, which capitulates the third. October, Washington retires to Mount Vernon.

French hold the whole West.


Nov. 5,

1755. January, France proposes a compromise.

Feb. 20, Braddo:k lands in Virginia.
April, France aná England send fleets to America.
April 20, Braddock marches westward.
May 20, Expedition against Nova Scotia leaves Boston.
July 8, Braddock reaches Mononga tela, defeated the 9th, and cied

the 13th. 1756. January, Lewis commands an expedition against the Ohio Indians, and

April, Indians fill the Valley of Virginia.
May, War declared between France and England.
September, Armstrong attacks Indians at Kittaning.

First treaty of Easton. 1757.

Massacre of Fort William Henry.
June 29,

Pitt returns to office. 1758.

Louisburg and Fort Frontenac taken.
July 15, Post leaves for the Ohio river to conciliate the Indians.
August 24, Post confers with Indians at Fort Pitt.
Sept. 21, Grant defeated.
October, Washington opening a road over the mountains.

Washington at Loyalhanna.
Nov. 25,

Washington at Fort Du Quesne, which the French left on the

Second treaty of Easton.

Pest's second mission to Ohio Indians. 1759.

Ticonderoga, Crown Point, Niagara, and Quebec yield to Evg.

1760. Sept. 8, The French yield Canada.

Cherokee War.
General Monk ton treats with the Indians at Fort Pitt for land.

Settlers go over the mountains.
Sept. 13, Rogers goes to Detroit ; reaches it the 10th November ; returns

across Ohio to Fort Pilt in December. 1761.

Alexander Henry visits north-west.

Christian Post goes to settle on the Maskingum. 1762.

Bouquet warns settlers off of Indian lands.

Post and Heckewelder go to Muskingum.
Nov. 3, Preliminaries to peace of Paris settled, Louisiana transferred

to Spain.
1763. Feb. 10, Treaty of Paris concluded.

May 9, Detroit attacked by Pontiac.
June 4, Mackinac taken by Indians.
June, Presqu'ile (Erie) taken by Indians.
June to Aug. Fort Pitt besieged and relieved by Bouquet.
October, Proclamation to protect lodian lands.
Nov. 3,

M. Laclede arrives in Ste. Genevieve; and Fort Chartres. 1764. Feb. 15, St. Louis founded.

June to Aug. Bradstreet makes peace with northern Idians.
November, Bouquet makes peace wità Ohio Incians.
April 21, French officers ordered to give up Louisiana to Spain.

1765. April,

Sir Wm. Johnson makes treaty at German Flats.
May & Jane, George Croghan goes westward.

Captain Stirling for England takes possession of Illinois.

Proclamation of Governor Gage. 1766.

Settlers cross mountains.
Walpole Company proposed.

Colonel James Smith visits Kentucky. 1767.

Western Indians grow impatient.
Franklin labors for Walpole Company.
Finley visits Kentucky.

Zeisberger founds mission on the Alleghany. 1768. Oct. 24, Treaty of Fort Stanwix by which the title of the Iroquois to

all south of the Ohio is purchased.

Captain Pitman in Illinois. 1769. March, Mississippi Company proposed.

May 1, Boone and others start for Kentucky.
June 7,

Boone and others reach Red river.
Dec. 22,

Boone taken by Indians. 1770. October, Treaty of Lochaber.

Obio Company merged in Walpole Company.
Washington visits the West.
The Long Hunters explore the West.
The Zanes found Wheeling.
Moravians invited to Big Beaver.

Spain obtains possession of St. Louis and Upper Louisiana. 1771. March, The Boones return to North Carolina. 1772.

Indians killed by wbites on Lower Kenawha.
May 3, Moravians invited by Delawares, found Shoenbrun on the Mus-

April, General Gage's proclamation against settlers ou Wabash.

Fort Chartres evacuated.
1773. Sept. 25, Boone and others start to settle Kentucky.
Oct. 10,

Boone and others are attacked by Indians and turn back.
Bullitt, McAfee, &c., descend the Obio.
Bullitt, McAfee, &c., survey at Falls, and on Kentucky river.
General Thompson surveys in the valley of the Licking.

General Lyman goes to Natchez. 1774.

James Harrod in Kentucky.
January, Dunmore sends Connolly to take possession of Pittsburgh as

being within Virginia.
Jan. 25,

Connolly calls out the militia ; he is arrested by St. Clair; his

followers are riotous, and fire on the Indians. March 28, Connolly, released on parole, comes to Pittsburgh with an arm.

ed force.

He rebuilds the Fort and calls it Fort Dunmore.
April 16, Cherokees attack a boat on the Ohio.
April 21, Connolly writes to the settlers to be ware of the Indians.

Cresap, having Connolly's letter, attacks Indians.
Greathouse murders several Indians.
Preparations for war.



Logan revenges his family.
Jone, Boone sent for surveyors in Kentucky.
June 10, Friendly Shawanese attacked by Connolly.

Traders murdered.
July, McDonald attacks Wappatomica.
Sept. 6 & 12, Troops under Lewis march down Kenhawa.
Oct. 6,

Troops under Lewis reach Point Pleasant.
Oct. 10, Battle of Point Pleasant.

November, Dunmore makes peace.
1775. March 17, Treaty of Wataga ; purchase by Transylvania Company.

April 1, Boone goes to Kentucky and founds Boonesboro'.
April 20, Henderson reaches Boonesboro'.
May 23, Henderson calls representatives together.
May 27, Legislature adjourns.
April, Massachusetts Council try to prevent hostility by Iroquois.

Guy Johnson influences Iroquois against Americans.
June 28,

Oneidas and Tuscaroras adhere to America.
June, Boones family and several others reach Kentucky.

Congress forms three Indian Departments.
August, Meeting of Commissioners and Indians at Albany.
October, Meeting of Commissioners and Indians at Pittsburgh.

Connolly arrested in Maryland.
1776. April 29, An attack on Detroit proposed in Congress.

April 19, Washington advises the employment of the Indians.
May, Indians incline to British.
June 3, Congress authorizes the employment of Indians.
July 7, to 21, Indians attack Kentuckians; settlers leave.

George Rogers Clark in Kentucky.
June 6, Kentuckians petition Virginia for admission as citizens, and

choose Clark and Jones members of Virginia Assembly.
August 23, Clark procures powder from Council of Virginia.
Dec. 7, Virginia admits Kentucky among her counties.

Clark and Jones return by Pittsburgh with powder.
Dec. 25, Jones killed while going for powder to Limestone.

Clark reaches Harrodsburg.
1777. Summer, Cornstalk murdered at Point Pleasant.

Congress of Indians anil British at Oswego.
Spring, Kentucky infested with savages.
April, Kentucky chooses Burgesses.

Logan's station altucked.
April 20 to June 22,--Clark's spies in Illinois.
August, Logan crosses the mountains for powder.

Colonel Bowman and 100 men come from Virginia.
Sep. 26 & 27, Fort Henry (Wheeling) attacked.
September, First Court at IJarrodsburg.
Oct. 1,

Clark leaves for Virginia.
October, Brady and party attack St. Joseph.
Nov. 20, The attack on Detroit urged in Congress.
Dec. 10, Clark opens his plan for conquering Illinois to Governor of


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