Scandinavian Europe

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Lonely Planet, 2007 - 540 էջ
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Beyond the Arctic Circle the aurora borealis tangoes across the night sky, in Stockholm tangled streets beg to be explored, and a wild weekend runtour in Reykjavík will leave you thirsting for more. Start your Scandinavian adventure among the pages of this guide. Covers - Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Denmark. See it all - explore the region using our detailed itineraries, easy-to-use maps and colour highlights. Follow in the steps of the Vikings - in depth coverage of an extraordinary wealth of ancient sites. Get out, get active - discover Scandinavia's pristine wilderness with suggestions on the best places to ski, hike, cycle, canoe and dogsled.

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Հաճախորդի կարծիքը  - hds74 -

I love the Lonely Planet travel guides . . . always full of great suggestions and information. Cant go wrong with this series . . . I have used them for over 8 years on my travels mainly in Europe. Now cant wait for the trip this summer! Read full review

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This is a good overview of the area with basic hotels, restaurants, sights. The major cities are covered pretty well but it is too general to be useful for smaller trips. Read full review

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Հեղինակի մասին (2007)

A Lonely Planet Country Guide.

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