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as is faid, by Ethelbert, and he by Auftin the Monk, because the Britons would not receive the rites of the Roman Church. See Bede, Geffrey Monmouth, and Holinfhed, p. 104. which must begin with the Convocation of British Clergy by Auftin to determin fuperfluous points, which by them was refused.

17. Edwin by vifion promis'd the kingdom of Northumberland on promife of his converfion, and therein establish'd by Rodoald king of Eaft-Angles.

18. Ofwin king of Deira flain by Ofwie his friend king of Bernitia, through infligation of flatterers. See Holinfhed, p. 115.

19. Sigibert of the Eaft-Angles keeping company with a perfon excommunicated, flain by the fame man in his house, according as the bishop Cedda had foretold.

20. Egfride king of the Northumbers flain in battle against the Picts, having before wafted Ireland, and made war for no reason on men that ever lov'd the English; forewarn'd alfo by Cuthbert not to fight with the Picts.

21. Kinewulf, king of WeftSaxons, flain by Kineard in the houfe of one of his concubines.

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32. Hardiknute dying in his cups, an example to riot.

33. Edward Confeffor's divorceing and imprifoning his noble wife Editha, Godwin's daughter; wherein is fhowed his over-affection to ftrangers the cause of Godwin's infurrection, wherein Godwin's forbearance of battel prais'd, and the English moderation on both fides magnified. His flacknefs to redress the corrupt Clergy, and fuperftitious pretence of chaftity.

ABRAM from MOREA, or ISAAC redeem'd.

The Oeconomy may be thus. The fifth or fixth day after Abraham's departure, Eleazer Abram's steward, firft alone, and then with the Chorus, difcourfe of Abraham's ftrange voyage, their mistress forrow and perplexity accompanied with frightful dreams; and tell the manner of his rifing by night, taking his fervants and his fon with him. Next may come forth Sarah herself; after the Chorus, or Ifmael, or Agar; next fome fhepherd or company of merchants paffing through the mount in the time that Abram was in the midwork, relate to Sarah what they faw. Hence lamentations, fears, wonders; the matter in the mean while divulg'd. Aner or Efchcol, or Mamre Abram's confederates come to the houfe of Abram to be more certain, or to bring news; in the mean while difcourfing as the world would, of fuch an action divers ways, bewaifing the fate of fo noble a man faln from his reputation, either through divine justice, or fuperftition, or coveting


to do fome notable act through zeal. At length a fervant fent from Abram relates the truth; and laft he himfelf comes with a great train of Melchizedec, whofe thepherds being fecret eye-witneffes of all paffages had related to their mafter, and he conducted his friend Abraham home with joy.


The Scene, the Court.

Beginning from the morning of Herod's birth-day.

Herod by fome Counsellor perfuaded on his birth-day to releafe John Baptift, purposes it, caufes him to be fent for to the court from prifon. The Queen hears of it, takes occafion to pass where he is, on purpose, that under pretence of reconciling to him, or seeking to draw a kind retraction from him of his cenfure on the marriage; to which end the fends a courtier before to found whether he might be perfuaded to mitigate his fentence, which not finding, the herfelf craftily affays, and on his conftancy founds an accufation to Herod of a contumacious afront on fuch a day before many peers, prepares the king to fome paffion, and at laft by her daughter's dancing effects it. There may prologize the Spirit of Philip, Herod's brother. It may also be thought, that Herod had well bedew'd himself with wine, which made him grant the easier to his

wife's daughter. Some of his difciples alfo, as to congratulate his liberty, may be brought in, with whom after certain command of his death many compaffioning words of his difciples, bewailing his youth cut off in his glorious courfe, he telling them his work is done, and withing them to follow Chrift his matter,


The title, Cupid's funeral pile. Sodom burning.

The Scene before Lot's gate.

The Chorus confifts of Lot's fhepherds come to the city about fome affairs await in the evening their mafter's return from his evening walk toward the citygates. He brings with him two young men or youths of noble form. After likely difcourfes prepares for their entertainment. By then fupper is ended, the gallantry of the town pafs by in proceffion with mufic and fong to the temple of Venus Urania or Peor, and understanding of two noble ftrangers arriv'd, they fend two of their choiceft youth with the priest to. invite them to their city folemnities, it being an honour that their city had decreed to all fair perfonages, as being facred to their Goddefs. The Angels being afkt by the priest whence they are, say they are of Salem; the priest inveighs against the ftrict reign of Melchizedec. Lot, that knows their

Or elfe the Queen may plat under pretence of begging for his liberty, to seek to draw him into a fnare by his freedom of speech,


drift, anfwers thwartly at laft, of which notice given to the whole affembly, they haften thither, tax him of prefumption, fingularity, breach of city-cuftoms; in fine, after violence, the Chorus of fhepherds prepare refiftance in their mafter's defenfe, calling the reft of the ferviture; but being forc'd to give back, the Angels open the door, refcue Lot, difcover themfelves, warn him to gather his friends and fons in law out of the city. He goes and returns, having met with fome incredulous. Some other friend or fon in law out of the way, when Lot came to his house, overtakes him to know his bufinefs. Here is dif puted of incredulity of divine judgments, and fuch like matter: at laft is defcribed the parting from the city; the Chorus depart with their mafter; the Angels do the deed with all dreadful execution; the King and Nobles of the city may come forth, and ferve to fet out the terror; a Chorus of Angels concluding, and the Angels relating the event of Lot's journey and of his wife. The first Chorus beginning, may relate the courte of the city each evening every one with mistrefs or Ganymed, gitterning along the streets, or folacing on the banks of Jordan, or down the stream. At the priest's inviting the Angels to the folemnity, the Angels pitying their beauty may difpute of love, and how it differs from luft, feeking to win them. In the last scene, to the King and Nobles, when the fierce thunders begin aloft, the Angel appears all girt with flames, which

he faith are the flames of true love, and tells the King, who falls down with terror, his juft fuffering, as alfo Athane's, i. e. Gener, Lot's fon in law, for defpifing the continual admonitions of Lot: then. calling to the thunders, lightnings, and fires, he bids them hear the call and command of God to come and deftroy a godlefs nation: he brings them down with some short warning to other nations to take heed.

Chrift born.

Herod maffacring, or Rachel weeping, Matt. II. Christ bound.

Chrift crucifi'd.
Christ risen.

Lazarus. Joan. XI.


The Angel Gabriel either defcending or entring, thowing fince this globe was created, his frequency as much on earth, as in Heaven: defcribes Paradife. Next the Chorus fhewing the reafon of his coming to keep his watch in Paradife after Lucifer's rebellion, by command from God, and withal expreffing his defire to fee and know more concerning this excellent new creature, Man. The Angel Gabriel, as by his name fignifying a prince of power, tracing Paradife with a more free office, paffes by the ftation of the Chorus, and defired by them relates what he knew of Man, as the creation of Eve, with their love and marriage. After this Lucifer appears after his overthrow, bemoans himself,

himself, seeks revenge on Man. The Chorus prepare resistance at his first approach. At last, after discourse of enmity on either fide, he departs; whereat the Chorus fings of the battle, and victory in Heaven against him and his accomplices; as before, after the first Act, was fung a hymn of the creation. Here again may appear Lucifer relating and infulting in what he had done to the deftruction of Man. Man next, and Eve having by this time been feduc'd by the ferpent appears confufedly cover'd with leaves. Confcience in a shape accufes him, Juftice cites him to the place, whither Jehovah call'd for him. In the mean while the Chorus entertains the stage, and is informed by fome Angel the manner of his fall. Here the Chorus bewails Adam's fall. Adam then and Eve return, accufe one another, but especially Adam lays the blame to his wife, is ftubborn in his offenfe. Juftice appears; reasons with him, convinces him. The Chorus admonifheth Adam, and bids him beware Lucifer's example of impenitence. The Angel is fent to banifh them out of Paradife; but before causes to pass before his eyes in fhapes a Mafk of all the evils of this life and world. He is humbled, relents, defpairs; at laft appears Mercy, comforts him, promifes the Meffiah; then calls in Faith, Hope, and Charity; inftructs him; he repents, gives God the glory, fubmits to his penalty. The Chorus briefly concludes. Compare this with the former draught.

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