Essentials of Church Leadership and Management: A Must for All Church Workers and Theological Students

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AuthorHouse, 01 հոկ, 2007 թ. - 136 էջ
The primary goal of this book is to teach the essentials of management and leadership in a church organization. Management is universal, the principle is effective in all works of life; government, business, social and interfaith organizations if properly adapted. The problems with many churches are that the operators lack management and leadership education. So the churches are run any way any how through trial and error. Even many operators think that if you are jobless and you want to get rich quickly you have to go into church business. Hence there are lots of funds mismanagement and embezzlement. These types of people should learn lesson from Ananias and Sapphira, Acts: 5:1-10. This is one of the reasons the book focuses great attention on finance and funds management. Proper budgeting and budget planning is another area the reader should focus attention on. The reader may be somehow amazed to read about products, marketing, sales, and employees or subordinates in the book. Remember every organization has something to produce, to market and to sell. For the church, the product is usually what the church offers the congregants, the environment or community, the country and the Body of Christ at large. So the products must be properly marketed and sold to the Body of Christ world-wide, with the profit not quantified in terms of money but in terms of services rendered for soul saving and salvation. The management principles and techniques that work for General Motors or Government can also work for a church organization if properly and prudently adapted.

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