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Simpson and Gillett, 1843

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 56 - How could communities, Degrees in schools, and brotherhoods in cities, Peaceful commerce from dividable shores, The primogenitive and due of birth, Prerogative of age, crowns, sceptres, laurels, But by degree, stand in authentic place? Take but degree away, untune that string, And, hark, what discord follows ! each thing meets In mere oppugnancy: The bounded waters Should lift their bosoms higher than the shores, VOL.
Էջ 56 - Strength should be lord of imbecility, And the rude son should strike his father dead : Force should be right ; or rather, right and wrong, Between whose endless jar justice resides, Should lose their names, and so should justice too. Then every thing includes itself in power, Power into will, will into appetite ; And appetite, an universal wolf, So doubly seconded with will and power, Must make perforce an universal prey, And last eat up himself.
Էջ 46 - The latest Gospel in this world is, Know thy work and do it. ' Know thyself :' long enough has that poor ' self of thine tormented thee ; thou wilt never get to 'know' it, I believe ! Think it not thy business, this of knowing thyself ; thou art an unknowable individual : know what thou canst work at ; and work at it, like a Hercules ! That will be thy better plan. It has been written, 'an endless significance lies in Work;' a man perfects himself by working.
Էջ 49 - How much grows everywhere, if we do but wait ! Through the swamps we will shape causeways, force purifying drains ; we will learn to thread the rocky inaccessibilities ; and beaten tracks, worn smooth by mere travelling of human feet, will form themselves. Not a difficulty but can transfigure itself into a triumph ; not even a deformity but, if our own soul have imprinted worth on it, will grow dear to us.
Էջ 42 - Fight on, thou brave true heart, and falter not, through dark fortune and through bright. The cause thou fightest for, so far as it is true, no further, yet precisely so far, is very sure of victory. The falsehood alone of it will be conquered, will be abolished, as it ought to be : but the truth of it is part' of nature's own laws, cooperates with the World's eternal tendencies, and cannot be conquered.
Էջ 46 - All true work is sacred; in all true work, were it but true hand-labor, there is something of divineness. Labor, wide as the earth, has its summit in heaven. Sweat of the brow; and up from that to sweat of the brain, sweat of the heart; which includes all Kepler calculations, Newton meditations, all sciences, all spoken epics, all acted heroisms, martyrdoms...
Էջ 55 - Ay, in the catalogue ye go for men ; As hounds and greyhounds, mongrels, spaniels, curs, Shoughs, water-rugs and demi-wolves, are clept All by the name of dogs : the valued file Distinguishes the swift, the slow, the subtle, The housekeeper, the hunter, every one According to the gift which bounteous nature Hath in him closed, whereby he does receive Particular addition, from the bill That writes them all alike : and so of men.
Էջ 46 - Earth, has its summit in Heaven. Sweat of the brow ; and up from that to sweat of the brain, sweat of the heart ; which includes all Kepler calculations, Newton meditations, all Sciences, all spoken Epics, all acted Heroisms, Martyrdoms, — up to that
Էջ 46 - ... cheaper; and try to invent, a little, how cotton at its present cheapness could be somewhat justlier divided among us. Let inventive men consider, Whether the Secret of this Universe, and of Man's Life there, does, after all, as we rashly fancy it, consist in making money?
Էջ 57 - Though in and of him there be much consisting, Till he communicate his parts to others ; Nor doth he of himself know them for aught Till he behold them...

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