A chorographical description or survey of the county of Devon. With additions

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Стр. 225 - It maketh such an hideous noise, that being only heard, and not seen, it causeth a kind of fear to the passengers, seeming to them that look down to it, a deep abyss, and may be numbered amongst the wonders of this kingdom.
Стр. xvi - Only two other copies known; one of which is in the British Museum and the other in the Hunterian Museum at Glasgow.
Стр. 155 - The vivacious vicar hereof living under King Henry the Eighth, King Edward the Sixth, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth, was first a Papist, then a Protestant, then a Papist, then a Protestant again. He had seen some martyrs burnt (two miles off) at Windsor, and found this fire too hot for his tender temper.
Стр. 281 - Gurney, was parish priest of the place, who, as the story of that town hath it, was admonished by a vision in his sleep, to set on the foundation of a bridge near a rock, which he should find rolled from the higher grounds upon the strand.
Стр. 377 - ... by a royal grant from the crown, it was exempted from all duties and taxes, in consequence of some noble services done by an ancestor of the Carews.
Стр. 401 - Baronet, one of the seven bishops sent to the Tower in the reign of James II. His son, Sir Harry Trelawny...
Стр. 73 - Time hath not so much defaced," he says, " as men have mangled that magnificent monument, which had this written thereon, as some have seen " : Hoe, hoe, who lyes here ? Tis I, the goode erle of Devonshire. With Kate, my wife, to mee full dere, Wee lyved togeather fyfty-fyve yere. That wee spent wee had ; That wee lefte wee loste ; That wee gave wee have.
Стр. 216 - ... of the other; yea, such a confederation of inbred power and sympathy was in their natures, that if Nicholas were sick or grieved, Andrew felt the like pain, though far distant and remote in their persons, and that...
Стр. 302 - ... which she desired to see, proposing to choose one of them, who, upon sight, discovering they were children, compelled him to acquaint her with the circumstance ; whom, when she had sharply rebuked for such his...
Стр. 235 - Nectan, who highly reverenced the man, and •verily believed, that, through his merits, her husband had escaped shipwreck in a dangerous tempest.

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