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decision of the said supreme court created by this entitled to the same fees as the marshal of the act, or of any judge thereof, orof the district courts | district court of the United States for the present created by this act, or of any judge thereof, upon Territory of Utah; and shall, in addition, be paid any writ of habeas corpus, involving the question two hundred dollars annually as a compensation of personal freedom; Provided, That nothing for extra services. herein contained shall be construed to apply to or

Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That the govaffect the provisions of the “act respecting fugi

ernor, secretary, chief justice, and associate justives from justice, and persons escaping from the service of their masters," approved February and, by and with the advice and consent of the

tices, attorney and marshal, shall be nominated, twelfth, seventeen hundred and ninety-three, and the “ act to amend and supplementary to the afore- Senate, appointed by the President of the United

States. The governor and secretary to be ap. said act," approved September eighteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty; and each of the said district pointed as aforesaid shall, before they act as such, courts shall have and exercise the same jurisdic: the district judge, or some justice of the peace in

respectively take an oath or affirmation before tion, in all cases arising under the Constitution and laws of the United States, as is vested in the cir- the limits of said Territory duly authorized to ad. cuit and district courts of the United States; and minister oaths and affirmations by the laws now the said supreme and district courts of the said in force therein, or before the chief justice or

some associate justice of the Supreme Court of Territory, and the respective judges thereof, shall || the United States, to support the Constitution of and may grant writs of habeas corpus in all cases

the United States, and faithfully to discharge the n which the same are granted by the judges of duties of their respective offices, which said oaths, the United States in the District of Columbia ; and when so taken, shall be certified by the person by the first six days of every term of said courts, or so much thereof as shall be necessary, shall be certificates shall be received and recorded by the

whom the same shall have been taken; and such appropriated to the trial of causes arising under


secretary among the executive proceedings; the said Constitution and laws, and writs of error and appeal in all such cases shall be made to the all other civil officers in said territory, before they

and the chief justice and associate justices, and supreme court of said Territory, the same as in

act as such, shall take a like oath or affirmation other cases. The said clerk shall receive, in all

before the said governor or secretary, or some such cases, the same fees which the clerks of the judge or justice of the peace of the territory who district courts of Utah Territory now receive for

may be duly commissioned and qualified, which similar services.

said oath or affirmation shall be certified and transSec. 10. And be it further enacted, That the pro- | mitted, by the person taking the same, to the secvisions of the act entitled “An act respecting fu- retary, to be by him recorded as aforesaid ; and gitives from justice, and persons escaping from the afterwards, the like oxth or affirmation shall be service of their masters," approved February 12, | taken, certified, and recorded in such manner and 1793, and the provisions of the act entitled "An | form as may be preseribed by law. The governact to amend, and supplementary to, the aforesaid

or shall receive an annual salary of fifteen hun. act," approved September 18, 1850, be and the dred dollars as governor, and fifteen hundred dolsame are hereby declared to extend to and be in lars as superintendent of Indian affairs. The full force within the limits of said Territory of Ne- | chief justice and associate justices shall each braska,

receive an annual salary of two thousand dollars. Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That there | The secretary shall receive an annual salary of shall be appointed an attorney for said Territory, | two thousand dollars. The said salaries shall be who shall continue in office for four years, and un- | paid quarter-yearly, from the dates of the respectil his successor shall be appointed and qualified, tive appointments, at the treasury of the United unless sooner removed by the President, and who States; but no such payment shall be made until shall receive the same fees and salary as the at-said officers shall have entered upon the duties of torney of the United States for the present Terri- || their respective appointments. The members of tory of Utah. There shall also be a marshal for the legislative assembly shall be entitled to receive the Territory appointed, who shall hold his office three dollars each per day, during their attendance for four years, and until his successor shall be ap- at the sessions thereof, and three dollars each for pointed and qualified, unless sooner removed by every twenty miles' travel in going to and return. the President, and who shall execute all processes ing from the said sessions, estimated according to issuing from the said courts when exercising their the nearest usually travelled route, and an extra jurisdiction as circuit and district courts of the allowance shall be paid to the presiding officer of United States; he shall perform the duties, be sub- each for each day he shall so preside., And a ject to the same regulations and penalties, and be ll chief clerk, one assistant clerk, a sergeant-at-arms,

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and door-keeper, may be chosen for each house; || shall hold his seat only during the term of the and the chief clerk shall receive four dollars per Congress to which he shall be elected. The first day, and the said other officers three dollars per election shall be held at such time and places, and day, during the session of the legislative assembly; be conducted in such manner, as the governor but no other officers shall be paid by the United shall appoint and direct; and at all subsequent States: Provided, That there shall be but one elections the time, places, and manner of holding session of the legislature annually, unless, on an the elections shall be prescribed by law. The perextraordinary occasion, the governor shall think son having the greatest number of votes shall be proper to call the legislature together. There shall || declared by the governor to be duly elected, and a be appropriated, annually, the sum of fifteen hun certificate thereof shall be given accordingly. That dred dollars, to be expended by the governor, to the Constitution and all laws of the United States defray the contingent expenses of the territory, | which are not locally inapplicable, shall have the including the salary of a clerk of the executive same force and effect within the said territory of department; and there shall also be appropriated, Nebraska as elsewhere within the United States; annually, a sufficient sum, to be expended by the except the eighth section of the act preparatory secretary of the territory, and, upon an estimate to the admission of Missouri into the Union, apto be made by the Secretary of the Treasury of the proved March sixth, eighteen hundred and twenty, United States, to defray the expenses of the which was superseded by the principles of the legislative assembly, the printing of the laws, | legislation of eighteen hundred and fifty, comand other incidental expenses; and the governor | monly called the compromise measures, and is and secretary of the territory shall, in the dis- hereby declared inoperative. bursement of all moneys intrusted to them, be Sec. 15. And be it further enacted, That the sum governed solely by the instructions of the Secre- | of five thousand dollars be and the same is heretary of the Treasury of the United States, and by appropriated, out of any moneys in the treasushall semi-annually account to the said secretary ry not otherwise appropriated, to be expended by for the manner in which the aforesaid moneys and under the direction of the said governor of shall have been expended; and no expenditure | the Territory of Nebraska in the purchase of a shall be made by said legislative assembly for ob- || library, to be kept at the seat of government for jects not specially authorized by the acts of Con- | the use of the governor, legislative assembly, gress making the appropriations, nor beyond the judges of the supreme court, secretary, marshal, sums appropriated for such objects.

and attorney of said territory, and such other perSec. 13. And be it further enacted, That the legis- sons and under such regulations as shall be prelative assembly of the Territory of Nebraska shall || scribed by law. hold its first session at such time and place in said

Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That when Territory as the governor thereof shall appoint the lands in the said Territory shall be surveyed and direct; and at said first session, or as soon

under the direction of the government of the Unithereafter as they shall deem expedient, the gov-ted States, preparatory to bringing the same into ernor and legislative assembly shall proceed 10 lo- | market, sections numbered sixteen and thirty-six cate and establish the seat of government for said in each township in said Territory shall be and Territory at such place as they may deem eligible; || the same are hereby reserved for the purpose of which place, however, shall thereafter be subject being applied to schools in said Territory, and in to be changed by the said governor and legisla- || the States and Territories hereafter to be erected tive assembly. And the sum of twenty thousand out of the same. dollars, out of any money in the treasury not Sec. 17. And be it further enacted, That, until otherwise appropriated, is hereby appropriated otherwise provided by law, the governor of said and granted to said Territory of Nebraska, to be Territory may define the judicial districts of said there applied, by the governor, to the erection of Territory and assign the judges who may be apsuitable buildings at the seat of government. pointed for said Territory to the several districts

Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, That a dele- and also appoint the times and places for holding gate to the House of Representatives of the United | courts in the several counties or subdivisions in States, to serve for the term of two years, who shall each of said judicial districts, by proclamation, to be a citizen of the United States, may be elected be issued by him ; but the legislative assembly, at by the voters qualified to elect members of the their first or any subsequent session, may organ legislative assembly, who shall be entitled to the ize, alter, or modify such judicial districts, and assame rights and privileges as are exercised and sign the judges, and alter the times and places of enjoyed by the delegates from the several other || holding the courts, as to them shall seem proper Territories of the United States to the said House and convenient. of Representatives, but the delegate first elected Sec. 18. And be it further enacted, That all

officers to be appointed by the President, by and for the purpose of extinguishing the title of said with the advice and consent of the Senate, for the Indian tribes in whole or in part to said lands; Territory of Nebraska, who, by virtue of the pro- and that, for the purpose of carrying into effect the visions of any law now existing, or which may be provisions of this section, the sum of one hundred enacted during the present Congress, are required thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any to give security for moneys that may be intrusted || moneys in the treasury not otherwise approwith them for disbursement, shall give such secu- || priated. rity, at such time and place, and in such manner, Sec. 20. And be it further enacted, That, so as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe.

soon as the governor of said Territory of NebrasSec. 19. And be it further enacted, That the ka shall enter upon the discharge of his duties as President of the United States be, and he hereby | such, the superintendency of Indian affairs at St. is, authorized to enter into negotiation with the Louis, in the State of Missouri, shall be abolished, Indian tribes of the said Territory of Nebraska, for and the duties shall be transferred to and perthe purpose of securing the assent of said tribes formed by the said governor of Nebraska, so far to the settlement of the citizens of the United as they relate to, or are to be performed within States upon the lands claimed by said Indians, and I said Territory.

The foregoing sections embrace that portion of the bill which relates to the proposed territory of Nebraska. The same number of sections follow which make precisely the same disposition of Kansas, the only variation being in the name and in that clause which defines the boundaries of the two territories. The limits assigned to Kansas are: “ beginning at a point on the western boundary of the State of Missouri, wliere the thirty-seventh parallel of north latitude crosses the same; thence west on said parallel to the eastern boundary of New Mexico; thence north on said boundary to latitude thirty-eight; thence following said boundary westward to the summit of the highlands dividing the waters flowing into the Colorado of the West or Green river, from the waters Howing into the great basin; thence northward on said summit to the fortieth parallel of latitude ; thence east on said parallel to the western boundary of the State of Missouri; thence south with the western boundary of said State, to the place of beginning."

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