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tries advanced the belief that the commission is not likely to be seriously handicapped in the matter of advertisement. A new decree has been approved during the year, by the Massachusetts Minimum Wage Commission, providing a minimum wage of $13.20 a week for women 18 years of age or over who have been employed a year in the manufacture of druggists' preparations, proprietary medicines, and chemical compounds. With the establishment of this decree, 17 occupations are now covered by minimum wage rates.

In Arizona an employer operating a candy factory, who had paid an apprentice less than the minimum wage, was granted an injunction by the state court to restrain the state officials from prosecuting him for noncompliance with the law. The state is appealing from this ruling, and the case has now been set for oral argument in the Supreme Court of the United States.

In Wisconsin a minimum wage questionnaire was sent to employers asking them to reply to four questions upon the operation of the minimum wage law as it affected their own business during the year. In all, 863 establishments complied. In answer to the question, "Were any minors and (or) women discharged from work because of the present minimum wage law?” only 37 firms replied in the affirmative and 826 in the negative. To the question, “Was it necessary to rearrange hours for minor and (or) women employees on account of the minimum wage law?” 93 firms answered affirmatively and 770 negatively. The question, “Has the minimum wage law caused any change in lines manufactured by you, or in the kind of business carried on by you?” was answered affirmatively by 54 firms and negatively by 809. The replies to the last question, “Proportional to your total working force are you now employing more or fewer minors than a year ago ? ” show that 327 firms maintained about the same ratio as a year ago, and that 173 firms reduced and 197 increased the proportion of minors.

The Ohio Minimum Wage Investigation Commission, appointed by the last Legislature, met in Columbus on February 6. There was a large representation of proponents and some opponents of minimum-wage legislation, and as a result of the hearing it was decided that the commission should go ahead with its investigation, in spite of the United States Supreme Court's decision in the District of Columbia case. The commission asked the proponents and opponents to submit briefs on the operation of the minimum wage law in California, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, in order that the commission might check up by investigation those points upon which the two sides might fail to agree.

Adoption of the "blanket amendment" to the United States Constitution to take the following form: “Men and women shall have equal rights throughout the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation”—has been advocated for the past three years by one group of women.

On the other hand, another large group of women, consisting of almost every organization of working women and of women interested in improving industrial conditions in the United States, although deeply interested in the question of equal rights and recognizing the need to abolish unjust legal discriminations against women, have objected to the proposed amendment on the score that it is ambiguous and likely to jeopardize those labor laws for women enacted during the past 70 years in the various states and regulating to some extent condi


(b) Assistant Director General.

(c) Secretary to Director General.
(2) Office of the Chief Clerk.
B. Technical
(1) Industrial Information Section.

(a) Director.
(b) Examiner.

(c) Clerk.
(2) Junior Division.

Chief and Assistant to Director General.
(3) Farm Labor.

(4) State Co-operation. II. Field Organisation. A. State Co-operation and Allotment-State Offices.

(1) Arizona.

Federal Director, 121 North Second Ave., Phoenix. (2) Arkansas.

Federal Director, 129-A State Capitol, Little Rock, (3) California.

Federal Director, Room 603, State Building, Civic Center, San

Francisco. (4) Connecticut.

Federal Director, Assistant Federal Director, State Capitol,

(5) District of Columbia.

Superintendent, 1410 Pennsylvania Ave. N. W., Washington. (6) Georgia.

Federal Director, 318 State Capitol, Atlanta. (7) Illinois.

Federal Director, 116 North Dearborn St., Chicago. (8) Indiana

Federal Director, Room 413, Statehouse, Indianapolis. (9) Iowa.

Federal Director, Bureau of Labor, Des Moines. (10) Kansas.

Federal Director, Statehouse, Topeka. (11) Kentucky.

Vacant. (12) Louisiana.

Federal Director, 626 Audubon Building, 931 Canal St., New

Orleans. (13) Maryland.

Federal Director, 13th Floor, Garrett Building, Baltimore.
(14) Massachusetts.

Federal Director, 473 Statehouse, Boston.
Assistant Federal Director, 469 Statehouse, Boston.

(15) Michigan.

Federal Director, 306 Owen Building, Detroit. (16) Minnesota.

Federal Director, 612 Bremer Arcade, St. Paul. (17) Missouri.

Federal Director, State Capitol, Jefferson City.

Assistant Federal Director, 8 North Ninth St., St. Louis. (18) Montana.

Federal Director, Department of Agriculture, Labor, and In

dustry, Helena. (19) Nebraska.

Federal Director, Statehouse, Lincoln. (20) Nevada.

Special Agent, State Capitol, Carson City. (21) New Hampshire.

Federal Director, State Capitol, Concord. (22) New Jersey.

Federal Director, Statehouse, Trentón.

Assistant Federal Director, 9-11 Franklin St., Newark. (23) New York.

Federal Director, Assistant Federal Director, 120 East Twenty

Eighth St., New York. (24) North Carolina..

Federal Director, 201 State Department Building, Raleigh. (25) North Dakota.

Federal Director, Capitol Building, Bismark. (26) Ohio.

Federal Director, Ohio Building, Columbus. (27) Oklahoma.

Federal Director, State Capitol, Oklahoma City. (28) Oregon.

Federal Director, 501 Courthouse, Portland. (29) Pennsylvania.

Federal Director, Department of Labor and Industry, Harris

(30) Rhode Island.

Federal Director, Room 318, State Capitol, Providence.
(31) South Dakota.

Federal Director, Chamber of Commerce, Sioux Falls. (32) Tennessee.

Special Agent, City Hall, Knoxville.
(33) Texas.

Special Agent, Chamber of Commerce Building, Fifth and
Throckmorton Sts., Fort Worth.

Special Agent, Chamber of Commerce, 32412 West Main St.,

Special Agent, 211-C City Hall, Houston.

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(34) Virginia.

Federal Director, State Capitol, Richmond. (35) Washington.

Federal Director, 421 Federal Building, Spokane. (36) West Virginia.

Federal Director, Room 52, Statehouse, Charleston. (37) Wisconsin.

Federal Director, State Capitol, Madison. (38) Wyoming

Federal Director, State Capitol Building, Cheyenne. B. Local Placement Offices. (1) Arizona.

Phoenix, 121 North Second Ave.
(2) Arkansas.

Fort Smith, 10 Tyson Ave.
Hot Springs, Y. W. C. A. (women).
Little Rock, Room 131, State Capitol.

Texarkana, Room 204, Foreman Building.
(3) California.

Fresno, 916 H St.
Long Beach, Auditorium (lower floor).
Los Angeles, Tajo Building, First and Broadway (women).
Los Angeles, 206 Court St. (men).
Oakland, 401 Tenth St.
Sacramento, 1106 Second St.
San Diego, 106 B Street.
San Francisco, 771 Howard St. (men).
San Francisco, Room 241, Pacific Building (women).
San Jose, 176 South Market St.

Stockton, 35 North Center St.
(4) Colorado.

Denver, Y. W. C. A., 1545 Glenarm St. (women), and 1321

Eighteenth St.
(5) Connecticut.

Bridgeport, 62 Cannon St.
Hartford, 48 Allyn St.
New Haven, 106 Elm St.
Norwich, 43 Broadway.

Waterbury, 42 Harrison Ave.
(6) District of Columbia.

Washington, 1410 Pennsylvania Ave. N. W. (7) Georgia.

Atlanta, 507 Chamber of Commerce Building, 67 North Pry

or St.
(8) Idaho.
Pocatello, City Hall.

(9) Illinois.

Aurora, 15 North Broadway.
Bloomington, 105 West Monroe St.
Chicago, 116 North Dearborn St. (except unskilled men).
Chicago, 344 East Thirty-Fifth St. (colored).
Chicago, 105 South Jefferson St. (unskilled).
Cicero, 2137 Cicero Ave.
Danville, 1261, East Main St.
Decatur, 226 East North St.
East St. Louis, 26 North Main St.
Joliet, 412 Van Buren St.
Peoria, 226 South Madison St.
Quincy, 236 North Fifth St.
Rockford, 118 North Wyman St.
Rock Island, 1915 Fourth Ave.

Springfield, 12212 South Sixth St. (10) Indiana.

Anderson, Room 9, City Building.
Fort Wayne, 620 Barr St.
Kokomo, Room 2, Third Floor, Spraker Building, East Mul-

berry St.
La Fayette, Room 4, Courthouse.

Terre Haute, 52512 Ohio St. (11) Iowa.

Creston, Sidney Hotel Block.
Des Moines, 123 Courthouse.

Sioux City, Fourth Floor, City Hall. (12) Kansas.

Emporia, 325 Merchant St.
Hutchinson, 5 East Ave.
Kansas City, 339 Minnesota Ave.
Parsons, Second Floor, Kimball Building, 18021, Main St.
Salina, First Floor, City Building, 116-118 East Ash St.
Topeka, 121 West Fifth St.

Wichita, 813 East Douglas Ave. (13) Kentucky.

Louisville, City Hall (14) Louisiana.

New Orleans, 626 Audubon Building, 931 Canal St., between

Bergundy and Dauphine. (15) Maryland.

Baltimore, Hoen Building, East Lexington St. and Guilford

(16) Massachusetts.

Boston, 23-25 Pearl St. (main office).
Boston, 25 Tremont St., Mercantile Branch (mercantile, cleri-

cal, and professional).

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