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Address. 325 Bell Bldg. 14 Bleeker St. 202 North Second St. 480 Lexington Ave. 208 Custom House. 200 South Salina St. 68 West Main St. 95 Central Ave. Wade Loft Bldg. 8 Roberts St. 1015 Vine St. Prospect and East Four

teenth St. 335 South High St. 706 Nasby Bldg. Third St. and Harvey Ave. West Park and Alder St. Twentieth and Arch Sts. East Ohio and Sandusky

Sts. Second and Market Sts. Delaware and Hudson Pas

senger Station. P. O. Box, Old Customs

House. 44 Washington St. 1246 Main St. Tenth St. and Phillips

Ave. 1471, Seventh Ave. N. Gay St. and Church Ave. 211 North Alamo Ave. Mills and Oregon Sts. Texas Ave. and Milon St. Main and Lawrence Sts. Burlington Daily

News Bldg. Grace and Third Sts. 1107 Fourth Ave. Summers and State Sts. 137 Second St. Becklinger Bldg.

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11. Control Areas

The country is divided into five control areas, each under a Chief Area Coordinator, who is empowered to inspect the field activities within his area, and to report, with recommendations, to the Central Office as to the manner in which such activities are carried out. The Chief Co-ordinators are responsible only to the Director of the Bureau. The headquarters of the control areas are as follows:

Headquarters at: A

Army Base, Boston, Mass. B

455 Seventh Ave., New York City. С

Soule Building, New Orleans, La. D

111 North Canal St., Chicago. E

Room 276, New Chronicle Building, San Francisco.


12. Hospitals

The fifty hospitals are under the direction of Central Office, and are generally classified into tuberculosis hospitals, neuro-psychiatric hospitals, and general hospitals. To each of these hospitals is assigned a certain area, from which it may receive patients without reference to Central Office, and such assignments are in accordance with the location of the facilities and the magnitude of the load of cases of any one kind within any particular area. The hospitals are located as follows: Type.

N. P. No. 24, Palo Alto, Cal.
T. B. No. 27, Alexandria, La.
Gen. No. 32, Washington, D. C., 2650 Wisconsin Avenue, N. W.
N. P.

No. 37, Waukesha, Wis.
T. B. No. 41, New Haven, Conn.
N. P. No. 42, Perry Point, Md.
N. P. No. 44, West Roxbury, Mass.
Gen. No. 48, Atlanta, Ga.
N. P. No. 49, Philadelphia, Pa., Gray's Ferry Road and Twenty-Fourth St.
T. B. No. 50, Whipple, Ariz.
T. B. No. 51, Tucson, Ariz.
Gen. No. 52, Boise, Idaho.
Gen. No. 53, Dwight, Ill.
T. B. No. 55, Ft. Bayard, N. M.
N. P. No. 57, Knoxville, Iowa.
Gen. No. 59, Tacoma, Wash.
T. B. No. 60, Oteen, N. C.
N. P. No. 62, Augusta, Ga.
Gen. No. 63, Lake City, Fla.
T. B. No. 64, Camp Kearney, Cal.
Gen. No. 65, St. Paul, Minn., Dayton and Virginia Aves.
Gen. No. 67, Kansas City, Mo., Eleventh and Harrison Sts.
T. B. No. 68, Minneapolis, Minn., 914 Elliott Ave.
Gen. No. 69, Ft. Thomas, Ky.

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Type. T. B. N. P. Gen. Gen. N. P. T. B. T. B. N. P. Gen. T. B. N. P. Gen. T. B. Gen. Gen. Gen. T. B.

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No. 72, Helena, Mont.
No. 74, Gulfport, Miss.

Edward Hines, Jr., Maywood, Ill.
No. 77, Portland, Or.
No. 78, North Little Rock, Ark,
No. 79, Dawson Springs, Ky.
No. 80, Ft. Lyon, Colo.
No. 81, Bronx, N. Y., 130 West Kingsbridge Road.
No. 84, Algiers, La.
No. 85, Walla Walla, Wash.
No. 86, Sheridan, Wyo.
No. 88, Memphis, Tenn., 1025 Lamar Ave.
No. 89, Rutland, Mass.
No. 90, Muskogee, Okl.
No. 91, Tuskegee, Ala.
No. 92, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.
No. 93, Legion, Kerr Co., Tex. (letter).

Kerrville, Tex. (radio).
No. 94, American Lake, Wash.
No. 95, Northampton, Mass.
No. 96, Tupper Lake, N. Y.
No. 97, Chillicothe, Ohio.
No. 98, Castle Point, N. Y.
No. 99, Excelsior Springs, Mo.
No. 100, Camp Custer, Mich.
No. 101, St. Cloud, Minn.
No. 102, Livermore, Cal.

N. P. N. P. T. B. N. P. T. B. Gen. N. P. N. P. T. B.

13. Fees of Attorneys

The Veterans' Bureau does not maintain a register of attorneys, but the following provision is found in the latest act consolidating, codifying, revising, and re-enacting laws affecting the establishment of the Veterans' Bureau:

“That no claim agent or attorney except the recognized representatives of the American Red Cross, the American Legion, the Disabled American Veterans, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars and such other organizations as shall be approved by the director, shall be recognized in the presentation or adjudication of claims under titles II, III, and IV, except that in the event of disagreement as to claim under a contract of insurance between the bureau and any beneficiary or beneficiaries thereunder an action on the claim may be brought against the United States either in the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia or in the District Court of the United States in and for the district in which such beneficiaries or any one of them resides, and that whenever judgment shall be rendered in an action brought pursuant to this provision, the court, as part of its judgment, shall determine and allow such reasonable attorney's fees, not to exceed 5 per centum of the amount recovered, to be paid by the claimant in behalf of whom

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1. The Joint Board

The Joint Board is composed of the Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army, the Chief and Assistant Chief of Naval Operations, the Assistant Chief of Staff, Army War Plans Division, and the Director, War Plans Division of Naval Operations. It is concerned with strategic questions and large problems affecting the combined services. 2. United States Geographic Board

The United States Geographic Board passes on all unsettled questions concerning geographic names arising in the departments, and determines, changes, and fixes place names within the United States and its insular possessions. All names suggested by any officer of the government must be referred to the board before publication. Its decisions are accepted by the departments as standard authority. 3. World War Foreign Debt Commission

The World War Foreign Debt Commission, composed of the Secretary of the Treasury, as Chairman, and seven other members appointed by the President, by and with the consent of the Senate, and a Secretary, was created February 9, 1922, “to refund or convert obligations of foreign governments held by the United States of America and for other purposes."

The usual procedure is that preliminary discussions are held by the Secretary of the Treasury or the Secretary of State (who is one of the members of the commission appointed by the President) with the representative of a foreign debtor government, and when such discussions reach a concrete issue the situation is presented to the entire commission. An agreement for refunding must be approved by the President and the Congress. The Act of February 28, 1923,1 states the terms and amount of the refunded British debt. The Act of January 21, 1925,1 extends the life of the commission to February 9, 1927.

On May 15, 1925, the principal amount of obligations of foreign governments held by the United States Treasury, with interest accrued thereon and unpaid, up to and including the last interest period prior to May 16, 1925, and payments made on account of principal and interest, appear as follows:

1 Act Feb. 9, 1922 (42 Stat. 363), as amended by Act Feb. 28, 1923 (42 Stat. 1325), amended by Act Jan. 21, 1925 (Pub. No. 327, 68th Cong.).


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