Domestic Anecdotes of the French Nation During the Last Thirty Years: Indicative of the French Revolution

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C. & G. Kearsley, 1794 - 444 էջ

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Էջ 134 - Le plus soumis sujet et s'indigne et s'enflamme Contre les vils auteurs d'une coupable trame. Tremble, ingrat; le courroux d'un prince généreux Sera le juste prix de tes exploits honteux. Tu seras à jamais, par ta fière impudence, La fable de l'Europe et l'horreur de la France.
Էջ 256 - ... at the toilettes of the ladies, things would be all for the better. It is not for us to judge, if the manners of Sparta were preferable to those of Athens ; and if the shepherdess who gazes on herself in the glassy fountain, interweaves some...
Էջ 255 - ... of Golconda. To us belongs the happy disposition of the diamonds ; the placing the pearl pins and the suspending of the feathers. The general of an army knows what reliance he can make on a half moon (a term of the then fashionable dress) placed in front ; he has his engineers, who are distinguished by their titles ; and we, with a sparkling cross advantageously placed, know how difficult it is for an enemy not to yield. It is we indeed, who strengthen and extend the empire of beauty.
Էջ 253 - ... statuary represent her; and if the locks of Berenice have been placed among the stars, who will deny that to attain this superior glory, she was first in want of our aid ? " A forehead more or less open, a face more or less oval, require very different modes; every where we must embellish nature or correct her deficiencies.
Էջ 254 - ... distribution of the shadows, to give more spirit to the complexion, and more expression to the graces ; sometimes the whiteness of the skin will be heightened by the auburn tint of the locks ; and the too lively splendour of the fair will be softened by the greyish cast with which we tinge the tresses.
Էջ 266 - ... the metamorphoses of Ovid. At the Palais Royal, a cynic was seen, who impudently wore on his buttons above thirty figures from one of the most infamously obscene books, so that every modest woman (if there was a modest woman in Paris) must have been obliged to turn away from this eccentric libertine. The young men imitated the romantic fancy of the ancient knights of chivalry, and wore on their buttons the cypher of their mistress; the Parisian wits exercised their puny talents, by forming, with...
Էջ 300 - In December 1783, when the air-balloons were the object of public attention, there appeared in the Journal de Paris a letter from a watchmaker, -who, without subscribing his name, offered to traverse the river Seine, between the Pont Neuf and the Pont Royal, so quickly, that a fast trotting horse, which was to set off at the same tinie, should not reach the opposite extremity before him.
Էջ 241 - ... proteges, who were known to have had at first only a salary of six thousand livres, afterward enjoyed, by these commercial operations priced with blood, an income of one hundred thousand, and became lords of two or three manors. One of the chief clerks of a French mercantile house was heard to remark, in November, 1777 : If peace took place at this moment, my principal would be ruined, and I too. We have all our fortune in America, and we wait for it with impatience.
Էջ 38 - ... anecdote : The great monarch of Pruffia thus exprefled himfelf on the fubject of religious toleration. " I never will conftrain opinions on matters of religion. I dread, of all others, religious wars. I have been fo fortunate as that none of the Sects, who refide in my ftates, have ever difturbed the civil order. We muft leave to the people the objects of their belief ; the form of their devotion ; their opinions, and even their prejudices. It is for this reafon I have tolerated the priefts and...
Էջ 37 - Philofopher of impiety, relimed the pleafantry ; and to render the farce compleat, he rofe from his chair, and with a patriarchal air, laid his hands on the head of the child, and folemnly pronounced, in a loud voice, thefe three words; GOD, LIBERTY, and TOLERATION. All the pious were mocked at the American, who, they faid, burlefqued religion in afking the bleffing of Voltaire.

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