The Conquest of Scinde: With Some Introductory Passages in the Life of Major-General Sir Charles James Napier, Էջ 1

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Էջ 7 - Treatise on the Principle and Construction of Military Bridges, and the Passage of Rivers in Military Operations.
Էջ 65 - neither the ready power to crush and annihilate them nor the will to call it into action were wanting, if it appeared requisite however remotely for the safety and integrity of the Anglo-Indian empire or frontier'.
Էջ 3 - Portugal," is the happiest picture we could conceive of the battle off Cape St. Vincent — its especial excellence consisting in a regardless bluntrtess of manner and language that is quite admirable and delightful." — Monthly Review. " It is Csesar's Commentaries in the first person.
Էջ 4 - British officer, who never fears a rival, and never knew what it was to have an enemy, or to hate any man. His descriptions are remarkable for their vividness and accuracy, and his anecdotes will bear repetition once a week for life.
Էջ 2 - This work, we have several times taken occasion to remark, is far less known than it deserves to be, especially among the profession. It abounds in lessons of profound wisdom, delivered in the clearest language, and it is as modestly as it is ably written ; nor have we often met with a more amusing book. There are to be found in it...
Էջ 40 - Scinde is now gone, since the English have seen the river which is the high road to its conquest," was the prescient observation of a Syud near Tatta.
Էջ 176 - Lord Ellenborough and myself found them. I cannot enter upon our right to be here at all, that is Lord Auckland's affair. Well, I presented the draft of the new treaty. The Ameers bowed with their usual apparent compliance, but raised troops in all directions. These I was ordered by the GovernorGeneral to disperse.
Էջ 4 - ... jest. Captain Kincaid has given us, in this modest volume, the impress of his qualities, the beau ideal of a thorough-going Soldier of Service, and the faithful and witty history of some six years' honest and triumphant fighting. " There is nothing <>Ttant in a Soldier's Journal, which, with so little pretension, paints with such truth and raciness the ' domestic economy' of campaigning, and the down-right business of handling the enemy.
Էջ 7 - I was dining out, an old gentleman asked me whether the officers who were on guard in London, on the day of the Derby, did not receive a compensatory pension from government; nay, so firmly convinced was he that such was the case, that I had some difficulty in persuading him that his impression on the subject was erroneous.
Էջ 7 - We can declare in all sincerity that we have perused his narrative of marches and onslaughts with infinite satisfaction. He tells his tale with singular clearness. He is at home in all the varied movements and changes of position, &c. ; and his account of Cavalry Charges, especially in the affair of Quatre Bras, the advance of columns and cannonading, sweep you onwards as if the scene described were actually passing under your eyes.

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