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"empted from the droit d'aubajne, or other similar “duty, under what name soever: they may by testa“ment, donation or otherwise, dispose of their goods, 6 moveable and immoveable, in favour of such persons " as to them shall seem good; and their heirs, subjects " of the said United States, residing, whether in France "or elsewhere, may succeed them, ab intestat, without “ being obliged to obtain letters of naturalization, and 56 without having the effect of this concession contested « or impeded under pretext of any rights or prerogastives of provinces, cities or private persons : and the 6 said heirs, whether such by particular title or ab 6 intestat, shall be exempt from all duty, called droit “ de detraction, or other duty of the saine kind; savsing, nevertheless, the local rights or duties, as much 6 and as long as similar ones are not established by

the United States, or any of them: The subjects of “the most christian king shall enjoy, on their part, 66 in all the dominions of the said states, an entire and “perfect reciprocity relative to the stipulations con"tained in the present article ; but it is agreed, at 66 the same time, that its contents shall not affect the “ laws made or that may be made hereafter in France, 66 against emigrations, which shall remain in all their « force and vigour; and the United States, on their " part, or any of them, shall be at liberty to enact “ such laws relative to that matter as to them shall 6 seem proper."

Resolved, That it be recommended to the legislatures of the several United States to make provision, where not already made, for conferring like privileges and immunities on the subjects of his most christian

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majesty, agreeable to the form and spirit of the above recited article.

MARCH 25, 1780.

To follow proceedings of January 31, 1780. Page 311. On the report of a committee,

Resolved, That the papers and original affidavits, relative to the capture of the brig Eagle, John Ashmead, commander, under a fort in the island of Saba, be filed in the office of the secretary of the United Slates in Congress assembled.

That authenticated copies thereof, signed by the said secretary, be transmitted to their high mighlinesses the states general of the United Provinces, by the minister plenipotentiary of these United States at the court of Versailles; and that he be directed to apply to them for their aid in procuring satisfaction for the loss of the said brig Eagle and cargo; and for some assurance that the flag of the United States of America shall be protected from insult when in the ports of the United Provinces.

APRIL 17, 1780. A motion was made by Mr. Matthews, That a resident be appointed to the court of Versailles, with the same powers that are usually annexed to the said. office.

On the question lo agree to this, the yeas and nays being required by Mr. Folsom -

New Hampshire, Mr. Peabody,
Mr. Folsom, No.}

Divided. Massachusetts Bay,Mr. Lovell, No.

Mr. Holten, No.? Rhode Island, Mr. Ellery,

Mr. Collins, No. 3 Connecticut, Mr. Huntington, No.?

Mr. Ellsworth, No. S New York, Mr. Scott, Ay.)

Mr. Livingston, Ay. { Av.

Mr. Schuyler, Ay.)
New Jersey, Mr. Fell,

Mr. Houston, No. No.

Mr. Clark, No.)
Pennsylvania, Mr. Searle,

Mr. Shippen,
Maryland, Mr. Plater, No. Yx
Virginia, Mr. Madison, No. >No.
North Carolina, Mr. Burke, No. >x
South Carolina, Mr. Matthews,

Mr. Kinlocb,

So it passed in the negative.

JULY 7, 1780.
To follow proceedings of July 7, 1780. Page 322.
On motion of Mr. Searle, seconded by Mr. M'Kean,

Resolved, That the board of treasury be directed to furnish Mr. Laurens with bills on France to the amount of one thousand pounds sterling, on account of bis salary, out of those bills ordered to be drawn by the resolution of the 19th of May last.

JULY 11, 1780...

To follow proceedings of July 10, 1780. Page 322. Ordered, That the committee of intelligence cause to be published the resolution of May 5th, 1778, respecting the eleventh and twelfth articles of the treaty of amity and commerce between his most christian majesty and ihese United States, and a copy of the said treaty as finally ratified.

AUGUST 9, 1730. To follow proceedings of July 10, 1780. Page 322. On the report of a committee to whom was referred a letter from the honourable Ralph Izard,

Resolved, That Congress are convinced of the faithful endeavours of Mr. Izard to fulfil the objects of the commission to which he was appointed by them on the 7th of May, 1777, and approve of the reasons which determined him not to proceed to the court of Tuscany

SEPTEMBER 15, 1780.

To follow proceedings of September 15, 1780. Page 323. The minister plenipotentiary of France transmitted to Congress a letter of this date, respecting the aboli

tion of the eleventh and twelfth articles of the treaty. of commerce between the United States and his most christian majesty, with an authenticated copy of a declaration of the king, whereof the following is a translation :


The Congress of the United States of North America having represented to the king, that the execution of the eleventh article of the treaty of amity and commerce, signed the 6th of February last, may be attend. ed with inconveniences, and having, in consequence thereof, desired that that article may be expunged, agreeing on their part, that the twelfth article shall be considered in the same manner as null and void : His majesty, in order to give the United States of North America a new proof of his affection, as well as his desire to confirm the union and good correspondence established between the two states, has been pleased to pay a regard to their representations-accordingly he hath declared and by these presents doth declare, that he consents to the suppression of the eleventh and twelfth articles abovementioned, and that his intention is, that they be considered as if never comprehended in the treaty signed the 6th of February last. Done at Versailles, the 1st day of September, one

thousand seven hundred and seventy eight.

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