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In conformity to the foregoing declaration of his most christian majesty, the commissioners plenipotentiary of the United States signed and delivered to his most christian majesty the following


The most christian king having been pleased to regard the representations made to him by the general Congress of North America, relating to the eleventh article of the treaty of commerce, signed the 6th of February in the present year; and his majesty having therefore consented that the said article should be suppressed, on condition that the twelfth article of the same treaty be equally regarded as of none effect, the above said general Congress hath declared on their part, and do declare, that they consent to the suppres. sion of the eleventh and twelfth articles of the abovementioned treaty, and that their intention is, that these articles be regarded as having never been comprised in the treaty signed the 6th of February. Done at Paris, the first day of September, 1778. (Signed)


SEPTEMBER 19, 1780.

A letter of the 16th, from the honourable the minister plenipotentiary of France, was read, informing Congress that he is about to leave Philadelphia, and to be absent for some weeks; but ihat Mr. Marbois will remain here in quality of his majesty's charge des affaires; and hoping that, from his known attention to malters relative to the embassy, Congress will grant him their confidence: Whereupon,

Resolved, That the President inform the minister of France, that, in his absence, they will readily continue their intercourse with the embassy of his most christian majesty, through Mr. Marbois, as his majesty's charge des affaires, in whose abilities and attention to the interests of the court of France and those of the United States they have just confidence.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1780.

On the report of a committee, to whom were referred sundry letters of John Magnall,

Resolved, That copies of the said letters attested by the secretary of Congress, be sent to the honourable John Jay, minister plenipotentiary of these United States at the court of Madrid; and that he be instructa ed to endeavour to obtain, for the captors of the Dover cutter, the benefit intended by the resolve passed in Congress on the 14th day of October, 1777, respecting vessels belonging to British subjects, seized and brought into any of the ports or barbours of these United States, by the master or mariners, and that he be informed it is the wish of Congress that the whole profit of the capture be divided among the captors.


OCTOBER 5, 1780.

To follow proceedings of October 4, 1780. Page 325. On the report of a committee, to whom was referred a motion of Mr. Adams, relative to certain propositions of the empress of Russia respecting the rights of neutral nations, Congress passed the following act:

Her imperial majesty of all the Russias, attentive to the freedom of commerce, and the rights of nations, in her declaration to the belligerent and neutral powers, having proposed regulations, founded upon principles of justice, equily and moderation, of which their most christian and catholick majesties, and most of the peutral maritime powers of Europe, have declared their approbation

Congress, willing to testify their regard to the rights of commerce, and their respect for the sovereign, who hath proposed and the powers who have approved the said regulation :

Resolve, That the board of admiralty prepare and report instructions for the commanders of armed ves. sels commissioned by the United States, conformable to the principles contained in the declaration of the empress of all the Russias, on the rights of neutral vessels.

That the ministers plenipotentiary from the United States, if invited thereto, be ard hereby are respectively empowered to accede to 'ch regulations, conformable to the spirit of the said declaration, as may

be agreed upon by the Congress expected to assemble in pursuance of the invitation of her imperial majesty.

Ordered, That copies of the above resolution be transmitted to the respective ministers of the United States, at foreign courts, and to the honourable the minister plenipotentiary of France.

OCTOBER 14, 1780.
To follow proceedings of October 7, 1780. Page 326.
On a report of the board of treasury,

Resolved, That Samuel W. Stockton, esquire, late secretary to the honourable William Lee, late commissioner for the United States at the courts of Vienna and Berlin, be considered on salary, at the rate of three hundred pounds sterling per annum, from the time he left London, to go to Mr. Lee, at Vienna, which was in the month of May, 1778, until he came to this city with letters to Congress, from Mr. Lee, in the month of December, 1779. That Mr. Stockton be not allowed for any expenses; and that the several sums of money he has received, agreeably to his liquidated account, be deducted from the salary aforesaid, and the balance paid to Mr. Stockton, in specie, or current money equivalent; rating specie dollars at four shillings and six pence sterling.



OCTOBER 28, 1780.
To follow proceedings of October 25, 1780. Page 343.
On motion of Mr. Lovell, seconded by Mr. S. Adams,

Resolved, That the honourable John Adams be and
hereby is authorized and instructed to accept the bills
of exchange drawn on the honourable Henry Laurens,
in pursuance of the resolution of Congress of the 6th
instant, in the same manner as he is authorized and in-
structed to accept those heretofore drawn on Mr:
Laurens, according to the resolutions of November
23, 1779: and in case of the absence of Mr. Adams,
ihe authority hereby granted be and is hereby extend-
ed to the honourable Francis Dana.

NOVEMBER 3, 1780.
Resolved, That the consul, to be appointed to reside
in France, be allowed a salary of one thousand five
hundred dollars per annum, in lieu of all commissions
for business done on account of the United States.

NOVEMBER 4, 1780.
Congress proceeded to the election of a consul 10
reside in France ; and the ballots being taken, William
Palfrey, esquire, was elected.

NOVEMBER 23, 1780.
To follow proceedings of November 22, 1780. Page 348.
On a report of the board of treasury,

Resolved, That the board of Treasury furnish the
honourable Ralph Izard with bills of exchange, out of

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