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Concerning the Captivities and Dispersions of Israel, especially their Captivity in Babylon,

367 In what Sense Christ came in the Fulness of Time,

374 The Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, 377 The Wisdom of Providence in some more common and ordinary Events,

380 Tbat God rewards or punishes Men in their

God's punishing Sin with Sin,

390 God's disappointing both our Hopes and Fears,

391 God's deferring the Deliverance of good Men,

and the Punishment of the Wicked, to the utmost Extremity,

392 Concerning sudden Changes and Revolutions, The wise Mixture of Mercy and Judgment,395 9. HE Duties we owe to Provi

396 A particular Acknowledgment of Providence in all Events,

397 Submision to the Providential

Will of God, 399 Concerning Submission to God under Afli&tions and Sufferings,

400 Submision to the Will of God with respeči to our several

States and Conditions of Life,407 Concerning Hope and Truft in the Divine Prós vidence,

420 Concerning the Duties of Prayer and Thanks giving,



Chap. 9. T'dence


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