In the Mind's Eye: The Visual Impulse in Diderot, Baudelaire and Ruskin

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This comparative, interdisciplinary study investigates the relationship between literature and the visual arts in France and Britain from 1750-1900. Through a close examination of the prose writings of Diderot, Baudelaire and Ruskin, read against the background of contemporary philosophy, aesthetics and theories of language, In the Mind's Eye proposes a new interpretation of the influence and rivalries underlying the development of art criticism as a genre during this period. The visual impulse - the desire to transcend the limitations of language and make the reader see - is located within the historical traditions of ekphrasis, enargeia and the paragone, while in each chapter, the individual author's theories of the mind, memory and imagination provide a critical framework for his stylistic experiments. In the Mind's Eye presents an in-depth analysis of the cultural, theoretical and aesthetic implications of artistic border crossings, and by contextualizing the movement toward visual/verbal hybridity in the fiction and criticism of Diderot, Baudelaire and Ruskin, brings new perspectives to nineteenth-century studies in art and literature.

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Oxford UP 1985
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Էջ 29 - ... every man has so inviolable a liberty to make words stand for what ideas he pleases, that no one hath the power to make others have the same ideas in their minds that he has, when they use the same words that he does.

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Alexandra Wettlaufer is an Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature at the University of Texas at Austin. The author of Pen vs. Paintbrush: Girodet, Balzac and the Myth of Pygmalion, she specializes in nineteenth-century literature and the visual arts.

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