The Lives and Portraits of Curious and Odd Characters

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T. Drew, 1852 - 192 էջ

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Էջ 80 - Content is wealth, the riches of the mind; And happy he who can that treasure find. But the base miser starves amidst his store, Broods on his gold, and, griping still at more. Sits sadly pining, and believes he's poor.
Էջ 141 - Howe was obliged to apply for an act of parliament to procure a proper settlement of her husband's estate, and a provision for herself out of it during his absence, as it was uncertain whether he was alive or dead : this act he suffered to be solicited and passed, and enjoyed the pleasure of reading the progress of it in the votes, in a little coffee-house, near his lodging, which he frequented. Upon his quitting his house and family in the manner I have mentioned, Mrs. Howe at first imagined, as...
Էջ 121 - You have lived longer than other men, what have you done more than other men ?' He replied, ' I did penance when I was an hundred years old.
Էջ 35 - AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR A WIFE IN THE Reading Mercury, MAY 24™, 1802. ' Miss in her Teens, — let not this sacred offer escape your eye. I now call all qualified ladies, marriageable, to chocolate at my house every day at your own hour. With tears in my eyes, I must tell you that sound reason commands me to give you but one month's notice before I part with my chance of an infant Baronet for ever : for you may readily hear that three widows and old maids, all aged over fifty, near my door, are now...
Էջ 143 - ... had not been all spent; and he must have been a good economist and frugal in his manner of living, otherwise his money would scarce have held out; for I imagine he had his whole fortune by him, I mean what he carried away with him, in money or bank bills, and daily took out of his bag, like the Spaniard in 'Gil Bias,' what was sufficient for his expenses.
Էջ 142 - ... &c. But nothing of this kind happened: on the contrary, he did not only leave his estate quite free and unencumbered, but he paid the bills of every tradesman with whom he had any dealings; and upon examining his papers, in due time after he was gone, proper receipts and discharges were found from all persons, whether tradesmen or others, with whom he had any manner of transactions or money concerns. Mrs Howe, after the death of her children, thought proper to lessen her family of servants, and...
Էջ 125 - ... most secret thoughts in your past life ; and give you a full view of persons who have injured you, whether dead or alive. For those gentlemen and ladies who are desirous of seeing this last part, there is a private room provided. These performances have been seen by most of the crowned heads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, and never appeared public...
Էջ 142 - James's church, and used to sit in Mr. Salt's seat, where he had a view of his wife, but could not easily be seen by her. After he returned home, he never would confess, even to his most intimate friends, what was the real cause of such a singular conduct; apparently, there was none: but whatever it was, he was certainly ashamed to own it.
Էջ 63 - A but on some cordials being administered by a neighbouring apothecary, who was sent for, he recovered enough to say, "That he had, he believed, been ill for two or three days, and that there was an old woman in the house; but for some reason or other she had not been near him. That she had been ill herself; but that she had got well, he supposed, and was gone away.
Էջ 140 - Rose, who perused the note with more attention, declared it to be Mr. Howe's handwriting; this surprised all the company, and so much affected Mrs. Howe, that she fainted away ! However, she soon recovered, when it was agreed that Dr. Rose and his wife, with the other gentlemen and ladies who were then at supper, should attend Mrs. Howe the next evening to the Birdcagewalk.

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