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Steam boats pass up, during the season of navigation, near to the homes of the inhabitants. It is to be fully organized at once, and is attached to the sixth judicial circuit, and to the same representative districts as St. Croix, Polk and La

Pointe. PIERCEVILLE, P.V., in town of Sun Prairie, Dane county, on see

tion 26, town 8 N., of range 11 E. PIGEON, Creek, rises near Lancaster, and enters Grant River in

Beetown, Grant county. PIGEON, Creek, is a small stream rising in Sheboygan county,

unites with Stony Creek in Farmington, Washington county. PIGEON GROVE, P.0., in Columbia county. PIKE, River, is a small stream rising about 6 miles west of the

city of Kenosha, taking a circuit of about 15 miles to the

north, enters Lake Michigan at Kenosha. Pin Hook, P. O., in Grant county. PINE BĻUFF, P. O., in town of Cross Plains, Dane county, town

7 N., of range 7 E. PINE, Creek, a small stream uniting with Skillet river, enters the

Baraboo river about 3 miles west of the village of Baraboo. PINE, Creek, enters the Kickapoo river from the west, in Crawford

county. PINE, Lake, is a small lake between Red Cedar and Birch Lakes,

in Chippewa county, on the east branch of Red Cedar river. PINE, Lake, a widening of Red Cedar River, below Birch Lake on

the same. PINE, Lake, is of the Oconomowoc Group, lying in the south part

of Merton, Waukesha county, immediately north of Nagawicka, and of the same size. It is surrounded by scenery, which, for beauty, is unsurpassed, while the land is excellent for agricultural purposes. Several beautiful villas have been built upon its borders.


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PINE RIVER, Town, in county of Waushara, being towns 19 and

20, of range 13 E. PINE RIVER, P. O., in Waushara county. PINE, River, rises in town 20 N., of range 10 E., in Waushara

county, and running east, enters the west end of Lake Pau

waicun. PINE, River, rises in Bad Ax county, and runs southerly into the

Wisconsin river, at the range line between ranges 1 and 2 E. PINE, River, a tributary from the north of St. Croix river, La

Pointe county. PINE, River, (of the Menomonee), see Muskos river. PINE VALLEY, Town, in county of La Crosse, being all of said

county, between towns 16 and 23 N. PIPE, Creek, rises near Dodgeville, Iowa county, and runs north

erly, emptying into the Wisconsin river at Helena. PIKE, Creek, a small stream entering Lake Michigan, at Kenosha. PIKE, Lake, in town 27 E., of Portage county, the source of Big

Plover river. PIKE, Lake, a small lake in town of Hartford, Washington county. PISHTAKA, River, see Fox River of Illinois. PRIVABIK, River, of Lake Superior, see Iron river. PLATTE, Mounds, two conical shaped hills on either side east and

west of Belmont, Lafayette county, about 12 miles southwest from Mineral Point, and 62 miles from Madison. They are three miles apart, and have a small mound half way between

them. PLATTE, River, rises in Wingville, Grant county, runs southerly,

and empties into the Mississippi, in Grant county. PLATTEVILLE, Town, in county of Grant, being town 3 N., of range

1 W.; centrally located, 15 miles southeast from Lancaster. It has 8 school districts.

PLATTEVILLE, P. V., is situated near the Rountree branch of Little

Platte river, being on section 15, town 3 N., of range 1 W., · 16 miles southeast from Lancaster, and 70 southwest from

Madison. It is in the immediate vicinity of some excellent
bodies of mineral. It was settled in 1827 by General John
H. Rountree, and a post office was established in 1830. The
village was incorporated in 1841, and contains an academy
incorporated in 1839. Platteville has a population of about
1,200, with 3 hotels, 2 smelting furnaces, a large academical
building, built of stone, several churches, and other public

buildings. PLEASANT PRAIRIE, P. V., in town of same name, Kenosha county,

being town 1 N., of range 22 E.; centrally located, 7 miles southwest from Kenosha. Population in 1850 was 959. It has

9 school districts. PLEASANT SPRING, Town, in county of Dane, being town 6 N., of

range 11 E.; centrally located, 12 miles southeast from Madison. Population in 1850 was 732. It has 6 school dis

tricts. PLOVER, Town, in county of Portage, being town 23 N., of ranges

5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. PLOVER, P.V. & C. H., on section 22, town 23 N., of range 8 E.,

in town of same name, in Portage county, being the county seat. It is 120 miles northwest from Madison. Population 200,

with 35 dwellings, 2 stores, 2 hotels, 1 grist and 1 saw mill. Plum, Creek, a small stream in Brown county, entering Fox river

from the south at Bridgeport. Plum, Creek, rises in town 26 N., of range 15 W., in Chippewa

county, runs southeast into Chippewa river. Plum, Creek, empties into the Kickapoo river from the west, in

Crawford county. Plum, Island, a small island at the junction of Green Bay with

Lake Michigan, south of Pottowottomee.

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PLYMOUTH, Town, in county of Rock, being town 2 N., of range

11 E.; centrally located, 10 miles southwest from Janesville. Population in 1850 was 511. It has 4 school districts.

PLYMOUTH, P. V, in county of Sheboygan, being on section 22, in

town of same name 15 N., of range 21 E. PLYMOUTH, Town, in county of Sheboygan, being town 15 N., of

range 21 E.; centrally located, 12 miles west from Sheboygan. . It has 8 school districts. Point, Creek, in Manitowoc county, a small tributary of Lake

Michigan, into which it empties about 10 miles southwest from Manitowoc.

Point DETOUR, in La Pointe county, opposite the Twelve Apostle

Islands, between Chegwamegon Bay and Bank Pointe. POINTE SABLE, a point of land extending into Green Bay, in north

east corner of town 24 N., of range 21 E. POLK, County. By an act of the legislature approved March 14,

1853, all that portion of St. Croix county lying north of the line between township 31 and 32, was set off into a separate county, to be called and known as the county of Polk. It is therefore bounded on the north by La Pointe, on the east by Chippewa, on the south by Chippewa and St. Croix, and on the west by the Territory of Minnesota, from which it is separated by the river St. Croix. It is mostly a lumber country, though the southern part contains a large area of excellent farming lands. The village of St. Croix Falls, the county seat, situated at the head of steamboat navigation on St. Croix river, is surrounded with excellent agricultural lands, and with the business naturally centreing there of the extensive pineries above, must be a town of considerable importance. This county is to be fully organized during the present year, and will form a part of the sixth judicial circuit. The representation will continue as before the division of St. Croix.

POLK, Town, in county of Washington, being town 10 N., of range

19 E.; centrally located, 20 miles southwest from Ozaukee.

Population in 1850 was 1,344. It has 9 school districts. PORTAGE, County, is bounded on the north by Marathon, on the

east by Waupacca, on the south by Waushara and Adams, and on the west by La Crosse, and is 30 miles north and south, by 54 miles east and west. It was set off from Brown, Dec. 7, 1836, at which time it embraced about the present county of Columbia. By an act of the legislature, approved March 14, 1841, the territory forming the present counties of Adams, Portage and Marathon was annexed to Portage county, which was organized for county purposes, the judicial connection being with Dane. The county seat was established at the Wisconsin Portage, and the county was fully organized Jan. 31, 1844; as now organized, it does not contain any of its original limits. The eastern boundary of the county was extended one range February 27, 1851. Plover, a little east of the centre of the county, is the seat of justice. The Wisconsin river passes about contrally through the county from the north, and with its branches afford many good water powers which are, at present, chiefly used for working up pine timber, with forests of which the country is covered. This county is connected with the third judicial circuit, and with the second senate and second congressional districts, and, with Marathon, sends one member to the assembly. The population, as organized in 1840, was 1,623; 1842, 646; 1846, 931; 1847, 1,504; 1850, 1,267. At the last date, including Marathon, there were 13 farms, 30 manufactories, and 280 dwellings. County Officers for 1853: Judge, Enoch S. Bean; Sheriff, Aaron Drake; Clerk of Court, C. Shekels; District Attorney, Luther Hanchett; Clerk of Board of Supervisors,

Matthias Mitchell ; Treasurer, Ames M. Dunton. PORTAGE CITY, P.V. & C. H., on section 5 and 8 of town 12 N.,

of range 9 E., in Columbia county. It is 40 miles north from Madison. Population 2,000; with 12 stores, 7 hotels, 1 steam


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