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stores; 2 jeweller, 5 cabinet, 5 blacksmith, 3 paint, 2 gun, 3 waggon, and 3 milliner shops; 4 warehouses, 4 lumber yards, 5 saloons, 3 livery stables, 6 bakeries, 1 foundry, 3 sash and blind factories, 4 meat markets ; 1 cigar, 1 car, and 1 cradle manufactory; 1 book bindery, 2 planing mills, 3 nursery establishments, 1 auction store, 2 daguerrean galleries, 3 printing offices, 16 law offices, 9 physicians and surgeons, 3 barber's shops. In addition to these, there are a large number of small establishments, where various kinds of business are carried on with great success. There are 7 reli

gious denominations. FRANCIS CREEK, P. O., in Manitowoc county FREEDOM, P.O., in Sauk county. GEORGETOWN, P.O., in Lafayette county. GRAND FATHER Bull, Falls, are the largest rapids on the Wis

consin river. The river at this place is divided into three chutes by two chains of rocks rising fifteen feet above the

water. GREEN BAY, Town, in Brown county. HAMPDEN, P.O., in town of same name, in Columbia county. HARTFORD, P. V., in Washington county. HELENA, P. V., see Helena Village. HOWARD, Town, in Brown county. HORTONVILLE, P.O., in town of Hortonia, on Wolf river, in Outa

gamie county. JACKSON, County, was set off from La Crosse at the January

session of the legislature in 1853, and includes all of said county of La Crosse, north of town 18. The seat of justice is at the village of Black River Falls, on Black river. In this county about 15,000,000 feet of pine lumber is sawed annually. For further particulars, see La Crosse county.

JANESVILLE, City, is located on section 1, of town of same name,

in Rock county. It is pleasantly situated on both sides of Rock river, 14 miles north of the State line, and about midway between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi river; 40 miles southeast of Madison, and 90 from Chicago, Ill. It was organized into a city government in April, 1853. It is the county seat of Rock county, has two extensive water powers which are but partially developed, and is surrounded by a fertile and farming dairy country, with which it has an extensive trade. Its steady and rapid increase in population and wealth will appear from the following statistics : The first families settled upon the spot where the city now stands in the year 1836. A village was laid out in 1839. In 1843, the population was 333; in 1845, 857; in 1847, 1,458; in 1849, 1,812; in 1850, 3,100; in 1853, about 5,000. Rail roads from Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Chicago, Beloit, Dubuque, Madison, and Fond du Lac, are projected to this city; the first already completed, and the others are under contract to be finished in one or two years. There are 4 flouring mills, within the limits of the corporation, having 10 run of stones; 3 saw mills, 1 woollen factory, 1 mill for manufacturing water lime, and grinding coarse feed for cattle, swine, &c., to which is to be added an oil mill, two foundries, a mill for sawing stone and turning wood, with a large number of mechanic shops of all descriptions; 12 dry good, 17 grocery, 2 hardware, 2 book, 3 drug, several clothing, shoe and variety stores; 2 banks, (Badger State, and Central Wisconsin); 5 hotels, and a sixth being erected, of very large dimensions, on the ruins of one recently burnt down; 4 printing presses, 3 weekly and 1 monthly newspaper, and 1 book bindery. The State Institution for the Blind is located at Janesville, a portion of the buildings are completed in which several children are receiving instruction. Besides the public schools, Janesville has an academy and a female seminary, both excellent institutions ; also 6 large churches erected, built of brick or stone.

JENNY Bull, Falls, (Beaulieux Rapids), on the Wisconsin river,

are in town 31, of range 6., At this place are 4 mills, cutting

about 3,000,000 feet of lumber per year. KEWASKUM, P. O., in Washington county. KOSSUTH, Town, in Manitowoc county. LAWRENCE, Town, in Brown county. LEROY, P.O., in Fond du Lac county. LISBON, P.O., in Waukesha county. LITTLE CAUTE, P.O., on Fox river, in Outagamie county. MANITOWOC RAPIDS, P.V., is situated at the Rapids of Manitowoc

river, in Manitowoc county, 4 miles west from Lake Michigan. The river at this place furnishes a good hydraulic power, which is improved, and used for several manufacturing pur

poses. MANITOWOO RAPIDS, Town, in Manitowoc county. MANITOWOC, P.V., is beautifully situated at the mouth of the

Manitowoc river, on Lake Michigan, 90 miles below Milwaukee. Its present population is about 2,000, and is rapidly increasing. Its harbor, the best natural one on the lake west, is being improved through an appropriation by Congress. The county seat of the county has been lately located here, and an appropriation made for the erection of county buildings. It has 1 pier, 4 warehouses, 12 stores, 2 steam saw mills, 6 blacksmith and waggon, 3 shoe, and 3 tailor's shops; 2 ship yards, at which ship building is carried on to considerable extent; 4 hotels, and 2 school houses ; it has Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Catholic congregationsthe first has built a fine church, and the others have arranged for suitable sites, and will soon erect churches. Large quantities of lumber, manufactured on the river above, are sold and shipped here every year, from which considerable revenue is derived yearly. As soon as the plank road, which is being

built between this place and Menasha, is finished, Manitowoc will become the depot of considerable trade of the Fox River Valley, and a place of importance as a commercial point. The rail roads projected from this place north and west, connect

ing with roads in the interior, will undoubtedly be built. MANITOWOC, Town, in Manitowoc county. MAPLE GROVE, Town, in Manitowoc county. Marcy, P. O., in Waukesha county. MENASHA, P. V., is situated at the outlet of Lake Winnebago, on

the north side of the northern channel. It is 'now a place of some ten or twelve hundred inhabitants, and possesses all the advantages for a large town. Its hydraulic power is very great, and has been improved with great rapidity. There are now in operation upon it, 2 grist mills, 5 saw mills, 1 large tub and pail factory, which occupies a building 40 by 60 feet, and 3 stories high, 2 cabinet and chair manufactories, 2 sash and blind establishments, 1 large iron foundry, 1 brewery, and there is also an extensive pottery which turns out large quantities of the best kind of ware, pronounced, by those who are conversant with such matters, equal to the best Ohio stone ware—and the clay of which it is made is found in the immediate vicinity in inexhaustible quantities. The place contains 4 taverns, and the usual number of shops and stores. Hon. Curtis Reed commenced the settlement of the place in July, 1849, and has since been the leading spirit of the place. A plank road connects this place with Appleton and Grand Kaukauna; and one is also in progress of construction to Manitowoc, on Lake Michigan, and will be completed during the present season. The State Improvement and U. S. Land Offices are located here; and an appropriation of $5,000 has been made by Congress for the construction of a light house. A daily line of steam boats connect with Fond du Lac, and the Fox and Wolf rivers.

MEEME, Town, in Manitowoc county.
MENOMONEE Falls, P. O., in Waukesha county.
MENTOR, P.O., in Sheboygan county.
MENTOR, P. O., in Waukesha county.
MISHCOTT, P.O., in Manitowoc county.
MONTICELLO, Town, in Lafayette county.
MUSCLE, Lake and River, are on the western head waters of the

Wisconsin, in Marathon county.
MUSKEGO CENTRE, P.0., in town of Muskego, Waukesha county.
Mukwa, P.V. & C. H., on Wolf river, in Waupacca county.
NEENAH, P. V., is situated at the outlet of Lake Winnebago, op-

posite Menasha, on the south side of the south channel. The property was first purchased from the Government by Harrison Reed in 1846. There are now 3 large flouring mills, 2 saw mills, 1 sash and blind manufactory, 1 cabinet shop, 1 planing mill, and an immense hydraulic power yet unoccupied. Some think that time will ultimately connect the two villages of Menasha and Neenah, including the large island between, in one large city, possessing advantages of location

and water power rarely equalled. NEW DIGGINGS, Town, in Lafayette county. NEW HOLSTEIN, P. O., in town of same name, in Calumet county. NEWTON, Town, in Manitowoc county. NORTH JANESVILLE, P. O., in town of Janesville, Rock county,

town 3 N., of range 12 E.

OAKLAND, P. O., in town of same name, in Jefferson county.
ONEONTA, P.O., in Sauk county.
ORIN, P. 0., in Richland county.

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