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ing to 10 homeless and destitute children. Mr. and Mrs. Irwin have been members of the Presbyterian Church since 1838, and Mr. Irwin has been Ruling Elder in the same church for 37 years past.

Daniel S. Johnson, of Columbia tp., was born June 3, 1814, at New Paltz, Ulster Co., N. Y. His father was John Johnson, who was a farmer and mill-owner at New Paltz. He was a native of New Jersey, was an Anti-Mason and a politician of strong Republican principles. He was also a professional surveyor and engineer, and at one time was appointed Acting State Surveyor of New York. In 1812 he married Miss Jane Conklin, and they had 9 children. Daniel lived at home until 1844, when he came West and settled in Columbia tp., on sec. 22, and bought 153 acres of B. Dubois. This property was taken from the Government by Jonathan Gilbert. Mr. Johnson has 2 sisters, who came to Michigan with him, Susan and Elizabeth, who are members and managers of his household, as he is still a single man.

Dr. L. M. Jones, Brooklyn, whose name is familiar to many citizens of Jackson county, is a member of one of the oldest families in this State. His father, Beniah Jones, came to Michigan iu 1828, and located 220 acres of land in Hillsdale county, on which is situated the present village of Jonesville, he being the founder, and for many years its most active and influential citizen. Here he erected at the time a large hotel, which he conducted as the Fayette House. This was the first frame building in Hillsdale county. He also developed a large farm adjoining the village. To these two enter. prises he devoted his entire time until about 1834. Having greatly failed in health on account of the responsibilities of his business, he closed out his interests there and went to San Antonio, Texas, and engaged in the mercantile business until 1839, and in that year opened a plantation, in which business he continued until his death in 1863. He married Miss Lois Olds, danghter of Daniel Olds, of Painesville, Ohio, who was a soldier of the Revolution under George Washington, and followed him through that great and potable conflict.

The Jones family consisted of 7 sons and 1 daughter, Leonidas M. being the 3d, and was born Aug. 24, 1822, at Painesville, Ohio. He received his early education at Jonesville, and afterward attended the Western Homeopathic College, of Cleveland, Ohio, where he graduated in 1858, and immediately commenced practice at Camden, Hillsdale Co., and in July, 1860, opened his present office in Brooklyn. Of the extent and success of Dr. Jones's practice, little needs here to be stated, as his popularity among his numerous patrone is a satisfactory index. He was married July 3, 1845, to Miss Charlotte A., daughter of Jonas Holcomb, a farmer, and a pioneer of Camden tp. They have 1 son and 1 daughter living-Oliver Q., a physician of Hanover, this county, and Ella M., now Mrs. Dr. R. Ý. House, of Tecumseh. The reader will find a portrait of Dr. Jones no page 803 of this volunie.



John Ladd, of Columbia tp., one of the pioneers, and a highly respected citizen of Jackson county, was born Feb. 23, 1808, at Windham, Windham Co., Conn. His father was John Ladd, a farmer and a native also of Windham county. The Ladd family are descendants from pnre English stock. "In 1814 Mr. Ladd's father emigrated from Connecticut to Oswego county, N. Y., where they remained five years, and in 1819 they removed to Oneida coünty, where the father and nother both spent the remaining years of their lives.

Mr. Ladd, after coming to Michigan, first settled in the town of Norvell (then Napoleon), where he remained 23 years, and then removed to his present home on sec. 20, where he owns 320 acres of improved land and 70 acres of timber. In 1836 Mr. Ladd married Miss Frances Stevens, daughter of a farmer of Williamstown, Connecticut. Mrs. Ladd died in 1840, leaving 1 daughter, Sarah, now Mrs. N. H. Barnes, of Brooklyn. In 1844 he again married, this time Maria Lewis, daughter of John R. Lewis, a fariner of Connecticut. Maria Ladd died, leaving 2 children, John R. and Fred ric Etta. He again married, in 1853, Miss Sarah Cults, daughter of Samuel Cults, a farmer of Pennsylvania, who came to Michigan in 1835, and settled in Napoleon. Sarah Cults Ladd has 4 children-Effie M., now wife of George A. Garry, a lawyer of Grand Rapids, Mich., Sumner R., Inez and Frank L.

Wm. C. Love, one of the pioneers of Columbia tp., was born Jan. 23, 1813, at Hartford, Washington Co., N. Y. His father, Calvin, was a native of the Empire State, and was a son of John Love, who was a farmer of Cayuga county, N. Y., and a Green Mountain boy. Wm. C. received his education in Erie county, N. Y., and came to Michigan with his father in 1830, who located 160 acres of land in sec. 13, where he lived until his death, in 1842. He was a man of temperate habits, generous and noble impulses, and a loyal and public-spirited citizen. W. C. located for himself 60 acres adjoining his father's on the west, to which he has added and which he has much improved until his farm property comprises 213 acres, mostly tillable and productive. April 13, 1834, he married Miss Mary Boyers, daughter of John Boyers, a farmer of Erie county, N. Y. Five children have been born in this family: Helen H., now wife of Judson Freeman, is the only one now living. The names of the deceased are Olive, George, Julia M., and John C., who served his country as one of the noble boys in blue, and returned home after three years of steady and valiant service, after which he married Miss Hattie M. Grosvenor, of Norvell tp., and settled on a farm on sec. 12. He died May 9, 1877, leaving a family of 6 children-George F., Tracy, Lyman, Mary, Laura and Carrie. Mr. Love is a man of sterling qualities, and a character beyond reproach or comment. Mrs. Love was born July 25, 1815, in Erie county, N. Y. Mr. John Boyers, her father, was a man of property and of public spirit. He was a soldier, and the Captain of his company in the war of 1812.,

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Amasa W. Marsh was born in the town of Pompey, Onondaga Co., N. Y., Oct. 17, 1816. His father, Samuel T. Marsh, was a tanner and currier by trade. He settled in the town of Pompey when a young man, where he lived until his death, which occurred in 1829. Amasa then left home to live with an uncle, Philo Peck, in Van Buren tp., same county, and there he spent his boyhood and youth, at times attending school. He came to Michigan and settled on his present property in 1839, his brother, Samuel T., having preceded him in 1834, and his mother and sister Martha coming in two years later, in 1837. Mr. Marsh has been twice married. His first wife, nee Lydia Lindsley, died Jan. 26, 1851, leaving 2 sons-Clifton and Homer. June 8, 1854, he again married, this time, Miss Eliza Totten, daughter of Samuel Totten, a farmer of Tecumseh, Lenawee Co. Mr. Totten was a native of Albany county, N. Y. The American branch of the Totten family originated in England, 4 brothers having come to America before the American Revolution. Samuel Totten's family consisted of 8 children--Amos J., Philip, Henry, William, Eliza A., George, Juliette and Charles. Mr. and Mrs. Marsh have 4 childrenLaverne, Hortense, Florence and William Hortense is now Mrs. Fred Fork, of Liberty.

The lainented Samuel T. Marsh, whose death Dec. 12, 1880, citi. zens of this county were suffered to mourn, was one of the fathers of Jackson county, having come into Columbia in the year 1834, at the same time with his fellow townsman, Anson H. De Lamater. He was born April 5, 1812, in the village of Oran, Onondaga Co., N. Y. His father, also Samuel T. Marsh, was a pioneer of Onondaga county, and a prosperous tanner by trade. He was of New England nativity and had a genuine Yankee parentage. Samnel T., Jr., had the advantages of a common-school education, which he improved in his boyhood, and afterward a course of study at Cazenovia Seminary. At the age of 15 he acquired the tanner's trade of his father, who died in 1827. During the next seven years he worked at his trade, and in the spring of 1834 he caine to Michigan and settled on sec. 20, this tp., where the results of his life's work can be appreciated only when looked upon. The Marsh homestead consists of 160 acres of rolling, finely subdued and pruductive soil, on sec. 20, fronting the south shore of Clark's lake. Samuel T. Marsh and Miss Jane De Lamater were married Sept. 17, 1835, and have 1 daughter, Mary Jane, who is now Mrs. Uriah H. Gates, of Litchfield, this State.

Mr. Marsh was a public-spirited citizen, and a man with a full heart and open hand for any and every good work.

John B. Martin, one of the substantial and well-to-do citizens of Brooklyn was born April 14, 1837, in the town of Fayette, Hillsdale Co., this State. His father, Isaac G. Martin, was a millwright by trade, and that was the occupation of his life. Isaac was the son of a cloth dresser, John Martin, an Englishman, and came to America in 1822, at the age of 19. He died in the town of Allen,

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