October Coup: A Memoir of the Struggle for Hyderabad

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Roli Books Private Limited, 18 հոկ, 2012 թ. - 238 էջ
It is 1948. A newly-independent India is trying to persuade Hyderabad to join the Indian Union. Negotiations are difficult for both sides. The State Congress, now operating from Indian territory, has launched a campaign of violent raids, designed to cripple civil administration in the border areas, and provoke an annexation. The leading Islamic party inside Hyderabad, in an equally rash move, has created a para-military body, the Razakars, to counter the threat to Hyderabad?s borders. For Mohammed Hyder of the Hyderabad Civil Service, the newly-appointed Collector of Osmanabad District (situated on the Hyderabad-Bombay border), both, the wayward State Congress and the ramshackle Razakar outfit are a threat to law and order. This first-person account conveys a vivid picture of Hyderabad under pressure, through the eyes of a senior district administrator.

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Editors Note 1 The Beginning of the
Qasim Razvi
Collector of Osmanabad
Border Camps
A Conference at Shah Manzil
Nanaj and After
The Fall of Osmanabad
Police Action and My Arrest 10 The Charges Against
Trialsin Court 12 I File a Writ 13 The Governments CounterAffidavit
My Replyto the Governments CounterAffidavit 15 Final Judgement
Glossary Timeline
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In 1948, when the princely state of Hyderabad was going through difficult times, Mohammed Hyder was Collector of Osmanabad, one of the most politically sensitive districts of the state.

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