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her sins. The voice of him that they came to circumcise the child crieth in the wilderness, Prepare and they called him Zacharias, ye the way of the Lord, make after the name of his father. And straight in the desert a highway his mother answered and said for our God. Every valley shald Not so ; but he shall be called be exa'ted, and every mountain John. And they said unto her, and hill, shall be made low: and There is none of thy kindred that the crooked shall be made straight, is called by this name. And they and the rough places plain. And made signs to his father, how he the glory of the Lord shall be re- would have him called. And he vealed, and all flesh shall see it asked for a writing table, and together; for the mouth of the wrote, saying, His name is John. Lord hath spoken it. The voice and they marvelled all. And his said, Cry. And he said, What mouth was opened immediately, shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and and his tongue loosed, and be all tlic goodliness thereof is as spake, and praised God. And fear the fiower of the field. The grass cameon all that dwelt round about withereth, the flower fadeth, be-them : and all these sayings were cause the Spirit of the Lord blow-noised abroad throughout all the eth upon it: surely the people is hill country of Judea. And all grass. The grass withereth, the they that had heard them, laid flower fadeth; but the word of them up in their hearts, saying, our God shall stand for ever. 0 What manner of child shall this Zion, that bringest good tidings, be? And the hand of the Lord was get thee up into the high moun- with him. And his father Zacharias tain: 0 Jerusalem, that bringest was filled with the Holy Ghost, good tidings, lift up thy voice with and prophesied,saying, Blessed be strength; lift it up, be not afraid ; the Lord God of Israel ; for he say unto the cities of Judah, Be hath visited and redeemed his hold your God. Behold, the Lord people, and hath raised up an horn God will come with strong hand, of salvation for us, in the house of and his arm shall rule for bim: his servant David; as he spake by hehold his reward is with him, the mouth of his holy prophets, and his work before him. He which have been since the world shall feed his flock like a shep-began; that we should be saved

he shali gather the lambs from our enemies, and from the with his arm, and carry them in hand of all that bate us : To perhis bosom, and shall gently lead form the mercy promised to our those that are with young. fathers, and to remember bis holy

The Gospel. St. Luke, i. 57. covenant: the path which he ELISABETH's full time came sware to our father Abraham, that

that she should be delivered ; he would grant unto us, that we, and she brought forth a son. And being delivered out of the hands her neighbours and her cousins of our enemies, might serve him heard how the Lord had showed without fear, in holiness and great mercy upon her; and they righteousness before him, all the rejoiced with her. And it caine days of our life. And thou, child, to pass, that on the eighth day sbalt be called the prophet of the


Highest : for thou shalt go before made without ceasing of the the face of the Lord, to prepare Church unto God for him. And his ways; to give knowledge of when Herod would have brought salvation unto his people by the him forth, the same night Peter remission of their sins, through was sleeping between two sol. the tender mercy of our God; diers, bound with two chains; and whereby the Day-spring from on the keepers before the door kept high hath visited us, to give light the prison. And behold, the anto them that sit in darkness, and gel of the Lord came upon him, in the shadow of death, to guide and a light shined in the prison: our feet into the way of peace. and he sinote Peter on the side, And the child grew, and waxed and raised him up, saying. Arise sirong in spirit; and was in the up quickly. And his chains fell off deserts till the day of his show- from his hands. And the angel ing unto Israel.

said unto him, Gird thyself, and

bind on thy sandals: and so he did. Saint Peter's Day. And he saith. unto him, Cast thy The Collect.

garment about thee, and follow O Almighty God, who, by thy ine. And he went out, and fol.

Son Jesus Christ, didst give lowed him; and wist not that it to thy Apostle Saint Peter many was true which was done by the excellent gifts, and command-angel, but thought he saw a vi edst him earnestly to feed thy sion. When they were past the flock; make, we beseech thee, first and second ward, they came all Bishops and Pastors diligent- unto the iron gate that leadeth unly to preach thy holy Word, and to the city, which opened to them the people obediently to follow of its own accord: and they went the same, that they may receive out, and passed on through one the crown of everlasting glory, street, and forthwith the angel through Jesus Christ our Lord. departed from him. And when Amen.

Peter was come to himself, he For the Episile. Acts, xii. 1. said, Now I know of a surety ABOUT that time, Hered the that the Lord hath sent his angel

, king stretched forth leis hands and hath delivered me out of the to vex certain of the Church. hand of Herod, and from all the And he killed James the brother expectation of the people of the of John with the sword. And Jews. because he saw it pleased the The Gospel. St. Matt. xvi. 13. Jews, he proceeded further to WHEN Jesus came into the take Peter also. (Then were the coasts of Cæsarea Philippi. days of unleavened bread.) And he asked his disciples, saying. when he had apprehended him. Whom do men say that I, the he put him in prison. and deliver.Son of man. am And they said, ed him to four quarternions of Some say that thou art John the soldiers, to keep him; intending Baptist ; some, Elias; and others, after Easter to bring him forth to Jeremias, or one of the prophets. the people. Peter therefore was He saith unto them, But whom kept in prison ; but prayer was say ye that I am ? 'And Simar


Peter answered and said, Thou hands of Barnabas and Saul. Now art Christ, the Son of the living about that time, Herod the king God. And Jesus answered and stretched forth his hands to vex said unto him, Blessed art thou, certain of the Church. And he Simon Barjona: for flesh and killed James the brother of John blood hath not revealed it un- with the sword. And because he to thee, but my Father which is saw it pleased the Jews, he proin heaven. And I say also unto ceeded further to take Peter also. thee, that thou art Peter, and up- The Gospel. St. Matt. xx. 20 on this rock! will build my THEN came to him the mother Church : and the gates of hell of Zebedee's children, with shall not prevail against it. And her sons, worshipping him, and I will give unto thee the keys of desiring a certain thing of him. the kingdom of heaven: and And he said unto her, What wilt whatsoever thou shalt bind on thou? She saith unto bim, Grant earth, shall be bound in heaven; that these my two sons may sit, and whatsoever thou shalt loose the one on thy right hand, and on earth, shall be loosed in hea- the other on the left, in thy king

|dom. But Jesus answered and

said, Ye know not what ye ask. Saint James the Apostle. Are ye able to drink of the cup The Collect.

that I shall drink of, and to be GRANT, O merciful God, that baptized with the baptism that I

as thine holy Apostle Saint ain baptized with? They say unto James, leaving his father and all him, We are able. And he saith that lie had, without delay was unto them, Ye shall drink indeed obedient unto the calling of thy of my cup, and be baptized with Son Jesus Christ, and followed the baptism that I am haptized him; so we, forsaking all worldly with; but to sit on my right hand, and carnal affections, may be ever- and on my left, is not mine to more ready to follow thy holy give; but it shall be given to them commandments, through Jesus for whom it is prepared of my Christ our Lord. Amen. Father. And when the ten heard For the Epistle. Acts, xi. 27. it, they were moved with indig.

and part of Chapter xii. nation against the two brethren. IN those days came prophets But Jesus called them unto him.

from Jerusalem unto Antioch. and said, Ye know that the prinAnd there stood up one of them ces of the Gentiles exercise do. named Agabus, and signified by minion over them, and they that the Spirit, that there should be are great exercise authority upon great dearth throughout all the them. But it shall not be so world: which came to pass in the among you: but whosoever will days of Claudius Cæsar. Then the be great among you, let him be disciples, every man according to your minister; and whosoever his ability, determined to send re- will be chief among you, let him lief unto the brethren which dwelt be your servant: Even as the Son in Judea. Which also they did, of man came not to be ministered and sent it to the elders by thelunto, but to minister, and to

give his life a ransom for many. that servetb? is not he that sitteth

at meat? but I am among you as Saint Bartholomew the Apostle. he that serveth. Ye are they The Cullect.

which have continued with me in Almighty and everlasting God, my temptations. And I appoint

who didst give to thine Apos- unto you a kingdom, as my Fa. tle Bartholomew grace truly tother hath appointed unto me; that believe and to preach thy word; ye may eat and drink at my table grant, we beseech thee, unto thy in my kingdom, and sit on thrones, Church, to love that word wbich judging thetwelve tribes of Israel. he believed; and both to preach and receive the same, tbrough

Saint Matthew the Aposlle. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Collect. For the Epistle. Acts, v. 12. O Almighty God, who by thy By the hands of the Apostles blesseu son didst call Matthew

were many signs and wonders from the receipt of custom, to be wrought among the people, (and an Apostle and Evangelist; grant they were all with one accord injus grace to forsake all covetou: Solomon's porch. And of the rest desires, and inordinate, love of durst no man join himself to them; riches; and to follow the same thy but the people magnified them. Son Jesus Christ, who liveth aud And believers were the more add- reigneth with thee and the Holy ed to the Lord, multitudes both Ghost, one God, world without of men and women)insomuch that end. Amen. they brought forth the sick into

The Epislle. 2 Cor. iv. 1. the streets, and laid them on beds THEREFORE, seeing we have and couches, that at least the sha- this ministry, as we have redow of Peter passing by might ceived mercy, we faint not; but overshadow some of them. There have renounced the hidden things came also a multitude out of the of dishonesty, not walking in craf. cities roundabout unto Jerusalem, tiness, nor handling the Word of bringing sick folks,and themwhich God deceitfully, but by manifesta. were vexed with unclean spirits; tion of the truth, commending our. and they were healed every one. selves to every man's conscience

The Gospel. St. Luke, xvii. 24. in the sight of God. But if our AND there was also a strife gosple be bid, it is bid to them

among them, which of them that are lost : In whom the god of should be accounted the greatest. this world hath blindea the minds And he said unto them, The kings of them which believe not, lest the of the Gentiles exercise. lordship light of the glorious Gospel of over them; and they that exer-Christ, who is the image of God, cise authority upon them are call- should shine unto them. For wo ed benefactors. But ye shall not preach not ourselves, bu Christ be so: but he that is greatest among Jesus the Lord; and ourselves you, let him be as the younger;jyour servants for Jesns' sake. For and he that is chief, as he ihat God, who commanded the light to doth serve. For whether is great- shine out of darkness, hath shined r, be that sitteth at meat, or helin our hearts, to give the ligh: of llie knowledge of the glory of God, the whole world : he was cast ou in the face of Jesus Christ. into the earth, and his angels were

The Gospel. St. Matt. ix. 9. cast out witb him. And I heard o AND as Jesus passed forth from loud voice saying in heaven, Now

thence, he saw a man named iscome salvation and strength,and Matthew, sitting at the receipt of the kingdom of our God, and the custom: and he saith unto him, power of his Christ : for the acFollow me. And he arose, and cuser of our brethren is cast down, followed him. And it came to which accused them before our pass, as Jesus sat at meat in the God day and night. And they house, behold many publicans and overcame him by the blood of the sinners came and sat down with Lamb, and by the word of their him and his disciples. And when testimony; and they loved not the Pharisees saw it, they said their lives unto the death. There. unto his disciples, Why eateth fore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye your Master with publicans and that dwell in them. Wóe to the sinners? But when Jesus heard inhabitants of the earth and of the that, he said unto them, They sea: for the devil is come down that he whole, need not a physi- unto you, having great wrath, be. cian, but they that are siek. But cause he knoweth that he hath 50 ye and learn what that mean- but a short time. eth, I will have mercy, and not the Gospel. St. Matt. xviii. 1. sacrifice; for I am not come to AT the same time came the

discall the righteous, but sinners to ciplesunto Jesus, saying, Who repentance.

lis the greatest in the kingdom of

heaven? And Jesus called a little Saint Michael and all Angels. child unto him, and set him in the The Collect.

midst of thein, and said, Verily O Everlasting God, who hast I say unto you, Except ye be com

ordained and constituted the verted, and become as little chile services of Angels and men in dren, ye shall not enter into the a wonderful order; mercifully kingdom of heaven. Whosoever grant, that as thy holy Angels al- therefore shall humble himself as

ays do the service in heaven ; this little child,the same is greatest. su, by thy appointment, they may in the kingdom of heaven. Ana succour and defend us on earth, whoso shall receive one such little through Jesus Christ our Lord. child in my name, receiveth me. Amen.

But whoso shalloffend one of these For the Epistle. Rev. xii, 7. little ones which believe in me, it THERE was war in heaven; were better for him that a mill

Michael and his Angels foughtstone were hanged about his neck, against the dragon; and the dra- and that he were drowned in the gon foteht and his angels, and depth of the sea. Woe unto the prevailcu not; neither was their world because of offences ! for it place found any more in heaven. must needs be that offences come; And the great dragon' was cast but woe to that man by whom the out, that old serpent, called the offence cometh. Wherefore, if thy devil and satan, which deceiveth hand or thy foot offend tbee, cut

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