The School for Scandal: A Comedy in Five Acts

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S. French, 1901 - Всего страниц: 86

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Стр. 32 - Peter, good nature becomes you — you look now as you did before we were married, when you used to walk with me under the elms, and tell me stories of what a gallant you were in your youth, and chuck me under the chin, you would...
Стр. 37 - I'll warrant she'll prove an excuse for the glass. Here's to the charmer whose dimples we prize; Now to the maid who has none, sir : Here's to the girl with a pair of blue eyes, And here's to the nymph with but one, sir.
Стр. 32 - And you shall no longer reproach me with not giving you an independent settlement. I mean shortly to surprise you : — but shall we always live thus, hey!
Стр. 23 - Yes, egad, they are tenacious of reputation with a vengeance ; for they don't choose anybody should have a character but themselves ! — Such a crew ! Ah ! many a wretch has rid on a hurdle who has done less mischief than these utterers of forged tales, coiners of scandal, and clippers of reputation.
Стр. 28 - Why, sir, I will inform Charles and his brother that Stanley has obtained permission to apply personally to his friends; and, as they have neither of them ever seen him, let Sir Oliver assume his character, and he will have a fair opportunity of judging, at least, of the benevolence of their dispositions: and believe me, sir, you will find in the youngest brother one who, in the midst of folly and dissipation, has still, as our immortal bard expresses it, — "a heart to pity, and a hand Open as...
Стр. 27 - I know there are a set of malicious, prating, prudent gossips, both male and female, who murder characters to kill time, and will rob a young fellow of his good name before he has years to know the value of it.
Стр. 59 - I was a witness to it, has penetrated so to my heart, that had I left the place without the shame of this discovery, my future life should have spoken the sincerity of my gratitude. As for that smooth-tongued hypocrite, who would have seduced the wife of his too credulous friend, while he affected honourable addresses to his ward — I behold him now in a light so truly despicable, that I shall never again respect myself for having listened to him.
Стр. 33 - There now! you — you are going on. You don't perceive, my life, that you are just doing the very thing which you know always makes me angry.
Стр. 72 - Why, as to reforming, sir Peter, I'll make no promises, and that I take to be a proof that I intend to set about it. But here shall be my monitor — my gentle guide — ah ! can I leave the virtuous path those eyes illumine ? Though thou, dear maid, shouldst waive thy beauty's sway, Thou still must rule, because I will obey : An humble fugitive from folly view, No sanctuary near but love and you ; [To the audience. You can, indeed, each anxious fear remove, For even Scandal dies if you approve.
Стр. 22 - Yes, yes, madam, you were then in somewhat a humbler style : — the daughter of a plain country squire. Recollect, Lady Teazle, when I saw you first sitting at your tambour, in a pretty figured linen gown, with a bunch of keys at your side ; your hair combed smooth over a roll, and your apartment hung round with fruits in worsted, of your own working.

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