United States Statutes at Large

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Էջ 2449 - To that end they shall include provision for agreed action by the United States of America and the United Kingdom open to participation by all other countries of like mind, directed to the expansion by appropriate international and domestic measures of production, employment, and the exchange and consumption of goods which are the material foundations of the liberty and welfare of all peoples; to the elimination of all forms of discriminatory treatment in international commerce, and to the reduction...
Էջ 2438 - Annex, which cannot be settled through consultation, shall be submitted for an advisory report to a tribunal of three arbitrators, one to be named by each contracting party, and the third to be agreed upon by the two arbitrators so chosen, provided that such third arbitrator shall not be a national of either contracting party.
Էջ 2564 - Islands, including payment for transportation, tuition, maintenance, and other expenses incident to scholastic activities ; or (2) furnishing transportation for citizens of Ceylon who desire to attend United States schools and institutions of higher learning in the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska (including the Aleutian Islands), Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands...
Էջ 2493 - This Agreement, including the provisions of the Annex thereto, will come into force on the day it is signed. In witness whereof, the undersigned, being duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed the present Agreement. Done in duplicate at Ottawa, this 4th day of June, 1949.
Էջ 2467 - Parties shall bear a close relationship to the requirements of the public...
Էջ 2491 - Each contracting party reserves the right, however, to refuse to recognize, for the purpose of flight above its own territory, certificates of competency and licenses granted to its own nationals by the authorities of another state.
Էջ 2442 - ... for services from the territory of one contracting party to a point or points in the territory of the other contracting party from becoming effective, if in the judgment of the aeronautical authorities of the contracting party whose airline or airlines is or are proposing such rate, that rate is unfair or uneconomic.
Էջ 2676 - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the honor to inform the Embassy of the United States of America in Brussels, pursuant to its note No. 6 of January 17, 1949, that the Belgian Government hereby gives its final agreement with respect to the texts ne varietur...
Էջ 2408 - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents its compliments to the Embassy of the United States of America and has the honour to...
Էջ 2720 - One or more airlines designated by each of the contracting parties under the conditions provided in this Agreement will enjoy, in the territory of the other contracting party, rights of transit and of stops for non-traffic purposes, as well as the right of commercial entry and departure for international traffic in passengers, cargo and mail at the points enumerated on each of the routes specified in the Schedules attached.

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