An Index of Surgery: Being a Concise Classifications of the Main Facts and Theories of Surgery for the Use of Senior Students and Others

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Smith, Elder, 1881 - 428 էջ

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Էջ 199 - Faecal vomiting can occur only when the obstruction is moderately low down. If it happen early in the case, it is a most serious symptom, as implying tightness of constriction. 15. The introduction of the hand into the rectum as recommended by SIMON, of Heidelberg, may often furnish useful information.
Էջ 250 - To draw up the palate holding all the sutures in one hand, and with the palate on the stretch to divide, if necessary, the palato-pharyngeus, and subsequently the levator palati; if the palate will not come easily together, two lateral oblique cuts may be made, one on either side above the highest suture, separating the soft from the margin of the hard palate to a small extent.
Էջ 143 - This may be done without any risk of pushing foreign bodies into the cavity of the pleura in the following way. A large piece of linen is laid upon that part of the chest in which the wound is placed, and the middle portion of this linen is pressed into the wound by the finger, so as to form a kind of pouch. This pouch is then distended by sponge or lint pushed into it until the pressure arrests the bleeding ; on stretching out the corners of the linen cloth the pressure of the plug will be increased.
Էջ 128 - ... pad over scapula, elbows supported by a sling. Prognosis. — Deformity not unlikely. Fractures of Neck of Scapula. — Two kinds, viz., 1, of anatomical neck, ie, external to coracoid ; 2, of surgical neck, ie, internal to coracoid process. In fracture of the anatomical neck, the symptoms resemble those of dislocation of the head of the humerus into the axilla; but the deformity produced by the fracture, though easily reduced, at once recurs, and there is also crepitus. Still, even these points...
Էջ 127 - Now, you pay us what we ask you for getting you to shore, or go to the bottom!" If you can borrow $5000 you can keep from failing in business. Supply and Demand say, "Now, you pay us exorbitant usury, or you go into bankruptcy.
Էջ 379 - In performing this operation the incision in the soft parts is made on the inner side of the limb, at a point where the two following lines bisect one another, — a line drawn a finger's breadth above the level of the upper border of the external condyle and in a line parallel to and half an inch in front of the tendon of the adductor magnus.
Էջ 200 - 1. In all early stages, and in all acute cases, abstain entirely from giving either food or medicine by the mouth. " 2. Use anaesthetics promptly. Put the patient under the full influence of ether ; examine the abdomen and rectum carefully before tympanites has concealed the conditions ; administer large enemata in the inverted position of body ; and, if advisable, practise abdominal taxis.
Էջ 376 - Eidam came to the conclusion that different forms of bacteria require different conditions of nutriment, and that they behave differently towards physical and chemical influences. He regards these facts as a further proof of the necessity of dividing organisms into distinct species. I shall bring forward another reason to show the necessity of looking on the pathogenic bacteria which I have described as distinct species. The greatest stress, in investigations on bacteria, is...
Էջ 148 - ... enough to obviate any laceration or cutting of the parts seized by the blades. The vessel should then be drawn out as in the application of the ligature and three or four sharp rotations of the forceps made. In large arteries, such as the femoral, the rotation should, be repeated till the sense of resistance has ceased. The ends should not be twisted off. In small arteries the number of rotations is of no importance and their ends may be twisted off or not, as may be preferred.
Էջ 34 - J^) or croton oil, two drops in a drachm of sweet oil or glycerine ; cold to the head by means of an ice-bag. Asphyxia. — In drowning, hold the patient's head downward for a few seconds. In hanging or choking, bleed from the jugular. If there is obstruction to passage of air through mouth or nose, open trachea. Artificial respiration at once, and to be continued. Friction, warmth, warm bath (100°), ammonia to nostrils, galvanizing of phenic nerve.

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