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A Church Psalter
and Hymnal.






147. c.249.





The following Psalms are for the most part from the New Version, by Tate and Brady; those from the Old Version, by Sternhold and Hopkins, are distinguished by the letters o. v.

The numbers prefixed to the verses of the Psalms refer to the verses of the original Psalms which are here given in a metrical form.

11H By ill advice to walk;

"OW blest is he who ne'er consents

C. Nor stands in sinners' ways, nor sits
Where men profanely talk.

2 But makes the perfect law of God
His business and delight;
Devoutly reads therein by day,
And meditates by night.

3 Like some fair tree, which, fed by streams,
With timely fruit does bend,

He still shall flourish, and success
All his designs attend.

6 For God approves the just man's ways;
To happiness they tend :

But sinners, and the paths they tread,
Shall both in ruin end.

33 THOU, Gracious Lord, art my defence;
On Thee my hopes rely:
C. Thou art my glory, and shalt raise
My drooping head on high,

4 Since whensoever in distress
To God I made my pray'r,
He heard me from His holy hill,
Why should I now despair?
5 Guarded by Him, I laid me down
My sweet repose to take;

For I through Him securely sleep,
Through Him in safety wake.

8 Salvation to the Lord belongs;
He only can defend:

His blessing He extends to all
That on His pow'r depend.

51ORD, hear the voice of my complaint, Accept my secret pray'r;


To Thee alone, my King, my God,
Will I for help repair.

3 Thou in the morn my voice shalt hear; And with the dawning day

To Thee devoutly I'll look up,

To Thee devoutly pray.

7 And when Thy boundless grace shall me
To Thy lov'd courts restore,

On Thee I'll fix my longing eyes,
And humbly Thee adore.

8 Conduct me by Thy righteous laws,
For watchful is my foe;

Therefore, O Lord, make plain the way
Wherein I ought to go.

810 THOU, to whom all creatures bow

Within this earthly frame,

c. Thro' all the world how great art Thou! How glorious is Thy Name!

2 In heav'n Thy wondrous acts are sung,
Nor fully reckon'd there;

And yet Thou mak'st the infant tongue
Thy boundless praise declare.

4 Lord, what is man that Thou so lov'st
To keep him in Thy mind?

Or what his offspring, that Thou prov'st
To them so wondrous kind?

9 O Thou, to whom all creatures bow
Within this earthly frame,

Thro' all the world how great art Thou!
How glorious is Thy Name!


91To celebrate Thy praise, O Lord,

I will my heart prepare;

C. To all the list'ning world Thy works,
Thy wondrous works, declare.

9 God is a constant sure defence
Against oppressing rage;

As troubles rise, His needful aids
In our behalf engage.

10 All those who have His goodness prov'd
Will in His truth confide;
Whose mercy ne'er forsook the man
That on His help relied.

11 Sing praises, therefore, to the Lord,
From Sion, His abode;

Proclaim His deeds, till all the world
Confess no other God.

111 SINCE I have placed my trust in God, A refuge always nigh,


Why should I, like a tim'rous bird,
To distant mountains fly?

4 The Lord hath both a temple here,
And righteous throne above,

Whence He surveys the sons of men,
And how their counsels move.

5 If God, the righteous, whom He loves,
For trial does correct,

What must the sons of violence,
Whom He abhors, expect?

7 The righteous Lord will righteous deeds
With signal favour grace;

And to the upright man disclose
The brightness of His face.

131How long wilt Thou forget me, Lord?

Must I for ever mourn?

C. How long wilt Thou withdraw from me, Oh! never to return?

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