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For remarkable Passages in the Criticisms, Extracts, Notices, and Intelligence, see the Index at the end of the Volume.

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Bailey-Rituale Anglo-Catholicum; or the testimony of the Catholic Church to the Book of Common Prayer. By the Rev. Henry Bailey, M.A., 181. Baker-Sermons on Holy Joy, the Spiritual Affections, and the Saintly Character. By Arthur Baker, B.A., 443. Bangor A Letter to the Rev. G. S. Faber. By the Lord Bishop of Bangor, 215. Barnes-Liber Pontificalis of Edmund Lacy, Bishop of Exeter. By Ralph Barnes, Esq., 188. Barrett-A Synopsis of Criticisms upon those passages of the Old Testament, in which modern Commentators have differed from the Authorized Version. By the Rev. Richard Barrett, M.A., 183. Bayley-The Duty of Government to Educate. By the Rev. R. S. Bayley, F.S. A., 403.

Beaufort-A Digest of the Criminal Law

of the Presidency of Fort William. By Francis L. Beaufort, Esq., 481. Beaven-Recreations of a Long Vacation, or a Visit to Indian Missions in Upper Canada. By James Beaven, D.D., 211. Bennett-Lives of certain Fathers in the Fourth Century. For the Instruction of the Young. Edited by the Rev. W. J. E. Bennett, M.A., 456.

Crime and Education. By the Rev. W. J. E. Bennett, M.A., 481. Blencowe-Plain Sermons, addressed to a Country Congregation. By the late Rev. Edward Blencowe, M.A., 170. Blunt-Undesigned Coincidences in the writings both of the Old and New Testament, an Argument of their Veracity. By the Rev. J. J. Blunt, B.D., 444. Bohn's Standard Library, 214. Burgh A Compendium of Hebrew Gram

mar. By the Rev. W. Burgh, M.A., T.C.D., 463.

Butler-A Year of Consolation. By Mrs.
Butler, late Fanny Kemble, 469.

Carr-The Pilgrimage, &c. By Mrs.
Stanley Carr, 464.
Carus-Memoirs of the Life of the Rev.
Charles Simeon, M.A. Edited by the
Rev. William Carus, M.A., 457.
Cary Memoir of the Rev. Francis Cary,
M.A., Translator of Dante. By his Son,
the Rev. Henry Cary, M. A., 205.
Chambers-Select Writings of Robert
Chambers, vol. i. 213.

Chollerton-A Tale of our own Times.
By a Lady, 191.

Corner-The History of Rome, adapted for Youth, &c. By Miss Corner, 209.


D'Oyly-Sermons delivered at the Parish
Church of St. Mary, Lambeth. By
George D'Oyley, D.D., 170.

Grove-On the Correlation of Physical
Forces. By W. R. Grove, Esq., 214.

Dufton National Education: what it is, Hamilton-Practical Remarks on Popular

and what it should be. By John Dufton,

M.A., 402.


-Calm Thoughts on the Recent
Minutes of the Committee of the Privy
Council By Henry Dunn, 402.

Edge-A Vision of Peace; or, Thoughts
in Verse on the late secessions from the
By William John
English Church.
Edge, A. M., 478.
English Journal of Education, 215.
Evans-The Ministry of the Body. By
the Rev. Robert Wilson Evans, B.D.,

Ezton-Sixty Lectures on the Psalms. By

the Rev. R. B. Exton, 443.
Extracts from the Council Register of the
Burgh of Aberdeen, 384.
Extracts from the Presbytery Book of
Strathbogie, 384.

Farr-Select Poetry, chiefly Sacred, of the
time of James I. Edited by Edward
Farr, Esq., 475.

First Report of the Additional Bishoprics'
Commission, 1847, 428.
Freeman-Principles of Church Restora-

tion. By Edward Freeman, M.A., 215.
French-A Translation of the Book of
Psalms from the original Hebrew, with

Education in England and Wales. By
Henry Parr Hamilton, M.A., 402.
Hare-An Analysis and Exposure of the
New Government Scheme of Education.
By John Middleton Hare, 402.
Harrington-Apostolical Succession, and
the Necessity of Episcopal Ordination.
By E. C. Harrington, M.A., 208.
Hawkins-Historical Notices of the Mis-
sions of the Church of England in the
North American Colonies, &c. By Ernest
Hawkins, B.D., 42.
Haworth-St. Sylvester's Day, and other
Poems. By Euphrasia Fanny Haworth,

Heath-Brief Account of Scottish and

Italian Missions to the Anglo-Saxons.
By the Rev. D. I. Heath, 215.
Hook-Three Reformations: Lutheran,
Roman, Anglican, 214.

Hook-An Ecclesiastical Biography. By
Walter F. Hook, D.D., 456.
Hughes-An Overland Journey to Lisbon
at the close of 1846, with a picture of
the actual state of Spain and Portugal.
By T. M. Hughes, 1.

Ingoldsby-The Ingoldsby Legends; or,
Mirth and Marvel. By Thomas In-
goldsby, Esq., 59.

explanatory Notes. By William French, Jean Paul-Walt and Vult; or, The Twins.

D.D., and George Skinner, 71.

Garden-A Vindication of the Scottish
Episcopate. By the Rev. Francis Gar-
den, M.A., 481.

Translated from the "Flegeljahre" of
Jean Paul, 276.

Jesse-Favourite Haunts and Rural Stu-
dies. By Edward Jesse, Esq., 213.
Josephus. By the Rev. Dr. Traill, 214.

Gatherings from Spain, by the Author of Journal of five Months' Residence in Por-

the Handbook of Spain; chiefly selected
from that work, with much new matter.
Murray's Home and Colonial Libra-
ry, 1.

Gibbons A Treatise on the Law of Di-

Gibbons, Esq., 253.

tugal, and Glimpses of the South of
Spain, 474.

Kennaway Sermons to the Young. By
the Rev. C. E. Kennaway, 443.

lapidations and Nuisances. By David Kip-The Christmas Holidays in Rome.
Goodwin-Parish Sermons. By the Rev.

Harvey Goodwin, M.A., 170,

Gosse The Birds of Jamaica. By Philip

Henry Gosse, Esq., 476.

Gregg-Free Thoughts on Protestant Mat-
ters. By the Rev. T. G. Gregg, M.A.,

Gregson-The Night


or, Educate

the People. A Sermon. By the Rev.
J. Gregson, M.A., 403.

By the Rev. W. Ingraham Kip, M.A.
Edited by the Rev. W. Sewell, B.D.,


Lee-The African Wanderers; or,
tures of Carlos and Antonio. By M
B. Lee, 210.
Lepsius-A Tour from Thebes to the
insula of Sinai. By Professor Le
of Berlin. Translated from the Ge
by Charles Herbert Cottrell, Esq.,

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