Snapshots of Chinese Culture

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Bridge21 Publications, 27 փտվ, 2014 թ. - 240 էջ

Over their long and colourful history, the Chinese people have produced a variety of fascinating and useful cultural artefacts and performances - from the compass and paper money to tea ceremonies and wedding parties - that have won the admiration of people around the world, and improved living conditions for many who remain unaware of the inventions' Chinese origins. This book's forty concise chapters serve as windows into a wide range of Chinese cultural traditions and innovations. Some aspects of culture featured here include Chinese gardens, homes, and temples; calligraphy, chess, and clothing; paper cutting, seals, and musical instruments; martial arts and Peking Opera; and feng shui (auspicious design). Amply illustrated, with idiomatic phrases parsed throughout, the authors offer a road map to guide both the novice and ""old hand"" alike through the essential traits of Chinese culture.

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Հեղինակի մասին (2014)

Zhao Yin is professor of English at Foshan University, China. She has written and edited ten books and published numerous papers. In recent years, she has committed herself to the dissemination of Chinese culture and translation work.

Cai Xinzhi is an associate professor at Foshan University devoted to the dissemination of Chinese culture. In recent years she has published many papers, participated in the compilation of several books, and directed projects on behalf of Foshan University.

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