Increasing Protection for Our Waters, Wetlands, and Shorelines: The Corps of Engineers; Seventeenth Report

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Էջ 30 - And they constitute navigable waters of the United States within the meaning of the acts of Congress, in contra-distinction from the navigable waters of the States, when they form in their ordinary condition by themselves, or by uniting with other waters, a continued highway over which commerce is or may be carried on with other States or foreign countries in the customary modes in which such commerce is conducted by water.
Էջ 17 - In pursuance of the provisions of the said section fourteen, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not exceeding twenty-five hundred dollars nor less than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment (in the case of a natural person) not exceeding one year, or by both such punishments, In the discretion of the court...
Էջ 10 - Act; the National Historic Preservation Act; the Endangered Species Act; the Coastal Zone Management Act...
Էջ 47 - major Federal actions significantly affecting the quality of the human environment" is to be construed by agencies with a view to the overall, cumulative impact of the action proposed (and of further actions contemplated).
Էջ 16 - ... or of the channel of any navigable water of the United States, unless the work has been recommended by the Chief of Engineers and authorized by the Secretary of War...
Էջ 8 - Act of 1969, that appropriate State, metropolitan, regional, or local agencies which are authorized to develop and enforce environmental standards are informed of and are given opportunity to review and comment on the environmental significance of proposed projects for which Federal assistance is sought.
Էջ 4 - Corps' power under the Rivers and Harbors Act. It commends the Corps for recognizing ecological considerations under the Act to protect against unnecessary fills and cites the instant case.
Էջ 29 - Those rivers must be regarded as public navigable rivers in law which are navigable in fact. And they are navigable in fact when they are used, or are susceptible of being used, in their ordinary condition, as highways for commerce, over which trade and travel are or may be conducted in the customary modes of trade and travel on water.
Էջ 30 - Although most interstate commerce 150 years ago was accomplished on waterways, there is no requirement in the Constitution that the waterway must cross a State boundary in order to be within the interstate commerce power of the Federal Government. Rather, it is enough that the waterway serves as a link in the chain of commerce among the States as it flows in the various channels of transportation (highways, railroads, air traffic, radio and postal communication, waterways, etc.). The "gist of the...
Էջ 8 - The determination as to whether a permit will be issued will be based on an evaluation of all relevant factors including the effect of the proposed work on navigation, fish and wildlife, conservation, pollution, and the general public interest.

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