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and pictures, with success, care and study must be given to learning the parts, and attending to the stage directions. There is no excuse for carelessness; for, while the acting may give "fun" to those more immediately connected with it, it must not be forgotten that a debt is due to those who have formed an audience to listen and to see. And the only one way of paying such a debt is by striving to make the onlookers enjoy the performance.

The costumes should be correct, and tastefully arranged as to colours. As in the tableaux, if the audience be composed of children in fancy-dress, the dresses in the particular scenes may, for the sake of economy, be worn all the evening.


THESE scenes have been arranged in a simple form, and do not require any scenic effectindeed, from their brevity, scenic display would mar rather than improve. The idea in the adaptor's mind was a background and wingsthat is, three screens-covered with green baize cloth, easily put up and removed; entailing, in erection, no hammering of nails-an objectionable visitor in a drawing-room-costing very little, and always being at hand for future performances; and last, though far from least, admirably suited for showing up the costumes and the players. Thus

[blocks in formation]

Foot-lights are not always necessary, if ordinary lights can be got from front or sides.

In the absence of these, a thick cord should be run across, in front, to divide the stageground from the audience.


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