Annual Report of the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Statistics

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Էջ 117 - A corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law. Being the mere creature of law, it possesses only those properties which the charter of its creation confers upon it, either expressly, or as incidental to its very existence.
Էջ 117 - The objects for which a corporation is created are universally such as the government wishes to promote. They are deemed beneficial to the country ; and this benefit constitutes the consideration, and, in most cases, the sole consideration, of the grant.
Էջ 119 - The purposes to be attained are generally beyond the ability of individual enterprise, and can only be accomplished through the aid of associated wealth. This will not be risked unless privileges are given and securities furnished in an act of incorporation. The wants of the public are often so imperative that a duty is imposed on...
Էջ 115 - But, as all personal rights die with the person ; and, as the necessary forms of investing a series of individuals, one after another, with the same identical rights, would be very inconvenient, if not impracticable ; it has been found necessary, when it is for the advantage of the public to have any particular rights kept on foot and continued, to constitute artificial persons, who may maintain a perpetual succession, and enjoy a kind of legal immortality.
Էջ 117 - The purpose in making all corporations is the accomplishment of some public good. Hence the division into public and private has a tendency to confuse and lead to error in investigation ; for unless the public are to be benefited, it is no more lawful to confer exclusive rights and privileges upon an artificial body than upon a private citizen.
Էջ 119 - If you will embark, with your time, money, and skill, in an enterprise which will accommodate the public necessities, we will grant to you, for a limited period, or in perpetuity, privileges that will justify the expenditure of }'our money, and the employment of your time and skill.
Էջ 178 - ... officers and the school committee of the several cities and towns shall vigilantly inquire into all cases of neglect of the duty prescribed in section one, and ascertain the reasons, if any, therefor ; and such truant. officers or any of them, shall, when so directed by the school committee, prosecute in the name of the city or town any person liable to the penalty provided for in said section.
Էջ 179 - ... forfeit not less than twenty nor more than fifty dollars for the use of the public schools of the city or town.
Էջ 143 - ... after having, at the same time, developed the intellect into complete competency for its work, and the feelings into complete fitness for social life - after having done all this...
Էջ 102 - Convention of the National Association of officials of Bureaus of Labor Statistics in the United States, held at Denver, Colo., May 24-28, 1892.

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