The Industrial Revolution: Being the Parts Entitled Parliamentary Colbertism and Laissez Faire, Reprinted from The Growth of English Industry and Commerce in Modern Times

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The University Press, 1908 - 886 էջ

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Էջ 834 - The school-boy whips his taxed top — the beardless youth manages his taxed horse, with a taxed bridle on a taxed road ; — and the dying Englishman pouring his medicine, which has paid seven per cent.
Էջ 833 - ... that comes from abroad, or is grown at home— taxes on the raw material — taxes on every fresh value that is added to...
Էջ 752 - That any character — from the best to the worst, from the most ignorant to the most enlightened — may be given to any community, even to the world at large, by applying certain means, which are to a great extent at the command and under the control, or easily made so, of those who possess the government of nations.
Էջ 599 - Britain; and that the King's majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons of Great Britain, in parliament assembled, had, hath, and of right ought to have, full power and authority to make laws and statutes of sufficient force and Pickering, Statutes at Large, vol. 27, pp. 19-20. validity to bind the colonies and people of America, subjects of the crown of Great Britain, in all cases whatsoever.
Էջ 833 - Taxes on everything on earth, and the waters under the earth ; on everything that comes from abroad, or is grown at home. Taxes on the raw material ; taxes on every fresh value that is added to it by the industry of man. Taxes on the sauce which pampers man's appetite, and the drug that restores him to health ; on the ermine which decorates the judge, and the rope which hangs the criminal ; on the poor man's salt, and the rich man's spice; on the brass nails of the coffin, and the ribands of the...
Էջ 719 - ... when the gallon loaf of seconds flour, weighing 8 Ibs. 11 oz. shall cost Is., then every poor and industrious man shall have for his own support 3s. weekly, either procured by his own, or his family's labour, or an allowance from the poor-rates ; and for the support of his wife, and every other of his family, Is.
Էջ 853 - ... miles. There, on the side of both the Canadas, and also of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, a widely scattered population, poor, and apparently unenterprising, though hardy and industrious, separated from each other by tracts of intervening forest, without towns and markets, almost without roads, living in mean houses, drawing little more than a rude subsistence from ill-cultivated land, and seemingly incapable of improving their condition, present the most instructive contrast to their enterprising...
Էջ 833 - Taxes upon every article which enters into the mouth, or covers the back, or is placed under the foot; taxes upon everything which it is pleasant to see, hear, feel, smell or taste; taxes upon warmth, light, and locomotion...
Էջ 852 - On the American side all is activity and bustle. The forest has been widely cleared ; every year numerous settlements are formed, and thousands of farms are created out of the waste; the country is intersected...
Էջ 683 - England was acting in accordance with the rule of 1798 " not to seize any neutral vessels which should be found carrying on trade directly between the colonies of the enemy and the neutral country to which the vessel belonged, and laden with property of the inhabitants of such neutral country, provided that such neutral vessel should not be supplying, nor should have on the outward voyage supplied, the enemy with any articles of contraband of war, and should not be trading with any blockaded ports.

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