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(Treaty of September 15, 1914') American Commissioners:

National: Isaiah Bowman, Ph. D., Sc. D., LL.D., of Maryland;

Non-national: Hafez Afifi Pasha, of Egypt.
Chinese Commissioners:

National: V. K. Wellington Koo;

Non-national: Henri de Codt, of Belgium.
Joint Commissioner: Knut Hjalmar Leonard de Hammarskjöld, of


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(Treaty of August 16, 1928) American Commissioners:

National: John W. Davis, LL.D., of West Virginia;

Non-national: Raul Fernandes, of Brazil.
Czechoslovak Commissioners:

National: Přemysl Samal;

Non-national: Camille Barrère, of France.
Joint Commissioner: Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, of Great Britain.

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(Treaty of April 17, 1914) American Commissioners:

National: Irwin B. Laughlin, of Pennsylvania;

Non-national: Ricardo Aldao, of Argentina.
Danish Commissioners:

National: Poul Johannes Jørgensen;

Non-national: Karl Gustav Westman, of Sweden.
Joint Commissioner: Jonkheer J. Loudon, of the Netherlands.


(Treaty of October 13, 1914 19)
American Commissioners:

National: Denys P. Myers, of Massachusetts;
Non-national: Friedrich W. von Prittwitz und Gaffron, of Ger-

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*Treaty Series 619; 39 Stat. 1642. See also Treaty Series 619-A. *Treaty Series 782; 46 Stat. 2257. •Treaty Series 608; 38 Stat. 1883. 10 Treaty Series 622 ; 39 Stat. 1650.

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30 A treaty was signed between the United States and the Union of South Africa (Treaty Series 966), which amended in their application to the Union of South Africa certain provisions of the treaty for the advancement of peace between the United States and Great Britain and provided for an international commission to be appointed by the two governments. The treaty with the Union of South Africa went into effect on the exchange of the ratifications of the two governments on March 11, 1941. See post, p. 109.

21 Treaty Series 854; 47 Stat. 2165. * Treaty Series 798; 46 Stat. 2353.

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(See Denmark and Iceland TM)

(Treaty of May 5, 1914, as amended by the treaty of September 23, 1931 )
American Commissioner: Breckinridge Long, of the District of

Italian Commissioner: (vacant).
Joint Commissioners:

Viscount Paul van Iseghem, of Belgium;
Helge Klaestad, of Norway;
José Pedro Varela, of Uruguay.

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American Commissioners:
National: Herbert Wright, Ph. D., LL.D., of the District of

Non-national: Antonio José Uribe, of Colombia.
Latvian Commissioners:

National: Osvalds Ozolins;

Non-national: Rafael W. Erich, of Finland.
Joint Commissioner: (vacant).

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(Treaty of November 14, 1928 %) American Commissioners:

National: Evan E. Young, of New York;

Non-national: Clovis Bevilaqua, of Brazil.
Lithuanian Commissioners:

National: Dovas Zaunius;

Non-national: Kamil Krofta, of Czechoslovakia.
Joint Commissioner: Erik Scavenius, of Denmark.

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nion of South

to the Union ment of peace

international eaty with the ratifications of

See ante, p. 101.

* Treaty Series 615; 39 Stat. 1618; Treaty Series 848; 47 Stat. 2102. See also Treaty Series 61542. * Treaty Series 819; 46 Stat. 2766.

Treaty Series 810; 46 Stat. 2459.

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