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On the sight of a grave digged up. VIII. Ad conspectus sepulchri effossi. The earth, as it is a great de- Terra, uti magnus rerum heluo, vourer, so also it is a great pre- ita et fidissimus earundem custos server too : liquors and feshes et conservator meritò audit : in are therein long kept from pu- cujus visceribus liquores, sed et trifying; and are rather heigh- carnes quædam, díu à putredine tened in their spirits, by being vindicantur; inibique reconditoburied in it: but, above all, how rum spiritus magis exaltari solent safely doth it keep our bodies et educi

et educi fortiores : præcipuè for the Resurrection! We are verò, quàm tutò servat corpora here but laid up for custody. hæc nostra in illum ResurrecBalms, and sere-cloths, and leads tionis diem! Custodiendi, nemcannot do so much, as this lap of pe, nos istic reponimur. Balour common Mother: when all sami, cerata lintea, capsulæ these are dissolved into her dust, plumbeæ non ita fideliter hoc as being unable to keep them- præstant, ac communis iste Maselves from corruption, she re- tris sinus : ubi omnia hæc in ceives and restores her charge. suum pulverem reciderint, quipI can no more withhold my body pe qua non possunt semet à sui from the earth, than the earth dissolutione liberare, illa recipit can withhold it from my Maker. restituitque chara hæc pignora,

Neque magis potero ipse corpusculum hoc meum à terrâ detinere, quàm terra illud detinere potest à

manu Creatoris. O God, this is thy cabinet or O Deus, hæc arcula tua est shrine, wherein thou pleasest to scriniumve sacrum, in quo prelay up the precious relics of ciosas Sanctorum tuorum relithy dear Saints, until the Jubilee quias, usque ad ultimum Gloriæ of Glory: with what confidence Jubilæum, servari voluisti : quàm should I commit myself to this me fidenter commendare ausim sure reposition, while I know tutissimæ huic repositioni, qui thy word just, thy power infinite! certò norim, et verbum tuum

esse justum, et potentiam infinitam!

On the sight of gold melted. IX. Ad conspectum auri liquati. This gold is both the fairest and Aurum hoc uti pulcherrimum most solid of all metals; yet is est metallorum omnium ita et the soonest melted with the fire: solidissimum ; quod tamen facilothers, as they are coarser, so limè omnium igne liquefieri somore churlish, and hard to be let : alia, ut viliora, sic tenaciora, wrought upon by a dissolution. quasique morosiora sunt, et quæ

dissolutioni cedant ægriùs. Thus, a sound and good heart Ita, purum probèque disposiis most easily melted into sorrow tum pectus, sensu judiciorum and fear, by the sense of God's Divinorum, tantò citiùs in pium

omne caro

judgments; whereas, the carnal dolorem timoremque resolvitur ; mind is stubborn and remorse. ubi, carnalis animus obstinate less. All metals are but earth; firmus est, salutarisque pænitenyet some are of finer temper tiæ haud parùm incapax. Quid than others : all hearts are of nisi terra est quodcunque defiesh; yet some are, through the mum metallum; est tamen aliud power of grace, more capable alio nobilius : cor of spiritual apprehensions. est; hoc tamen illo, virtute in

operantis gratiæ, impressionis

spiritualis capacius. O God, we are such, as thou O Deus, tales nos sumus, wilt be pleased to make us. Give quales tu facere voluisti. Da me a heart, that may be sound mihi cor, obsecro, quoad veritafor the truth of grace, and melt- tem gratiæ syncerum solidum. ing at the terrors of thy Law; I que, terroribus verò Legis tuæ can be for no other than thy haud difficulter fusile ; ita, obrysi sanctuary on earth, or thy trea- metalli instar aptus ero, et sancsury of heaven.

tuario tuo in terris, et gazophylacio in cælis.

On the sight of a pitcher car

X. Ad conspectum amphoræ circumried.

gestatæ. Thus, those, that are great and Qui loco potentes sunt, parùm weak, are carried by the ears, valentes judicio, facilè hàc illàc, up and down, of flatterers and ab adulatoribus et parasitis, hoc parasites : thus, ignorant and planè modo, auribus gestari sosimple hearers are carried, by lent: ita, ignari simplicesque aufalse and miszealous teachers. ditores, à falsis et malè-zelosis Yet, to be carried by both ears doctoribus miserè circumvehunis more safe, than to be carried tur. At sanè, utrâque aure, quàm by one. It argues an empty unâ portari tutius est. Vacuam pitcher, to be carried by one planè ollam arguit, unâ ferri alone. Such are they, that, upon aure. Ejusmodi sunt præprothe hearing of one part, rashly peri illi judices, qui, parte una pass their sentence, whether of auditâ, sententiam, sive absoluacquittal or censure. In all dis- tionis sive damnationis, temerè quisitions of hidden truths, a ferre non dubitant. In omni vewise man will be led by the ears, ritatis abstrusæ disquisitione, vir not carried ; that implies a vio- sapiens duci auribus, non gestari lence of passion, over-swaying sustinet ; nimirum hoc violentum judgment: but, in matter of quendam passionis impetum arcivil occurrence and unconcern- guit, quo recta ratio à sua sede ing rumour, it is good to use the disturbatur: in rebus, verò, civiear, not to trust to it.

libus ac communi famâ, uti auribus licet, certè fidere auribus parùm expedit.

On the sight of a tree full XI. Ad conspectum arboris nimiùm

efflorescentis. HERE is a tree overlaid with Ecce istic arborem flosculis niblossoms. It is not possible, that mio quàin onustam. Fieri non all these should prosper : one of potest, ut fores hi omnes adothem must needs rob the other lescant, et spem fructûs edant : of moisture and growth. unus alterum et humore spoliat

et incremento. I do not love to see an in- Non equidem nimis mihi gesfancy over hopeful: in these tit animus videre infantiam plus pregnant beginnings, one faculty æquo feracem : in præcocibus starves another; and, at last, hisce initiis, una facultas detrahit leaves the mind sapless and bar- alteri ; tandemque, animum sucren. As, therefore, we are wont ci expertem sterilemque prorsus to pull oíf some of the too-fre- relinquit. Ut, ergo, in more noquent blossoms, that the rest bis est quosdam ex superfluis may thrive; so, it is good wis- hisce ac nimiùm numerosis flodom, to moderate the early ex- ribus avellere, ut eo magis crescess of the parts or progress of cant reliqui ; ita, non minimæ over-forward childhood.

prudentiæ est, moderari primos

hosce præmaturæ pueritiæ ex. Neither is it otherwise in our Neque aliter profectò se habet Christian profession. A sudden in re professionis Christianæ. and lavish ostentation of grace Subita ac prodiga gratiæ ostenmay fill the eye with wonder, tatio facilè implere potest et ocuand the mouth with talk; but los vanâ admiratione, et os futili will not, at the last, fill the lap elogio; vix unquam sero fructu with fruit

. Let me not promise gremium, tandem, impletura. too much, nor raise too high ex- Quod ad me; stet mihi, neque pectations of my undertakings. nimium promittere, neque maI would rather men should com- jorem quàm par est de me explain of my small hopes, than pectationem aliorum ciere. Malo of my short performances. de me conquerantur homines

quòd minus pollicear, quàm quòd parum præstem.


On the report of a man suddenly struck XII. De quodam subitá morte,in actu pecdead, in his sin.

cati, abrepto. I CANNOT but magnify the jus- Non possum non Dei justitiam tice of God; but, withal, I must summâ laude prosequi ; ita, tapraise his mercy. It were woe men, ut non minùs interea lauwith any of us all

, if God should dem ejus misericordiam. Mitake us at advantages. Alas! serrimè nobis cederet, si Deus which of us hath not committed omnem de nobis vindictæ ansam sins, worthy of a present re- arriperet. Væ mihi ! quis nostrům venge? Had we been also sur- non æquè commisit peccata, prised in those acts, where had præsentaneâ ultione dignissima? we been?

Si in malorum illorum actuum flagrantiâ subitò nos surripuisset

vindex Deus, ubi fuissemus? O God, it is more than thou O Deus, plus est quàm nobis owest us, that thou hast waited misellis debes, quòd pænitentiam for our repentance : it is no more nostram usque expectasti : non than thou owest us, that thou minus est quàm nobis debes, plaguest our offences. The wages quòd peccata nostra graviter ulof sin is death ; and it is but cisceris. Stipendium peccati mors justice, to pay due wages. Bless- est ; stipendium verò merenti reed be thy justice, that hast made pendere, justitiæ est. Benedicta others examples to me: blessed sit semper justitia tua, qui mihi be thy mercy, that hast not made feceris alios justæ severitatis exme an example unto others. empla : benedicta sit misericor

dia tua, qui me aliis exemplum propinare gratiosissimè distuleris.

On the view of the heaven and the earth. XIII. Ad conspectum cæli et terræ. What a strange contrariety is O STUPENDAM contrarietatem ! here! The heaven is in continual Perpetuò movetur ccelum; et motion; and yet, there is the tamen, solus est quieti locus : only place of rest : the earth terra è contrà semper quiescit; ever stands still; and yet, here et tamen, nihil ibi est præter mois nothing but unrest and un- lestas agitationes, motus irrequiquietness. Surely, the end of etos. Certè, finis illius cælestis that heavenly motion is for the circumvolutionis unicum est terbenefit of the earth; and the ræ beneficium; terrenarum verò end of all these earthly turmoils istarum concitationum constanis our reposal in heaven. Those, tisque vexationis finis unicus est that have imagined the earth to quies in cælis. li, qui imaginati turn about and the heavens to sunt terram circumvolvi coelumstand still, have yet supposed, que immotum consistere, suppothat we may stand or sit still on suerunt hoc tamen fieri, ut nobis that whirling globe of earth : in hoc circumquaque rapto terræ how much more may we be per- globo quietis sive stare sive sesuaded of our perfect rest, above dere interim liceret: quantò mathose moving spheres !

gis suaderi nobis potest, perfectam beatis omnibus requiem, super mobiles hasce sphæras repo

sitam esse ! It matters not, O God, how I Parùm refert, ô Deus, quibus am vexed here below, a while; me, breviculo hoc spatio, curaif, ere long, I may repose with rum motibus agi contigerit ; thee above, for ever.

dummodò, certum mihi sit, non multo post tempore, æternam tecum in cælis requiem indubiò reponi.

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On occasion of a red-breast coming in- XIV. Ad conspectum erithaci cubiculum to his chamber, and singing.

suum intrantis, canentisque. PRETTY bird, how cheerfully Bella avicula, quàm tu alacris dost thou sit and sing; and yet istic sedes et cantillas; et tamen knowest not where thou art, nor nescis aut ubi sis, aut unde tibi where thou shalt make thy next cænam comparare possis, aut in meal, and at night must shroud quo demum arbusculo tibi lice. thyself in a bush for lodging! bit postmodò pernoctari! Quàm What a shame is it for me, that me jam pudet mei, qui, ubi tam see before me so liberal provi- largam mihi alimoniam munificâ sions of my God, and find my- Dei manu parari videam, meque self set warm under my own sentiam ædibus hisce meis tutò roof; yet am ready to droop un- ac commodè insidentem ; tristi der a distrustful and unthankful tamen quâdam et ingratâ diffidulness ! Had I so little certain- dentiâ languescere videor! Ego ty of my harbour and purvey. verò si æquè incertus essem aut ance, how heartless should I be, domicilii aut alimenti, quàm how careful! how little list should mestus essem, quàm solicitus ! I have, to make music to thee quantilla mihi lubido foret, aut or myself! Surely, thou camest tibi cantandi aut mihi ipsi ! Cernot hither without a Providence. tè, non sine Providentià quâdam God sent thee, not so much to venisti tu huc.

Misit nempe te delight, to shame me; but all huc Deus, non tam uț delectain a conviction of my sullen on- res mihi animum, quàm ut me belief, who, under more appa- pudore justo suffunderes; conrent means, am less cheerful and vinceresque tetricæ cujusdam inconfident. Reason and faith have fidelitatis, qui, cum media palam not done so much in me, as in abundè suppetant, minds tamen thee mere instinct of nature. aut gestiam aut confidam. Ratio Want of foresight makes thee ac fides non tantum apud me more merry, if not more happy, valuerunt, quantum merus apud here, than the foresight of bet- te naturæ instinctus. Ipsa hæc ter things maketh me.

futuri nescientia hilariorem te
præstat foelicioremque, quàm me
certa conditionis melioris præ-

O God, thy Providence is not O Deus, non minuitur Provi.
impaired by those powers, thou dentia tua donis illis, quæ mihi,
hast given me, above these brute super bruta hæc animalia, benig-
things : let not my greater helps nus indulsisti : noli sinere, ut ma-
hinder me, from a holy security jora hæc adminicula impedimen,
and comfortable reliance upon to mihi sint, quò minùs et sanctè

securus sim et fidenter alacris.

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On occasion of a spider in his XV. Ad conspectum arancæ in fenestrá la-

There is no vice in man, where- Nullum in homine vitium est,
of there is not some analogy in cujus imago quædam et analo-

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