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The circular of Nourse, Mason & Co., reads as follows:

WORCESTER, Mass, JUNE 1st, 1859. "After four years' experience in the manufacture, sale and use of Mowing and Mowing and Reaping Machines, we are convinced of the practical utility of cutting grass, even on most of the lands in the New England States, by the application of machinery, worked by horses or oxen. From recent improvements added to Ketchum's Mower, enumerated below, we believe that it is now the most perfect mower in use, and better adapted to uneven surfaces than any other machine manufactured. We can recommend it without any fear or misgiving, and do honestly believe that it is the machine above all others, to cut grass or grain with the least draugh, the greatest economy and the greatest success We invite your particular attention to the lever and wheel which have been added to Ketch. um's machine, as having advantages over all other machines ; and the ease with which the driver can, while sitting in his seat, raise the finger bar instantly, to pass over stones, or any obstructions, or moving to and from the field. The following are among the many points of excellence of Ketchum's Machine, as manufactured by us.

1. Easy Draught is attained, without any loss of momentum and power, which are essential in order to cut grass under all circumstances.

2. The Machinery and Gearing is so simple that any person can understand and manage the machine.

3. Great Strength is attained in every part, a feature which is indispensable in machinery to be used in rough field work.

4. Durability is an important feature, as none but cast and wrought iron of the very best quality is used.

5. All Side Draught is obviated by placing the pole in the centre of draught as near as possible.

6. The Open Knife or Hole in the Knife Sections, is one of the most valuable patents to prevent clogging, and belongs exclusively to the Ketchum Machine.

7. The Location of the Finger Bar, below the frame, and on a line with the shaft of the main wheel, secures a uniform cut, and causes the finger bar to follow the tread of the wheel over uneven ground.

8. The Open Space between the heel of the cutters and the main wheel, secured by an arrangement which is patented, prevents the clogging of the machinery by the cut grass on the return swaths.

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Other machines have a dead point here, shoving and piling up the grass in front, or riding over it and raising up the finger bar, and some, infringing Ketchum's Patent, secure this same space, so important, by locating the finger bar before or behind the main wheel, although it is apparent that a location on the line of the shaft secures many advantages not otherwise attained.

9. The Shield Plate, or extension of the shoe upward and forward from the heel of the finger bar, is important to equalize the draught and prevent the cut grass from piling up in front of, and clogging the machine. This is patented by Mr. Ketchum, and belongs exclusively to the Ketchum Machine.

10. The Hinged Track-Clearer upon the outer end of the finger bar, also patented by Mr. Ketchum, is of great importance in cutting heavy grass, to separate the cut from the uncut grass, and to prevent clogging.

11. The Wheel and Lever attached to the inner shoe, ingeniously arranged, so that the driver can, while sitting in his seat, instantly raise the finger bar for the purpose of passing over obstructions, backing, &c. This has been very much needed.

12. A very important improvement in this machine is, that it can be instantly thrown out of or into gear, by means of a short lever, which can be operated with ease by the driver on the seat.

13. The Finger Bar is made of wrought iron, of the proper width to prevent the cut grass from lodging thereon, and the grass is al


14. The Height of the Cut is readily adjusted by means of the pole bolts.

15. An equal Balance of the machine is always maintained by means of the seat and other arrangements, so that the machine will not tip over, and will always bear lightly upon the team.

16. One person, and even a boy, can easily manage Ketchum's Machine. Many others, particularly in heavy grass, require two persons,

17. The Speed of Team Required, is an ordinary walk of common farm horses.

After repeated and long continued experiments, in the field and manufactory, the proprietors have succeeded in producing a one horse mowing machine, which for simplicity of construction, lightness of draft, ease of operation, and the low price at which it is sold, must recommend itself to every New England farmer,

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The machine is so constructed as to combine great strength and durability with the smallest possible weight; the cutters are so formed as to prevent entirely the liability to clog, so troublesome in some machines; it may be stopped and started in wet or lodged grass, without backing; the seat is conveniently placed, so that the operator can ride with perfect ease to himself and the horse; it has a wheel and lever attached, by which the operator can instantly raise the cutter-bar six or eight inches, to pass over a stone or other obstruction, and while raised, the machine may be drawn to and from the field, &c. The cutter-bar being always on a line with the axis of the driving wheel, this machine operates well on rough or uneven ground, where other machines cannot mow.

A very important improvement in this machine is, that it can be instantly


thrown out of or into gear, by means of a short lever, which can be operated with ease by the driver on the seat. The machine is constructed entirely of iron, and its parts so adjusted and guarded against accidents, that it requires but little more attention to keep it in working order than the common scythe.

Prices of Machines. One Horse Mowing Machine, 3; ft. Bar, weight 450 lbs. $75.00. Light Two Horse

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475 $80.00. 41"


$85.00. Heavy

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$90.00. 43“


$95.00. .cc

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$100.00. Reaper attachment, extra,

$20.00. Extras to each Machine--1 Scythe, 2 Knives, 2 Fingers, and Wrench. Machines delivered at Boston and Worcester.

NOURSE, Mason & Co. Worcester, Mass., 1859.

Woods' Mower. Of this the proprietor says:

The success of this machine during the past harvest, the first it has been in use, is without a parallel in the history of mowing machines. Five hundred and eighty-eight of these machines have been made and sold by me this year.

Farmers from all the grassgrowing states of the Union have written me enthusiastically of their light draft and perfect cutting. I ventured to put so large a number into market the first year, from a full faith that I had, after many thorough experiments, attained the true mechanical and practical principles in constructing a mowing machine. My aim was to produce a mower of lighter draft that could be afforded to the farmer at a less price than any heretofore in use, and at the same time be light, durable, and do perfect work. It has performed all, and more than I claimed for it in the outset; and I now repeat, what I announced in my first circular, that my machine will cut a more perfect swath than any other mower made, and do it with one-quarter less power, as the report of tests herewith submitted will show. This is the first successful attempt to cheapen the price, and lessen the draft of mowing machines. The reduction in both is equal to twenty-five per cent. When my machine, weighing only four hundred and twenty-five pounds, was first placed on

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Patented February, 1859. exhibition at the beginning of the harvest, farmers looked incredulous, and would hardly believe that so light and small machine

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