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Of strength, again returning with my hair,
After my great transgression ? so requite
Favour renewed, and add a greater sin
By prostituting holy things to idols,
A Nazarite, in place abominable,
Vaunting my strength in honour to their Dagon ?
Besides how vile, contemptible, ridiculous,
What act more execrably unclean, profane ?



Yet with this strength thou serv'st the Philistines,
Idolatrous, uncircumcised, unclean.

Not in their idol-worship, but by labour
Honest and lawful to deserve my food
Of those who have me in their civil power.


Where the heart joins not, outward acts defile not.


Where outward force constrains, the sentence holds.
But who constrains me to the temple of Dagon, 1370
Not dragging? the Philistian lords command-
Commands are no constraints. If I obey them,

γέρας τόδ' ιερόν αναλαβόντα του κράτους, ο σφόδρ' αμαρτων ώλεσ', ήμπολημένον ρίψαι, χάριν τίσαντα πλείοσιν βλαβαίς, τιμώντα τούτους, ως θεούς, τους ουδένας. ου δή πρέπει με γαυριάν, σθένοντά περ, Δάγωνι Ναζωραίον, έν στυγνό τόπο. ουδ' έσθ' όπως δράσαιμ' άν αισχίω τινα τον Θεόν, άτιμος και κατάπτυστος βροτοίς. Ι420

ΧΟΡΟΣ. τοιούτος ών, συ τοϊς Φιλιστίνoις λάτρις, αθέοις απεριτμήτοις τε και δυσωνύμοις.

ΣΑΜΨΩΝ. το δ' ουχί θρησκείας ποτ', αλλ' ίν' εννόμου έχoιμ' έδωδήν αντί χειρωναξίας τους ως μετοίκου δεσπόταις κρατούσί μου.

ΧΟΡΟΣ. το λήμαθώος, ουδε δρών αμαρτάνεις,

ΣΑΜΨΩΝ. ορθώς, ανάγκαις περιπεσών άλλων βία. ιέναι δε τόνδ' εις ναόν ούτιν' έστ' ιδείν όστις μ' άν, έλκειν μή ου θέλων, αναγκάσαι. έπει κελεύματ' έστιν, ου βία, τάδε,



I do it freely, venturing to displease
God for the fear of man, and man prefer;
Set God behind; which, in his jealousy,
Shall never, unrepented, find forgiveness.
Yet that he may dispense with me, or thee,
Present in temples at idolatrous rites,
For some important cause, thou need'st not doubt.



How thou wilt here come off surmounts my reach.

Be of good courage; I begin to feel
Some rousing motions in me, which dispose
To something extraordinary my thoughts.
I with this messenger will go along,
Nothing to do, be sure, that may dishonour
Our law, or stain my vow of Nazarite.
If there be aught of presage in the mind,
This day will be remarkable in my life
By some great act, or of my days the last.

In time thou hast resolved; the man returr s.

Samson, this second message from our lords


ταγούς αν είην τοϊς Φιλιστίνoις εκών
υπήκοος, βρoτούς τε του Θεού προθείς,
βροτων φόβω, Θεώ τε μισητός γεγώς
εν κάρτ' αν εκπράξαντα μη λυθεν χρέος
έγωδα, καίπερ ευ πεπεισμένος τινι
ιερούς πάροντι τοίς βεβήλοισιν Θεόν
ξυγγνώμον' είναι, καιρίου τινός χάριν.

πως δή φυγήν εύρους άν, ουκ έχω φράσαι.

ΣΑΜΨΩΝ. θάρσει" νέον γάρ έννοών ξύνοιδά τι και δεινόν, έργων φροίμι' ουκ ειωθότων. οπαδός είμι τώδε το κακαγγέλω, ουδέν ποιήσων τους νόμοις εναντίον, σαφές τόδ', ουδ' άρ' οισιν ώμοσαπρεπές: ει δ' ορθόμαντιν εν φρεσίν γνώμην τρέφω, κλέος περισσόν σήμερον κιχήσομαι λαμπρόν τι δράσας, ει δε μή, μόρου τέλος.

καιρόν δέδοκται» τόνδ' ορώ παλίσσυτον.

Σάμψων, άνακτές δεύτερ' αγγέλλουσί σοι


To thee I am bid say. Art thou our slave,
Our captive, at the public mill our drudge,
And darest thou at our sending and command
Dispute thy coming? Come without delay;
Or we shall find such engines to assail
And hamper thee, as thou shalt come of force,
Though thou wert firmlier fastened than a rock.


I could be well content to try their art,
Which to no few of them would prove pernicious. 1400
Yet, knowing their advantages too many,
Because they shall not trail me through their streets
Like a wild-beast, I am content to go.
Masters' commands come with a power resistless
To such as owe them absolute subjection ;
And for a life who will not change his purpose ?
So mutable are all the ways of men.-
Yet this be sure, in nothing to comply
Scandalous or forbidden in our law,

I praise thy resolution. Doff these links.


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