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Os motion,

Resolved, That the words "and all articles," "or articles," wherever they occur in the rule on the 8th page of the printed regulations, be stricken out.

Resolved, That the first rule for plowing be amended so as to read one hour and a half, instead of one hour and ten minutes.

Resolved. That the committee on Machinery be requested to examine such heavy machinery in the city of Detroit as may be entered for exhibition, which is found to be impracticable to place upon the Fair Ground.

Resolved, That the exhibitors of articles at the Fair may, at their request, have permission to place their names upon the cards attached to the articles they exhibit.

Some amendments to the rules for plowing being proposed, the subject was fully discussed by the committee, Mr. Ruggles, of Boston, and Mr. Edgcomb, of the State of New York, taking part in the discussion. The committee decided to make no amendments to the rules.

Adjourned at half past nine o'clock P. M.


The society held its fourth Annual Fair September 22d, 23d, and 24th, 1852, on a part of the Cass and Jones farms, lying between the Chicago and Grand River Roads, and west of Third street.

The weather was clear and very pleasant during the three days ; the show was extensive and good ; the attendence and interest, great and enthusiastic.

The executive committee held a meeting on the show ground at 10 o'clock, A. M., of the 22d.

Present, Messrs. Dort, Shoemaker, Moore, Spencer and Munro.
Mr. Dort in the chair.
On motion,

Resolved, That the following amendments be made to class 4 of the premium list.


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* 2d 16 3d

For the best pair of 3 year old matched colts,..

$8 00 do do do do

5 60 • 3d do do do do

3 00 For the best single horse 3 years old,

5 00 do do do

3 00 do do do

2 00 Also, that the printed list be so amended as to read "Matched and single horses 4 years old and over.”

After some discussion respecting persons to take charge of stock being allowed to enter the grounds without charge, the matter was left discretionary with the secretary.


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Post Office.

Elisha Ely,

H. Barlow, jr., Hastings,

Wm. Dougherty,

Berrien Springs, Berrien.
E. B. Pond,

Cha's Dickey,

Justus Gage, Dowagiac,

Cass. Sheldon McKnight,

Saut St. Mary, Chippewa J. Foote Turner, Dewitt,

Clinton. Wells R. Martin, Vermontville, Eaton. George M. Dewey, Flint,

Isaiah McCollum, Hillsdale,

C. P. Bush,

Fred Hall,

John C. Watkins, Grass Lake.

Jackson. F. W. Curtenius, Kalamazoo,

Kalamazoo. Henry Seymour, Grand Rapids,

Kent. George Clark, jr., Lapeer,

Lapeer. Wm, H. Scott, Adrian,

W. A. Buckley, Howell,

Cha's G. Avery,

Payne K. Leech,

E. G. Morton, Monroe,

Monroe. Andrew C. Walker, Farmington,

Oakland. Tho's J. White, Grand Haven, Ottawa. W. L. P. Little, Saginaw,

Saginaw. Cha's A. Loomis, St. Clair,

St. Clair, Mark H. Wakeman, Colon,

St. Joseph. James Cummins, Corunna,

Shiawassee. W. H. Harrison, Paw Paw,

Van Buren. John Starkweather, Ypsilanti,

Washtenaw. Abram Fisher, Redford,

Wayne. On motion of Hon. J. Shearer,

Resolved, That the thanks of the society be tendered to the Hon. Justus Gage for the learned, practical, and eloquent address deliv

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ered before them, and that the recording secretary be instructed to request a copy for publication in the Transactions of the Society.

Resolved, That the thanks of the society be tendered to Gen. Lewis Cass and Mrs. Jones for the free use of the land occupied by the society for a show ground.

Resolved, That the thanks of the society be tendered to the ladies and gentlemen of the city of Detroit for the taste displayed and the labor performed by them in fitting up Floral Hall and the Hall of Fine Arts.

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