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“ Thus, measuring things in heaven by things on

“ earth,

895 66

“At thy request, and that thou mayest beware

By what is past, to thee I have reveal'd
“What might have else to human race been hid;
“The discord which befel, and war in heaven,
Among the angelic Powers, and the deep fall

“Of those too high aspiring who rebell’d
900 “ With Satan—he who envies now thy state,

“Who now is plotting how he may seduce
“ Thee also from obedience, that, with him,
“Bereav'd of happiness, thou may'st partake

“ His punishment-eternal misery;
905 “ Which would be all his solace and revenge,

“As a despite done against the Most High,
“ Thee once to gain companion of his woe.
“But listen not to his temptations : warn

Thy weaker: let it profit thee to have heard, 910 66

By terrible example, the reward
“Of disobedience: firm they might have stood,
“Yet fell. Remember! and fear to transgress."




RAPHAEL, at the request of Adam, relates how and wherefore this world

was first created; that God, after the expelling of Satan and his angels out of heaven, declared his pleasure to create another world, and other creatures to dwell therein; sends his Son with glory, and attendance of angels, to perform the work of creation in six days; the angels celebrate with hymns the performance thereof, and his re-ascension into heaven.




Descend from heaven, Urania ! (by that name If rightly thou art call'd,) whose voice divine Following, above the Olympian hill I soar,

Above the flight of Pegasean wing.
5 The meaning, not the name, I call: for thou,

Nor of the Muses nine, nor on the top
Of old Olympus dwell'st; but, heavenly-born,
Before the hills appear'd, or fountain flow'd,

Thou with Eternal Wisdom didst converse-10 Wisdom thy sister; and with her didst play In

presence of the Almighty Father, pleas'd With thy celestial song. Up-led by thee, Into the heaven of heavens I have presum'd,

An earthly guest, and drawn empyreal air,
15 Thy temp'ring: with like safety guided down,

Return me to my native element;
Lest, from this flying steed unrein'd, (as once
Bellerophon, though from a lower clime,)

Dismounted, on th' Alëian field I fall,
20 Erroneous there to wander, and forlorn.

Half yet remains unsung, but narrower bound
Within the visible diurnal sphere:

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