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And that, from and after that day, foreign gold coins shall cease Current until

Ist. Nov.1819; to be a tender within the United States, for the payment of debts then to cease. or demands. s 2. That so much of the act, entitled "An act regulating the act as re

So much of the currency, within the United States, of the gold coins of lates to foreign

silver coins, in Great Britain, France, Portugal, and Spain," passed on the twen- force until iy-ninth day of April, eighteen hundred and sixteen, as relates 29th April,

1821. to foreign silver coins, shall be, and the same is hereby, contin- Vol. iii. p. ued in force two years from and after the twenty-ninth day of 1599. April next, and no longer. (Approved, March 3, 1819.] Cuap. 221. An act providing for the correction of errors in making entries of land at the Vol. iii. p.. land offices.

1948. vol. iv.

p. 2138. § 1. Be it enacted, &c. That, in every case of a purchaser of Purchasers public lands, at private sale, having entered, at the land office, a a tract different from that he intended to purchase, and being de- what they insirous of having the error in his entry corrected, he shall make monk

Intended, may his application, for that purpose, to the register of the land office ; tion to the reand if it shall appear, from

gister of the testimony satisfactory to the register fand office, &c. and receiver of public moneys, that an error in the entry has and must rebeen inade, and that the same was occasioned by original in- Cretary of the correct marks made by the surveyor, or by the obliteration, or the treasury

who may alchange, of the original marks and numbers of corners of the low the entries tract of land ; or that it has, in any otherwise, arisen from mis- to be with..

drawn, and the take or error of the surveyor, or officers of the land office; the money's paid said register and receiver of public moneys shall report the case, to be applied to

y other purchawith the testimony, and their opinion thereon, to the secretary ses of land. of the treasury, who shall have power to direct, if in his opinion it shall be proper, that the purchaser shall be at liberty to withdraw the entry so erroneously made, and that the moneys which had been paid shall be applied in the purchase of other lands in the saine district, or credited in the payment for other lands which shall have been purchased at the same office. (Approved, March 3, 1819.] Chap. 222. An act concerning invalid pensions.

Vol. iii. p.

Vol. iv. p. $ 3. That any pension granted by this act, or any other act 2143. bereaster to be passed, to any officer, soldier, or marine, who din

diers, &c. on served in the revolutionary war, shall cease and be discontinued, availing themin case the individual, to whom the same may be granted, hath seves in availed himself, or shall hereafter avail bimself, of the provisions March, 1818 of an act, passed the eighteenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, entitled “ An act to provide for cer- der this, or tain persons engaged in the land and naval service of the United States in the revolutionary war." $ 4. That all persons entitled to pensions, in conformity with tled by the

na inandomie. Persons entithe provision of the act, entitled « An act to provide for per- acts mentionsons disabled by known wounds received in the revolutionary placed on the

ed, may be war," passed April the eighteenth, stenth) eighteen hundred pension list

without reand six, and also, the fourth section of an act, entitled “ An act port. concerning invalid pensioners," passed the twenty-fifth of April, Vol. ii p. 1008. one thousand eighi hundred and eight, may be placed on the pension list by the secretary of war, without reporting the same to congress. [Approved, March 3, 1819.]


Ives of the

ot entitled to pensions un

other future acts.


tricts east and

cd, &c.

Vol. ii. p. 1235. Chap. 223. An act for adjusting the claims to land, and establishing land offices, in the disVol. iji. p.

tricts cast of the Island of New Orleans. 1782. 1860. 1967.

5 1. Be it enacted, &c. That all the claims to land, founded Vol. iv. 2104.2137. on complete grants from the Spanish government, reported to Claims, found, the secretary of the treasury, by the commissioners from the dised on Spanish grants Tavora- tricts east and west of Pearl river, appointed under the authority bly reported to of an act, entitled “ An act for ascertaining the titles and claims the secretary of the treasu- to lands in that part of Louisiana which lies east of the river ry by the corn. Mississippi and island of New Orleans," which are contained in from the dis- the several reports of the commissioners, and which are, in the was o ur opinion of the commissioners, valid, agreeably to the laws, usariver, confirm-ges, and customs, of the said government, be, and the same are

hereby, recognised as valid, and complete titles against any claim

on the part of the United States, or right derived from the UnitAnd on Brit- ed States : And that all claims founded on British grants conish grants.

tained in the said reports, which have been sold and conveyed, according to the provisions of the treaty of peace, between Great Britain and Spain, of the third of September, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, by which that part of Louisiana, lying east of the island of Orleans, was ceded to Spain, under the denomination of West Florida, or which were settled and cultivated by the person having the legal title therein, at the date of said treaty, are recognised as valid and complete titles, against any claiin on the part of the United States, or right derived from the United States.

$ 2. That all claims, reported as aforesaid, and contained in Claims under Spanish or the several reports of the said commissioners, founded on any

of surie order of survey, requeite, permission to settle, or any written evvey, requette, &c. prior to'idence of claim, derived from the Spanish authorities, which 20:h Dec. 1803, &c. re- og

:re. ought, in the opinion of the commissioners, to be confirmed, and ported favora- which, by the said reports, appear to be derived from the Spa

ed. nish governments, before the twentieth day of December, one

thousand eight hundred and three, and the land claimed to have been cultivated and inhabited, on or before that day, shall be

confirmed in the same manner as if the title had been completProviso; ed: Provided, That in all such claims, where the plat and cerwhere, &c. tificate of survey, made prior to the fifteenth day of April, one the claim not to be confirm- thousand eight hundred and thirteen, under the authority of the ed for more Spanish government, in pursuance of such claim, has not been than 1280 acres to one filed with the said commissioners, such claim shall not be conperson.

firmed to any one person for more than twelve hundred and

eighty acres ; and that, for all the other claims to land compris- , donations for ed in the reporis aforesaid, and which ought, in the opinion of other claims.

ims. the commissioners, to be confirmed, ihe claimant to such lands

shall be entitled to a grant therefor as a donation : Provided, Proviso; not That such grant, as a donation, shall not be made to any one

A person for more than twelve hundred and eighty acres; which one person. confirmation of the said incomplete titles and grants of donations, Confirmatic &c. only, &c. nec

: hereby provided to be made, shall amount only to a relinquishment forever, on the part of the United States, of any claim

whatever to the tract of land so confirmed or granted : And pro

o vided also, That no such claim shall be confirmed 10 any person confirmation video lo persons re- to whom the title to any tract of land shall have been recogniscognised, &c. ed under the preceding provisions.

bly, confirmed

Grants and

more than 1280 acres to

Proviso ; no

s, &c.

acres to one

to indiabitants and

1814, in the


within 2


3. That every person, or his or her legal representative, Grants, as dowhose claim is comprised in the lists, or register of claims, re- nations in! ported by the said commissioners, and the persons embraced in in right of setthe list of actual seuilers, or their legal representatives, not bav- oren

onresontorico non how tlers, &c. on ing any written evidence of claim reported as aforesaid, shall, April, 1813, if where it appears, by the said reports, or by the said lists, that the the land claimed or seliled on had been actually inhabited or cultivated, by such person or persons in whose right he claims, on or before the fifteenth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, be entitled to a grant for the land so claimed, or seuled on, as a donation : Provided, That not more than one Proviso ; not

more than 640 tract shall be thus granted to any one person, and the same shall a not contain more than six hundred and forty acres; and that no person.

No grant for lands shall be thus granied which are claimed or recognised by lands reco the preceding sections of this act.

nised by, &c. § 4. That every person comprised in the said list of actual Pre-emption settlers, not baving any written evidence or claim to land in said bihusato districts, and who, on the twelfth day of April, one thousand cultivators on eight hundred and fourteen, shall have inhabited or cultivated a siz

do the 12th April, tract of land in either of the said districts, not claimed by virtue case of lands of either of the preceding sections of this act, shall be entitled 10

not claimed by a preference, on becoming a purchaser, from the United States, sections. of such Iract of land, on the same terms and conditions, and at the same price, for which the other public lands are sold at private sale: Provided, That the first instalınent of the purchase Proviso ; first money shall be paid to the receiver of public inoneys of the dis- instalment trict within which the land lies, within two years after the open- after opening ing of the land office for such district.

the land office. 5. That, for the purpose of adjusting the titles and claiins A land office

at St. Helena to lands in the districts aforesaid, and for the disposal of the lands Courthouse, which may remain the property of the United States therein, a and at Jack

son Courtland office shall be established in each of the said districts, to house. be kept, for the western district, at St. Helena Courthouse, and, for the eastern district, at Jackson Courthouse ; and a register and receiver of public moneys shall be appointed for each of the A rogister and

receiver of said land offices, who shall give security in the same manner, public moneys and in the same sums, and whose compensation, duties, and au- for each, &e. thority, shall, in every respect, be the saine, in relation to the lands which shall hereafter be disposed of, at their respective of fices, as are by law provided in relation to the other registers and receivers of public moneys for the several land offices of the United States. $ 6. That every person or persons, claiming lands in either, or Claimants, al

lowed till 1st the said districts, whose claims have not heretofore been filed July, 1820, 10 with the commissioner of the land office of the district wherein deliver nog

tices, evidenthe lands lie, shall be allowed until the first day of July, one ces, &c. thousand eight hundred and iweniy, to deliver notices in writ, totho regis.

ters at Jacking, and the evidences of their claims, in the said districts, re- son and St. spectively, to the register of the land office at Jackson Court- Helena

Courthouses. house and at St. Helena Courthouse ; and the notices and evidences so delivered, within the time limited by this act, shall be Notices, &c. recorded in the same manner, and on the payment of the same delivered in

timo, to bo re. fees, as is the same had been delivered before the commissioners corded. closed their said registers. Vol. III.


the same du

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Persons who § 7. That every person or persons, who had filed his or their had filed non notice of claims to land, within either of the said districts, with commissioner the commissioner of the land office, according to the former laws, of the land

but have not exhibited sufficient testimony in support of the same, office, &c. whose claims and whose claim has not been recommended for confirmation, have not been recommended,

shall be allowed until the first day of July, one thousand eighi &c, allowed 'hundred and twenty, to deliver written evidence, or other testi1820, to deliv. mony, in support of his or their claim, the notice of which had er written evi- been filed as aforesaid, to the register of the land office at St. other testimo- Helena, for lands lying in the district west of Pearl river, and to ny, &c. Evidence de

the register of the land office at Jackson Courthouse, for the livored in time, lands lying in the district east of Pearl river; and the evidence to be records of claims, the notice whereof had been filed, as aforesaid, for ed.

lands lying in the said district, delivered, within the time limited
by this section, to the said registers, shall be recorded by them,
respectively, in the same manner as was directed by former acts,
on receiving the same fees allowed by said acts for recording evi-

dence of claims to lands in the same districts. The registers

$ 8. That the register and receiver of public moneys of the and receivers said respective land offices, at Jackson Courthouse and at St. and St. Holo. Helena Courthouse, shall have the same powers, and perform the na Court houses to have

same duties, in every respect, in relation to the claims that may the same powo be filed in virtue of the sixib. section of this act, and in relation ers, perform

to the claims, the notices of which had been filed under former ties, &c. as acts, as well as to the additional evidence which shall be adducther comparishe ed in support thereof, agreeably to the seventh section of this districts east act, as the commissioners for the districts east and west of Pearl and west of river would have had, or should have performed, if such notices Pearl river would have had been filed, and such evidence adduced, before the said comhad, &c.

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missioners closed their registers. The register $ 9. That it shall be the duty of the register of each of the land offices to said land offices, respectively, to make, to the commissioner of report to the the general land office, a report of all the claims filed with the of the gener- register aforesaid, with the substance of the evidence in support al land office. thereof; and of the claims formerly filed, in support of which

additional evidence shall have been received, with the substance

of such evidence; and also their opinion, and such remarks reThe commissioner to lay specting the claim as they may think proper to make; which rethe report, &c. port, together with a list of the claims, which, in the opinion of before congress. the register and receiver, ought to be confirmed, and also a list

of actual settlers, prior to the passage of this act, noting the time of their respective settlements, shall be laid, by the commissioner of the general land office, before congress, at their next ses

sion, for their determination thereon. Registers and

§ 10. That the said registers and receivers shall, respectively, appoint clerks. have power to appoint a clerk, who shall be a person capable of

translating the French and Spanish languages, and who shall 1500 dolls. a perform the duty of translator, when required by said registers register and and receivers; and each of the said registers and receivers shall

be allowed, as a compensation for their services in relation to 1000 dolla.cher the said claims, at the rate of fifteen hundred dollars a year; clerk.

and each of the clerks at the rate of one thousand dollars a year; Proviso; not Provided, That not more than eighteen months' compensation

of each of the

year to each


months' com



be thus allowed to the register, receiver, and clerk, for the dis- moro than 18 trict east of Pearl river; nor more than eighteen months'

pensation. pensation be allowed to the register, receiver, and clerk, of the district west of Pearl river.

$11. That the surveyor for the lands south of the state of Surveyor of Tennessee shall, with the consent and approbation of the presi- south of Tendent of the United States, appoint a principal deputy surveyor nesseo to ap: for the lands within the said districts, who shall receive an an- pal deputy, nual salary of five hundred dollars, and, in addition thereto, the with a salary following fees; that is to say: for examining and recording the and fees. surveys executed by any of the deputies, at the rate of twenty. Rate of feos. five cents for every mile of the boundary line of such survey; and for a certified copy of any plat of a survey in the office, twenty-five cents; and whose duty it shall be to survey, or cause Duty of the to be surveyed by his other deputies, the lands, the claims to veyor. which are confirmed, and that are directed to be granted as donations, where the same have not been already surveyed, and the lands which may be claimed by right of pre-emption, whenever directed by the register and receiver, and to execute such other surveys as may be necessary for the ascertainment of the lands, the title or claim to which is embraced in the report of the commissioners aforesaid. And the said principal deputy surveyor shall make out particular plats of the surveys directed by this act, which he shall return to the register of the proper district; and also, a general and connected plat, which he shall return to the surveyor of the lands south of the state of Tennessee ; and Expense of the expense of surveying shall be paid by the United Siates : surveying ... Provided, The same shall not exceed, in the whole, four dollars v. Stales. a mile, for every mile which shall be actually surveyed and Proviso, &c. marked.

$ 12. That the books of the former commissioners, in which Books of forthe claims, and evidence of claims, are recorded, shall be lodged sieners to be with the registers of the land office, for the respective districts; lodged with

the registers, and the register and receiver of public monies, in each respec- &c. live district, shall have power to examine the claims recognised, Register and confirmed, or provided to be granted, by the provisions of this powered to exact, as also claims to the right of pre-emption; and they shall amine claims, make out to each claimant entitled, in their opinion, thereto, a certificate, according to the nature of the case, under such in- A certificate structions as they may receive from the commissioner of the ant entitled, general land office; and on presentation at the general land of- &e. fice of such certificate for a confirmed claim, or for a donation, according to the provisions of this act; and where it shall ap- The certificate pear, to the satisfaction of the commissioner of the general land having been office, that the certificate has been fairly obtained, according to ed, a patent to the true intent and meaning of this act, then, and in that case, a patent shall be granted, in like manner as for other lands of the United States.

$ 13. That the president shall have power to appoint the reg- The president ister and receiver of public moneys for the said districts in the may appoint recess of the senate, who shall be nominated to them at their and receivers next meeting (Approved, March 3, 1819.)


in the rece66.

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