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Page. Calendar for May, :

201 Middlesex County Agricultural Premiums,

202 Choice and Culture of Apple Trees,.

203 Thoughts on Climate,

204 Potatoes.— Souls, not Stations,

205 Legal Protection to Fruit Trees.-- Greatest Grain Market in the World,

206 Raising Strawberries.-- Don't shoot the Birds,

207 A Mechanic's Garden.- Seed Sowers, ..

208 Morgan Horses-Our Garden,

209 Eleventh Legislative Agricultural Meeting,

210 Experiments with Potatoes,..

211 Spare the Birds.- Vegetables best for Stock,

212 Country Farmers and City Mechanics,

213 Home. — Plows and Stone,

214 Climbing Plants,

215 All about Guano,.

216 How a Thriftless Farmer was Reformed,. .

217 New Books.- About Guano and Super-phosphate,

218 Cruelty to Animals.- Lecture on an Improved Fire System,.

219 Waste of Manures.- Muck.- Hops,.

220 Soiling Cattle,

221 High Prices,

222 How to enrich a Garden.— Springs.- Live and dead weight of Cattle,

223 Manny's Improved Mowing and Reaping Machines. Prices and Weather in Iowa, 225 Gravel Walls.- Gas Lime,

226 Twelfih Legislative Agricultural Meeting,

227 Super-phosphate of Lime.— The Bison,

228 Transplanting Evergreens.- Profitable Culture.—"He never told a lie.—About Turkeys, 229 Home-made Guano. - The way weeds multiply,

230 · Extracts and Replies,

231 Plowing Sandy Soils. — Newtown Pippin,

233 Salt Ley.-Root Crops,

234 Northern Spy Apple.— Birds,

235 Sweet Potato.-Potatoes,

237 Setting Orchards.- Stay where you are,

238 Hints from the Classics. No.1,.

239 New Publications.-Asparagus,

240 The Wheel Hoe,- Maturing Plants,

241 Pea Weevil.— How to use Fertilizers,

242 Corn Fodder.- Profits of Farming,...

243 Potatoes.- Pruning Trees and Sunscald,

244 A Sketch of Farm Life.- Muriate of Lime.- What is Respectable Society,

245 Caterpillars.- Muck and Guano.- Potatoes.— Grass Seeds...

246 Sucker Plum Trees.- Fertilizers.- Garget.- Extracts and Replies,

247 Profanity - Domestic Recipes,



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POSTAGE.—The Postage on the Monthly Farmer to Subscribers, is now twelve cents a year, to be paid quarterly or yearly, in advance, at the office where it is received.



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But there is another aspect for Mar. It is not "The blossomed Orchard and the Vine

scorching summer, but stands between that and Have too their charms for me ; The sweet Briar, and the Eglantine,

blustering winter, hangs out vernal suns, and Again I joy to see.

lets us and the trees and grass and flowers, gradThese are the beauties of the Spring ; And while it doth remain,

ually down into the roasting season, acclimated Let all the graces dance and sing, Tin Winter come again."

and prepared for it. “Were a summer tempera

ture immediately to succeed the cold of winter, AY-of all the months

many of our plants would be greatly injured, if in the year-is often- not totally destroyed. Their delicate vessels and est spoken of with en- cells would burst by a too sudden expansion, and thusiasm, sometimes the bud, prematurely thrust forth into the light with passionate joy. and heat of day, would wither and fall off, or It has a revivifying remain an abortive excrescence on its parent influence upon all na- stem. We should also be deprived of the beauty ture, animate and in- and interest attached to the gradual development

animate; on the trees of leaf and flower, were the great annual transiwhose forms have long appeared lifeless, the saption in the vegetable world effected instantanestarts, buds and blossɔms expand, and flowers ously.” Now, under the beautiful arrangement spread their delicate petals to the softly-kissing which exists, as the season advances, the temperawinds of the south; the earth is rapidly ver- ture increases, and plant after plant, according dure-covered, animals gambol, birds sing and to the sensibility of its buds, sends forth its insects hum about, intent on the purposes of tender shoots and leaves, in beautiful succession, their busy little life. There is reanimation in till every field and garden and grove is teeming all things; the air is soft and grateful, the spring- with beauty and perfume. ing grass looks cheerful and the brooks appear

May, on the farm, is crowded with important glad as they skip along. Man and the lower duties, and unless they are thoroughly disworld are sympathetic,—a grand symphony of charged, will show a neglect through all the harmonious feeling pervades all things.

summer operations. “Drive your business, and Is it a wonder, then, that Mar is extolled ? not let your business drive you,” is a good old The sick praise it because its breath is soft and adage, and has more force than many are disbears upon it the perfume of the Heart's-case, posed to allow it. Always to be able to hoe a Crown-imperial, Lily of the Valley and Apple- crop, for instance, at the moment it needs it, is blossoms; the lovers eulogize it because every a matter of considerable importance, saves labor thing is so gladsome about them and in unison and time, and undoubtedly increases the crop bewith themselves! The Farmer utters his daily yond what it would have been had the weeds heart-felt panegyric for southern breezes, genial luxuriated a few days longer. This is especially suns and fructifying rains; for springing corn, the case in harvesting the grain and grass crops and grass and grain. Then

a delay of a day or two sometimes sadly affecting Hail, bounteous May! that dost inspire Mirth and youth and warm desire ;

the quality of either. It is just as important for Woods and groves are of thy dressing ;

the farmer to be prompt and improve the favoraHill and dale doth boast thy blessing. So said Master Shakspeare, and he understood --strike while the iron is hot,” the mariner to

ble moment in his affairs, as it is for the smith to the secret workings of the human heart pretty well.

spread his sails to the favorable breeze, or the




merchant to purchase when goods are low. MIDDLESEX COUNTY AGRICULTURAL When plans are judiciously laid, so that cach

PREMIUMS. particular duty may be performed at the proper Snow at Concord, SEPT. 26, 1855. time, the work of the farm will go on pleasantly


$10,00 and profitably, and afford a satisfaction unknown For the best native or mixed Bull..

the second best......

.8,00 to those who labor without system, and seldom the third best...........

.6,00 the fourth best.

.5,00 employ the head in conducting their affairs.

the best Ayrshire Bull................

.8,00 TREES.-If it was not done in April, make an

the second best.

..5,00 the best Devon Bull........

..8,00 experiment with one old apple tree; graft, if it the second best........

.5,00 the best Alderney Bull..

.8,00 needs it; dig, manure and pulverize the soil

the second best..

.5,00 about it; if mossy and bark-bound, scrape it, and

the best Durham Bull...

...8,00 the second best.

5,00 wash it with soap and water; do this twice the the best Bull Calf of any breed under one year old...6,00

the second best......

.5,00 coming summer, and once each succeeding spring

CLASS 2.-WORKING OXEN. until the grafts come into bearing, keeping an For the best yoke of Working Oxen....,

$10,00 account of expenses. This will test the matter, the second best.....

.8,00 the third best....

..7,00 whether it is best to work over old trees. Wash

the fourth best............

.6,00 your trees with soap-suds if not already done this

CLASS 3.-STEERS. spring.

For the best three year old Steers,..

$7,00 the second best....

..5,00 GRAFTING.—It is better done in April or early the best two year old Steers.....

..5,00 in May before hot suns prevail. Where what

CLASS 4.-MILCH COWS. are called suckers come after the tree is grafted, For the best Milch Cow, native breed..

$10,00 the second best.....

.8,00 do not cut them off until October—then cut off the third best..



the best Ayrshire Cow.... about half their length and allow them to grow

the second best....

.5,00 the next year. Instead of diminishing, they will

the best Devon Cow.......

.8,00 the second best.....

.5.09 increase the growth of the young grafts, as their the best Alderney Cow...

. 10,00 leaves will elaborate the sap and keep up a

the second best...

..5,00 the best Durham Cow...............

..8,00 healthly action of the tree.

the second best.

..5,00 PLANTING CORN.-Plow deep, spread the ma


For the best Milch Heifer, under three years old... $7,00 nure liberally and cultivate it in three or four

the second best....


the third best...... inches deep, pulverize thoroughly, and then if

5,00 the best two year old Heifer..

. 7,00 you desire to try specific manure, add a little su

the second best........

6,00 the third best...

.5,00 perphosphate, bone dust, or guano to the hill,

the best yearling Heifer..

.5,00 always remembering that the guano must not

the best Heiser Calf......

..5,00 come in contact with the young germs of the

For the best yoke of Fat Oxen.....

10,00 corn. This will give it an early start, and get the second best..


the third best. the ground covered and the plants ready for the

6,00 the fourth best...

5,00 hot suns of July.

the best fat Cow....

.6,00 Plowing. All crops even the grass crops. For the best Boar..


.$6,00 depend greatly upon the manner in which this the second best..

...5,00 work has been done. Deep plowing is an anti

the best breeding Sow.......

..6,00 the second best.

..5,00 dote against drought. A light porous soil ad- the best Pigs, not less than three in number, from

four to eight months old.....

5.00 mits the air-the air is loaded with moisture, the best porker, of any age.


the second best.. penetrates the light soil until it gets down where

.2,00 it is cool, and there the moisture is condensed, For the best Stud Horse....


$10,00 taken up by the light particles of earth, and held

the second best...

..5,00 the best breeding Mare....

..8,00 in reserve for the roots of the plants.

the second best...


the best five year old Colt, broken to harness......5,00
plow deep and pulverize well, there is a perpet- the best four year old Colt, broken to harness......5,00
ual watering going on,
be the surface ever so dry.

the best three year old Colt, broken to harness.....5,00
the best two year old Colt.

GARDEN VEGETABLES.—Put in seeds for garden the best yearling Colt........

.5,00 regetables early, and in a favorable spot. They

CLASS 9.-POULTRY. will cover the table with palatable and whole- Por the best hire Turkeys, no: less than 5 in number... $3,00


.2,00 some edibles before the summer is over.

the best live Geese, not less than 5 in number.. .3,00

the second best.. Garden Fruits.-Add a few choice currants,


the best live barn-yard Fowls, not less than 5 in raspberries, &c.


..5,00 the best show of any Fowls.

.3,00 EARLY Corn.-Sprout it on a sod, transplant

the second best....

.2,00 sod and all, and you gain a week or two.

Mildew stains are very difficult to remove

from linen. The most effectual way is to rub soap FF The people of Hoboken, opposite New York, on the spots, then chalk, and bleach the garment have decidedi in favor of being incorporated as a city. Iin the hot sun.

So if you

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