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jority of the governors then present, shall think fit. 3. He is to pay no bills, unless they be first

signed by three of the coinmittee.

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1. The general courts consist of at least ten go

The president, or vice-president, the treasurer, or chairman presiding, is to explain the business of the assembly; to put questions, and, if required, to put such

questions to the vote, by ballot ; and in case of an equality, such person prefiding shall have a

casting-vote. 2. The general courts are held quarterly, viz.

on the last Wednesday in June, the last Wednesday in September, the first Wednesday in January, and the first Wednesday in March every

year. 3. The secretary is to give notice in writing to

the president, vice-presidents, treasurer, and governors, when the quarterly and annual general courts are held; and the fame is also advertifed in the Ledger and Gazetteer, on the Saturday

and Tuesday preceding. 4. The annual general court is held the first Wed

nesday in March, at which time the officers are chosen.

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5. At every general court is laid before the go

vernors, the general state of the house, respecting the year's receipts and disbursements, cash in band, &c. the number of women admitted into the said house since the last general meeting; the number of those provided for in the course of the last quarter, and in what manner, and the time they continued in the house. An abstract of the account is also published after every quarterly court, in such manner as the governors deem most satisfac

tory to the public. 6. Prayers are read by the chaplain before the

general court begins on business.

Of the GENERAL COMMITTEZ. 1. It consists of twenty-one, five of whom consti

tute a quorum, and the president, vice-presidents, and treasurer are always of this general committee, one of whom is chairman ; but if none of them are present, then the

said committee may chuse their chairman.. 2. They meet once a week, or oftener, if ne

cessary. 3.

No member of this committee shall be inte. refted in a pecuniary way, directly or indirectly, in any business, matter, or thing, in the department of the said committee.

4. When 4. When there is any particular business, the

fame is to be expreffed in the fummons, and first entered upon and determined, before any

other bufine fs is propofed. 5. The committee have power to admit such pe

titioners as they fhall approve, and dismiss any who are already admitted ; contract for, and infpect the cloathing, furniture, and provisions, in order that they may be all good of

their kind. 6. They give orders concerning the manner in

which the persons admitted shall be employed most properly, for the advantage of the

charity: 7. They examine into the conduct of all the of.

ficers and servants, and give them such orders as occasion may require ; they have power to suspend any

misbehaviour discharge any of the menial servants, and to

appoint others in their room. 3. The rough minutes of the committee are read

and signed by the chairman before he leaves the chair, The fair minutes are also read at

the next meeting. 9. A sub-committee of three shall be appointed,

who, if necessary, are jointly to visit the wards,

in order to make their report. 10. The Gentlemen of the committee attend

by turns every Sunday, and preside in the Chapel.

11. Every

of them upon

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11. Every gentleman of the committee is entitled

to one ticket, to admit four persons to the chapel on Sunday evenings, and the rest are to be disposed of, as the treasurer thinks fit. The gentleman presiding on the Sunday to have

a ticket or tickets for eight persons. 12. They have power to make such honorary

governors as they think fit.

Of Governors in general. 1. A subscription of twenty guineas is a qualifica

tion for a governorfor life. 2. An annual subscription of frve guineas is a qualification of a governor for that year; which subscription, when it shall amount to twentyfive guineas, is a qualification for a governor for life. Every such subscriber is entitled to

one vote only. 3

If any annual subscriber shall be more than two years in arrear, his power, as a governor,

, ceases, till such arrears are paid. 4. No gentleman is admitted to vote by proxy ; but

every lady, subscribing as above, is entitled to vote personally, or by proxy, provided

that proxy be brought by a governor. 5.

No governor shall be poffeffed of more than

one proxy 6. Any five governors have power to require a general Meeting, provided they address them


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selves to the president, one of the vice presidents, or treasurer, by letter, setting forth the busi. ness for which such meeting is required, and

signed by them respectively. 7. All elections are made by holding up of hands,

unless a ballot be required ; and if there be an equality of votes, the chairman has the casting

vote, Of the Duties of the respective Officers to be employed in this Charity.

1. Of the CHAPLAIN. 1. He attends all committees, and makes report

of what he thinks necessary for the good con.

duct and berefit of the undertaking. 2. He reads prayers morning and evening, at a

regular time appointed, and prays and preaches twice every Sunday, at such fixed hours as are judged most convenient : he administers the facrament on the great festivals, and once every

month, 30

He attends the sick and illiterate, and takes care to instruct them according to the principles and duties of the protestant religion.

II. Of the PHYSICIANS. 1. To enlarge on their business is needless ; ap

plication and skill are ever required, and a more humane and prudent conduct than perhaps is necessary in any other establishment. P4

2. One

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